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The High Elves live long lives and have a talent for magic. Sometimes an Altmer’s pursuit of magical power leads to tampering with forbidden knowledge and illicit dealings with evil Daedra. It was to confine such trespassers that the Banished Cells were created.

The Banished Cells I is a group dungeon found at the northern tip of Auridon.

In this version, Keeper Cirion needs your help binding the spirit of a dangerous Altmer, High Kinlord Rilis.

The Banished Cells I


  • Banished Archers, Sentinels, Mages, Royal Soldiers, Soldiers, Slayers and Warriors
  • Scamps
  • Banekin
  • Clannfear
  • Shadow Proxies



The Banished Cells I

The Banished Cells I Guide
by: Tamriel Journal

– Cell Haunter –
Cell Haunter, a level 14 ghost, is the first boss in Banished Cells. This is possibly the most damage intensive encounter in the whole dungeon, which is ironic considering he’s a miniboss. Cell Haunter has a bunch of skeletal adds with him that need to be taken down asap.

Boss Mechanics

  • The main mechanic in this fight, and the most dangerous of them all, is his green, channeled cast. Periodically Cell Haunter chooses a random player, usually a distant target, and begins channeling a high-damage spell. You don’t seem to be able to interrupt it, but you could probably break his line of sight if the cast is on you, and only take damage from one or two ticks. You can see the channel as a green beam targeting the player, but you’ll definitely see it on their health bar. If the player being channeled is not topped up, there’s a good chance they’ll just die. The ability also heals Cell Haunter slightly.
  • Cell Haunter also casts a cold damage ranged spell called Winter’s Reach every now and then. It’s a pretty big icy projectile travelling at medium speed on the ground, leaving snow on its wake. Ranged targets should be able to dodge it easily. It’s a good idea to stay spread apart for this ability.

– Shadowrend –
Shadowrend, a level 15 clannfear, is the second boss in Banished Cells. To summon him you need to activate two buttons in the room. Pressing the first button spawns a bunch of Banekin in the middle of the room which need to be AOE’d down quickly. The second button will spawn Shadowrend.

Boss Mechanics

  • The most lethal mechanic Shadowrend has to offer is his charge. From time to time he charges at random players, seemingly ranged players, knocks them down and starts feasting on them, dealing a high amount of damage over the duration of the ability. Unless you use the Break Free ability (default: hold down mouse 2 + tap mouse 1), you can die. Be ready to break free if you get charged.
  • Shadowrend periodically does a cast which summons a small shadowy clone of himself. The clone doesn’t have much health, but should be taken down quickly either way.
  • The ability melee players and the tank need to look out for is Shadowrend’s tail swipe. A red circle on the ground beneath Shadowrend marks the area of effect. It’s a full 360-degree attack which deals a lot of physical damage, and should be avoided.

– Angata the Clannfear Handler –
Angata the Clannfear Handler, a level 14 dremora, is the third boss in Banished Cells. She has lots of skeletal adds at the sides and in the middle of the room. Angata periodically spawns clannfear, which can be a pain unless they are dealt with.

Angata is all about fire damage, and her basic attack is a ranged inferno staff attack.

Boss Mechanics

  • Every now and then Angata casts fireballs at the tank. She is briefly surrounded by flame just before the cast is about to go off. The cast can and should be interrupted.
  • Angata also casts fiery pools on the ground. Needless to say, don’t stay in them.
  • Periodically Angata summons clannfear. She huddles down, almost kneels on the ground when this happens. I’m not sure if this cast is interruptible. The summoned clannfear have a charge ability which deals physical damage and knocks the targets down on its path. Kill the clannfear asap.

– Skeletal Destroyer –
Skeletal Destroyer, a level 14 giant skeleton guardian, is the fourth boss in Banished Cells. Executing this fight properly involves a lot of kiting and movement.

Boss Mechanics

  • The most dangerous ability Skeletal Destroyer has is called Dead Zone. He stomps and lays a big red-black circle on the ground. Standing in the Dead Zone deals a high amount of damage – avoid that. The tank should re-adjust and move the boss away after he sees the stomp animation.
  • Skeletal Destroyer periodically summons three skeletons who explode after a short period of time. The skeletons have low health, and can either be AoE’d down or simply ignored. If you do ignore them, just move away from the explosion radius.
  • The tank also needs to look out for a frontal AoE cone slam ability.

