The Elder Scrolls Online: Daggerfall Covenant – Skyshard Maps

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Daggerfall Covenant
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Skyshards are a collectible item, and are placed throughout the world. Skyshards are optional, and are not required to be collected, except for one in the tutorial quest. For every three Skyshards collected the player receives one skill point.

Daggerfall Covenant – Skyshard Maps

Stros M'Kai - Skyshards

Stros M’Kai – Skyshards

  1. Across the water from the western wall.
    The first skyshard in Stros M’Kai is near the road going to Saintsport village, behind a tent close to the water.
  2. The mount of The Grave stands open.
    You will find this skyshard near the entrance of The Grave mini dungeon.
  3. Crashed through a Saintsport roof.
    The skyshard is located in Saintsport village, inside a house with a broken roof.

Betnikh - Skyshards

Betnikh – Skyshards

  1. In the dig site
    In the northwestern area of Betnikh, right next to Moriseli mini dungeon. The skyshard is on the left side of the dungeon’s entrance.
  2. Where wolves prowl eastern ruins
    Southeast from Stonetooth Wayshrine, you will come across some ruins. The skyshard is behind a wall.
  3. Outside a house for the dead
    The skyshard is right next to a tomb, hidden behind a tree.

Glenumbra - Skyshards

Glenumbra – Skyshards

  1. Guarding Daggerfall’s estern gates.
    The skyshard is outside the eastern gates of Daggerfall.
  2. Before Dresan’s headless sentinel.
    The skyshard is in the courtyard of Dresan Keep, near the statues of Heralds.
  3. Search amongst the shrieks.
    The skyshard is on the southern hill of the harpy infested area, close to the Remly brothers.
  4. Westtry’s dead slept undernearth.
    The skyshard is inside the Westtry settlement, above a crypt.
  5. Far behind the Elf-haters’ lines.
    In western Glenumbra Moors quest area, on top of a rock structure.
  6. Beneath a Hag’s footbridge.
    The skyshard is located at the base of a bridge, in South Hag Fen.
  7. Where vines strangle the sleeping dead.
    The skyshard is in the eastern section of Cath Bedraud area.
  8. Close to finding the kings.
    South of the Tomb of Lost Kings, on a hill.
  9. A Climb above Crosswych.
    The skyshard is in Crosswych’s quarry, north of Crosswych, on a platform.
  10. A Tower Explored is Ilessen learned. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is in the Ilessan Tower delve, near the solo dungeon’s boss.
  11. Near Silumm’s well on Daggerfall shores. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is in the northeast corner of the Silumm delve.
  12. Within a mine of blood and thorns. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is inside Mines of Khuras dungeon, near the exit on a wooden platform.
  13. Behind a wall to Enduum all. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is inside the Enduum delve, in the first big room, behind a wall.
  14. Where Ebon Crypts become Ebon Caves. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Inside Ebon Crypt delve.
  15. In the bowls of Cryptwatch. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is inside the Cryptwatch Fort delve, near the NPC Valenwe.
  16. In the roots of the Hallows. (Public Dungeon)
    The skyshard is inside the Bad Man’s Hallows public dungeon, near some roots.

