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The Grimfield is a large Breton cemetery in western Betnikh.

Betnikh: Grimfield

Betnikh: Ancient Carzog's Demise

#2. Unearthing the Past
Zone: Betnikh
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Objective: Grimfield — Stop the Bloodthorn Cult from raising a zombie army.
Quest Giver: Rozag gro-Khazun on the outskirts of Grimfield
Location(s): Grimfield, Ayleid Sanctuary
Previous Quest: The Bloodthorn Plot
Next Quest: Carzog’s Demise
Concurrent Quest: Into the Hills and Tormented Souls
Reward: Kingsguard Hammer of the Trainee + 196 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Investigate the central crypt.
  2. Recharge the Staff of Arkay.
  3. Defeat the Abominations.
  4. Talk to King Renwic.
  5. Find out how to enter the Inner Sanctuary.
  6. Return to King Renwic.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

To start this quest go west from Stonetooth Fortress until you get to the Grimfield wayshrine then go around the rocks to the south and talk to the guard Rozag gro-Khazun. He tells you if you want to kill cultists to start with the crypt in the center. From your location go southeast fighting through the cultists and undead as you go until you reach the crypt which has a skyshard to the right of it. Go inside and talk to Frederique Lynielle. She tells you to take the Staff of Arkay, charge it and then use it against the abominations summoned by the necromancers. Pick up the staff at her feet if you recruited Crafty Lerisa she’ll show up when you grab it and gives you a Bloodthorn cultist disguise. Go back outside now and search the area for some Bloodthorn cultists standing near blue ritual circles kill them to get some motes. When you have six energy motes go and find Frederique near her tomb south of Grimfield wayshrine and speak to her. She now wants you to draw three abominations out and destroy them they are the Abominations of Hate, Wrath and Fear. Go west of her tomb to find a portal activate it to bring out the Abomination of Fear. Defeat it and then go south and activate the portal to summon the Abomination of Hate. Kill it and then go north past where you fought the Abomination of Fear until you come to the final portal which summons the Abomination of Wrath. Defeat it and Frederique will tell you to meet her at the west end of the graveyard. Go southwest from where you are when you come to rocks that block your way go south past the tomb and then west. Talk to Frederique and she’ll tell you that King Renwic wishes to repay you.

Traveling To The Past
Go and speak with him and he’ll ask you to go through the portal beside him. When you go through the portal speak to Hunt-Wife Othikha. She will tell you to make the prisoners talk. You can kill the prisoners to question their ghosts and get the answers easily if you want. Now go up to Queen Nurese, but make sure to read the note by the left wall first it’s a clue on what to ask her. Take the conversation option that threatens her daughter. Next go to Drago Auberdine, but first read the note next to the guard. Ask him about the king’s magic. Go to Frederique Lynielle. Read the scroll on the floor. Choose the option that asks about the king’s magic. Go to Princess Visanne. Read the book of bedtime stories on the bench. Take the conversation option that threatens her mother. Talk to War Chief Yzzgol. Now turn the runestones on either side of the door and enter. Confront King Renwic and watch the scene then go through the portal to return to the present. Talk to King Renwic for your reward.

  • If you recruited Crafty Lerisa, she’ll show up during this quest.
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