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Glenumbra Moors Quests
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Glenumbra Moors is a battlefield in central Glenumbra, and the location of the ancient Battle of Glenumbra Moors. The Mages Guild is researching the battlefield to try and locate any information on how to defeat the werewolf Faolchu.

Glenumbra: Glenumbra Moors

#19. The Nameless Soldier
Zone: Glenumbra
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Glenumbra Moors — Discover the secret of Faolchu’s weakness.
Quest Giver: Scout Hanil
Location(s): Glenumbra Moors
Prerequisite Quest: A Step Back in Time
Next Quest: Retaking Camlorn
Reward: Bastion of the Dragon + 130 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Speak with Scout Hanil and decide on your course of action.
  2. Rescue Alana or kill Faolchu.
  3. Return to the present.
  4. Talk to Sarvith Yunlin and Conjurer Grahla or talk to Saravith Yunlin and Alana Relin.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Since Alana’s group needs help, go there and you’ll find that they’ve been ambushed. The mission, to kill Faolchu, is in trouble.

You make a decision to save Alana or kill Faolchu (the latter choice is the one that matches your mission in the future).

If you choose kill Faolchu, you are assigned a soldier to help you and (using the map indicator) cross the battlefield to enter a cave. Faolchu turns out to be a werewolf in this time also, but (importantly) is afraid of fire. He is killed with fire. Afterwards, use the white warp hanging there to return to the future. You re-enter current time in the crypt and return to the mages to report what you learned.

If you choose to save Alana, you have to take the path that leads to the Alessian camp above the entrance to the lair and then free her. After that, you have to go into Faolchu’s lair and kill him in the same way you would in the other variant, but you don’t get a soldier to assist you.

If you chose to kill Faolchu, after exiting the crypt, you encounter Mage Sarrith Yunlin who is glad you survived. He directs you to Conjurer Graha to report. She says she was concerned that you were safe since the historical “nameless soldier” who killed Faolchu died from crushed armor. If you chose to save Alana, the course of history is changed, and Sarvith Yunlin is replaced by a woman named Saravith Yunlin. She directs you to report to Alana Relin, a descendant of Alana from the past and a member of the Mages Guild expedition.

When you tell either Graha or Alana that Faolchu is afraid of and was killed by fire, she exults that this information will allow the death of Faolchu and the freeing of Camlorn in today’s time. She asks you to report to an officer of the Lion’s Guard for the next stage in the campaign.

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