– High Kinlord Rilis –
High Kinlord Rilis (level 15) is the fifth and final boss of Banished Cells. The fight in itself is not difficult, but it does require you to know what’s going on.

Boss Mechanics

  • The main mechanic which can cause groups to hit a brick wall is The Feast. The feast are black-green blobs floating in the air, similar to the ones you have in the Fighters Guild quest where you have to kill Doshia. The feast periodically spawn at the “throne area” (where the boss is standing at the start of the fight) and fly towards Rilis. If they reach Rilis, they’ll heal him. Because of this, you probably want to tank him far away from the throne. The blobs have very little health, and the safest way to deal with them is to have one of the DPS or even the healer take them down.
  • Every now and then High Kinlord Rilis lifts his sword in the air. This means he’s about to cast Daedric Tempest. Following the ability, four pools of purple fire appear on the ground. When you see him lift his sword up, be prepared to re-adjust your positioning.
  • Rilis also has an annoying ranged knockback. It does deal a bit of damage on its own, but it can be lethal if the target is knocked into Daedric Tempest.

The Banished Cells II

The Banished Cells II is a group dungeon found at the northern tip of Auridon. The story started in Banished Cells I is continued in this version; High Kinlord Rilis has escaped again, and Keeper Cirion once again needs help banishing him for good.


  • Banished Archers and Warriors
  • Dremora Clashers, Hauzkyn, Kyngald
  • Xivilai
  • Flame Atronachs
  • Dark Banekin
  • Dark Clannfear
  • Dark Twilight

Elite Enemies

  • Clannfear



The Banished Cells II

The Banished Cells II Guide
– Keeper Areldur –
This boss is a fire caster, the first skill is shoots two fire AoE circles onto the ground to target, easy avoid them.

The second skill is the main mechanic, she will project lines of fire out from her position in all direction with high damage, once you touch the fire, you will die easy, specially the healer, so the tank and melee DPS should dodge at long ranger to make the healer easier.

– Maw of the Infernal –
This boss will put a debuff and spawns fire on the player is making the boss aggro, usually this player is the tank in your group. The healer have to keep up the elimination for this debuff, or the fire will spawn full of the whole ground to make you no place to stand. For this boss, if the tank can remove himself the debuff is the best, once you touch the fire on the ground, please remove the debuff to make move fast and fight this boss easy.

Another skill is the boss heavy attack is Spitfire to a player, you should avoid fast, or maybe you will die.

– Keeper Voranil –
This boss is a tank and the two healer mobs are standing beside the boss should clean fast. The first boss skill is heavy hits, block it And the second boss skill is he will spin his two handed mace around in a circle, if you are melee DPS should avoid and dodge it.

– Keeper Imiril –
This boss with dual wield weapon.

Boss skill 1, there will appear a lot of mobs after this boss disappearance, different mobs in each time.

Boss skill 2, full field light balls, it will keep DOT once you close to them, but the light balls will jump near with you each about 5 seconds, so you have to dodge or avoid them.

Boss skill 3, a big AoE damage. The tank blocks it and does not need to move out, but the melee DPS and the healer should avoid this damage.

– Sister Vera and Sister Sihna –
There are two identical bosses like snakes can keep health back. The most obvious boss skill is that one boss will be shielded with blue color for a time, and this boss is your first boss your group attack. Then they switch over, the shielded boss will not take any damage, you can rest assured attack another boss.

– High Kinlord Rilis –
Boss skill 1, teleports around the room.

Boss skill 2, Blue fire to random player, you can stop the fire from spawning if you jump the right moment.

Boss skill 3, the daedroth mini boss with two orbs, do not let the orbs reach the boss, or he will get healed and the adedroth has a fire breath to look out for.

Boss skill 4, throw a player with bubbles up into the air, when it rises to a certain height, the bubble burst and make you fall directly from the air. More importantly, your health still been DOT after the bubble burst. So you have to remove this debuff, or you will die soon. You also can fast run to one of the two glowing runic circles on the opposite ends of the room to remove this debuff depending on the color surrounding your character, blue or red.

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