Stormhaven - Skyshards

Stormhaven – Skyshards

  1. On Koeglin’s crown.
    The skyshard is on the left side of the road as you come from Glenumbra to Stonehaven.
  2. Atop the stairs of Newgate.
    You will find the skyshard next to the gate that takes you to Rivenspire. It’s on the left side of the gate as you face it, and you have to climb some stairs to get to it.
  3. Beside the henge of Nightmare Crag.
    The skyshard is located on the top of Nightmare Crag, next to a stone monument.
  4. The foot of Wind Keeps’ falls.
    Two rivers with the same origin are on the sides of Aphren’s Hold. Follow either of them upstream to find the waterfalls where the skyshard is located.
  5. Before a breach in Aphren’s wall.
    There’s a lake north-northeast of Dro’dara Plantation Wayshrine. The skyshard is inside Aphren’s Hold ruins, close to a waterfall that flows into the lake.
  6. Atop the soulless tower.
    South of the Soulshriven Wayshrine, the skyshard is at the top of Soulshriven Tower.
  7. In the monster’s pantry.
    The skyshard is in eastern Stormhaven, near the Scrag’s Larder group boss area.
  8. Where the giant’s tears fall.
    Go north of Weeping Giant Wayshrine until you reach a waterfall with stairs next to it. Climb the stairs and you’ll find your prize at the top.
  9. Camped in the sight of the eastern gate.
    The skyshard is located near the Zymel Kruz grup boss, marked with a skull on the map, between two tents at the top of some stairs.
  10. Delve deep with the bear’s claw. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is inside the Bearclaw Mine delve, near the solo dungeon’s exit.
  11. Locked behind Farangel’s iron bars. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    South of Soulshriven Wayshrine, inside the Farangel’s Delve solo dungeon, the skyshard is in the northeastern corner of the delve, behind some metal bars.
  12. Mine your manners outside Steelheart. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is located inside the Koeglin Mine delve, in the northern passageway.
  13. Explore the ruins north of Wind’s Keep. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    You will find the shard northeast of Wind’s Keep, inside the Norvulk Ruins delve.
  14. Comb the abbey’s catacombs. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is inside the Pariah Catacombs delve, in the northwestern area.
  15. West of Firebrand, deep beneath the tower. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Go inside Portdun Watch delve and you’ll find the skyshard near the solo dungeon’s southern wall.
  16. Explore the ruins of broken marrow. (Public Dungeon)
    This skyshard is inside the Bonesnap Ruins public dungeon, at the end of a narrow corridor in the western side of the dungeon.

Rivenspire - Skyshards

Rivenspire – Skyshards

  1. Just outside Shornhelm’s gate.
    The skyshard is east of Shornhelm Wayshrine, on the right of Stornhelm’s main gate as you face it.
  2. Honoring the dead in Eyebright’s west.
    The skyshard is located behind Eyebright Feld Dolmen, in the eastern area of Rivenspire.
  3. Crumbled tower, Crestshade’s welcome.
    East of Crestshade Wayshrine, the skyshard is on the right side of a bridge.
  4. Wolves howl at Hoarfrost nearby.
    Follow the road going north of Hoarfrost Downs Wayshrine and settlement. The skyshard is on the right side of the road.
  5. Cresting the wood of words.
    East of Hoarfrost Downs settlement, there is a path that starts behind the village. Follow the path upwards and climb the hill to discover the area where the skyshard is located.
  6. High in the debris of the hills.
    East of Northpoint Wayshrine, the skyshard is in the northeastern area of Northpoint, inside the lighthouse at the top floor.
  7. Skittered over in the pass.
    The skyshard is in the cave southwest of Staging Grounds Wayshrine, very close to the entrance. If you don’t have the wayshrine discovered you need to go west from Northpoint, following the northern shoreline.
  8. Follow the song to the Landing.
    The skyshard is located on an island, northwest of Northpoint.
  9. Ditched outside of Lorkrats.
    East of Fell’s Run wayshrine, the skyshard is behind the most eastern tower in Lorkrata Hills.
  10. In the tunnels under Crestshade. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is inside Crestshade Mine solo dungeon, in the southeastern corner of the largest cave room.
  11. Seek worms who burrow for a tear. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    You will find the skyshard inside Erokii Ruins delve, in the northern side room, near the end of the solo dungeon.
  12. Among Flyleaf’s unearthed dead. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is located in eastern Rivenspire, inside the Flyleaf Catacombs delve, in the final and largest chamber.
  13. Secret in the blood-suckers’ hideaway. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    The skyshard is inside Hildune’s Secret Refuge delve. The solo dungeon’s entrance is in a wrecked house in Northpoint.
  14. Look upon the Orsimer’s dead. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    You will find the skyshard inside Orc’s Finger Ruins delve, at the top of the stairs that lead out of the first large room.
  15. Conquer the crypt of trials. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    North of Sanguine Barrows Wayshrine, the skyshard is inside Tribulation Crypt delve, in a small room in the southwestern corner of the solo dungeon.
  16. Stolen by worshipers of Ashpit’s Lord. (Public Dungeon)
    The skyshard is in a prison cell, on the eastern side of the Obsidian Scar public dungeon.

