The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Bangkorai – Blackheart Haven

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The Bjoulsae River, where it widens as it enters the Iliac Bay, flows past dozens of small islands that have long served as refuges for smugglers and sea raiders. The most notorious of these hideouts is Blackheart Haven.

Blackheart Haven is a group dungeon found in Bangkorai. The island is the hideout of the infamous Captain Blackheart and his crew. A pirate, Shifty Tom, wants you to help him turn over a new leaf by defeating his former captain and crewmates.

Blackheart Haven


  • Blackheart Haven Pirates
  • Sea Hounds
  • Harpies
  • Hags
  • Bone Colossi



Blackheart Haven

Blackheart Haven

Blackheart Haven

Blackheart Haven

Normal Blackheart Haven Guide
by: Tamriel Journal

– Iron-Heel –
Iron-Heel lifts has a heavy melee attack which will knock the player down unless it’s blocked.

Iron-Heel also does an AOE whirlwind around him. He’s static when he uses the skill, so it should be simple to get out of the area of effect in time.

– Atarus –
Atarus has a frontal cone poison breath.

Atarus does a 360 degree AOE stomp on the ground which deals some physical damage and knocks players down.

Atarus sometimes charges at the tank. The charge path is marked – it’s easy to avoid.

Pools of poison are thrown at player. These deal low poison damage, snare the target and will also initially knock you down.

Once Atarus goes below 30%, he grows in size and heals himself up to 50%. Atarus gains a buff of some kind in the process. He possibly deals more damage, but it’s not really noticeable either way.

– First Mate Wavecutter –
The first time you engage Wavecutter, he summons a group of harpy adds. Harpies have a shock ranged attack which deals a lot of damage. You could just kill them one by one and possible wipe once or twice in the process to get rid of them, but if you have half decent damage, I suggest you ignore them and just burn down Wavecutter as quickly as you can.

The main reason wavecutter can be such a painful boss is his shadow volley ability. He kneels down and shoots purple beams at players, dealing tons of magic damage to everyone. It won’t one-shot anyone, but it will easily take half of a player’s health down.

Wavecutter has a standard dual wield heavy attack, which should be blocked or the tank will get knocked down.

Wavecutter also does a 360 degree whirlwind around him.

– Roost Mother –
Roost Mother becomes surrounded by bats/ravens and casts a fiery tornado aimed at the tank. When you see the bats/ravens appear around her, step aside. This attack deals LOTS of damage.

Roost Mother spits fire in the air. You can’t miss the animation. After a few seconds expanding red circles will appear on the ground, and a ball of fire will land on each of them. You don’t want to get hit by them.

The Roost Mother has a frontal cone AOE fire breath. Only the tank should ever stand infront of her, because the cast time for the breath is quite short and the ability can be difficult to avoid.

The hagraven also sometimes teleports around the room.

– The Hollow Heart –
The Hollow Heart fires three ice projectiles in a frontal arc in front of her, leaving patches of ice on the ground which deal damage over time. The initial damage is also pretty high. The tank should face the boss away from the rest of the group to make sure no one else gets hit by the ability.

– Captain Blackheart –
Captain Blackheart raises his hand in the air to summon a set of skeleton adds. They’re worth killing to avoid being overwhelmed, especially the archer skeletons.

Blackheart does a 360 degree spin kick / slash around him which deals a bit of physical damage. You don’t have too much time to avoid it, but it’s not that big of a deal if you get hit.

Blackheart pulls the tank to him, after some fancy animation the tank gets turned into a skeleton. As a skeleton you have no abilities on your action bar, so at this point the boss just needs to die quickly to avoid threat issues.

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