Alik'r Desert - Skyshards

Alik’r Desert – Skyshards

  1. Sentinel of a domed tower.
    Northeast of the Sentinel Wayshrine, on top of the dome.
  2. Shedding shame in the oasis.
    North of Divad’s Chagrin Mine Wayshrine.
  3. Across the ruin from the Warrior.
    In southern Salas En, southwest of Morwha’s Bounty Wayshrine.
  4. Stored on a Bergama roof.
    On a roof top in the city, south of Bergama Wayshrine (there’s a long ramp that leads you to the roof).
  5. Walltop view of the broken blade.
    On the West wall of Leki’s Blade (east of Kulati Mines Wayshrine).
  6. Beside a drydocked stern.
    Northeast of Aswala Stables Wayshrine, go to the ship’s stern (front), under the docks.
  7. Left out in the open by Kozanset Mages.
    North of HoonDing’s Watch Wayshrine, at the top of the Mages Guild in Kozanset.
  8. Near a paid feather-finder.
    North of HoonDing’s Watch Wayshrine and northwest of Kozanset, below a bridge.
  9. Tears shed for a toppled spire.
    Southeast of Shrike’s Wayshrine, talk to Zariya, the woman next to the skyshard’s location.
  10. Second stop on her search for the Pearl. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Southeast of Bergama Wayshrine inside the Aldunz delve.
  11. Buried respite from desert heat. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    North of Sep’s Spine Wayshrine, inside the Coldrock Diggings delve.
  12. Dig deep, don’t be embarrassed. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    North of Divad’s Wayshrine, inside Divad’s Chagrin Mine delve.
  13. Blown down a mine shaft. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Southwest of the Goat’s Head Oasis Wayshrine, inside the Sandblown Mine delve.
  14. A caravan’s wreckage marks the path. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    South of Sentinel Wayshrine, inside Santaki delve.
  15. Trapped within the steam closet. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    East of Shrikes Aerie Wayshrine, inside Yldzuun dungeon.
  16. Monumental find in the Lost City. (Public Dungeon)
    In the Lost City of the Na-Totambu public dungeon, east of Sep’s Spine Wayshrine.

Bangkorai - Skyshards

Bangkorai – Skyshards

  1. A scenic view of Evermore’s bridge.
  2. Listening to Silaseli’s whispers.
  3. Tossed into a coverside tower.
  4. Answer the call to battle.
  5. Secret shrine by Pelin’s Church.
  6. Hears hags but sees mobile limbs.
  7. Waiting to be inducted to the Hall.
  8. Take a fall from the grotto.
  9. Nested in an Imperial camp.
  10. Sent away to stay with the dead. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    North of the Bangkorai Pass Wayshrine, in the Crypt of Exiles delve.
  11. Tragic tale of architect and princess’ (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Southwest of the Old Tower Wayshrine, in the Klathzgar delve.
  12. Found in spite. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Northwest of the Evermore Wayshrine, in Torog’s Spite delve.
  13. Where a stormy ritual brews. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    Southwest of the Nilata Ruins Wayshrine, in the Rubble Butte delve.
  14. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
  15. Stuck in a troll’s maw. (Delve – Solo Dungeon)
    East of the Troll’s Toothpick Wayshrine, in Troll’s Toothpick delve.
  16. Bjoulsae bandits’ hidden lair. (Public Dungeon)
    East of the Viridian Woods Wayshrine, in the Viridian Watch public dungeon.
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