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Normal Vaults of Madness

The Vaults of Madness are the masterpiece of the infamous Mad Architect, who is said to be one of the few entities ever to serve multiple Daedric Princes and profit from it. How he is paid for his “services” is a matter of wild and horrible conjecture.

The Vaults of Madness is a group dungeon found in Coldharbour. Gasteau Chamrond needs you to help him and his friends escape from the Vaults by destroying the Mad Architect.

Normal Vaults of Madness

Normal Enemies

  • Various Dremora
  • Various skeletons
  • Various Dark Seduceers
  • Banekin
  • Flame Atronachs
  • Watchers
  • Soul Shriven

Normal Minibosses

Normal Bosses

Normal Vaults of Madness

Normal Vaults of Madness Guide
by: Tamriel Journal

– The Cursed One –
The Cursed One has a couple of skeleton adds. Take them out and the fights gets very simple.

The Cursed One uses a standard wraith ability: a cast which sends forth a frozen whirl type of thing infront of him. It deals high damage and should be simple to avoid.

The main thing to look out for as the healer is his drain life ability. The Cursed One will cast a blue beam at a player, channeling for very high damage. It can easily surprise anyone, and unless you have a lot of health, it might kill you almost instantly.

– Ulguna Soul-Reaver –
Ulguna can take a single player out for roughly 10 seconds with her levitate ability. There’s nothing you can do about it, just sit tight.

Ulguna’s most dangerous ability is her frontal cone fire wave. You’ll see this ability coming when all four of her hands get a blue glow. She’ll send forth a wave of blue fire infront of her, dealing high fire damage. The best way to counter this is to have your tank face her away from the group.

Ulguna also randomly casts projectiles at players, disorienting them shortly.

– Death’s Head –
The main thing to look out for is Death’s Head’s charge ability. He’ll charge directly infront of him, dealing a high amount of damage and knocking everyone down.

Like other skeleton guardians, Death’s Head also has a frontal cone slam attack which deals a decent amount of damage. Don’t stay infront of him unless you’re the tank.

The boss periodically summons skeleton adds who run to a target and then explode. The explosion radius is so small that even if they run directly to you, there’s a good chance you will not get hit by it.

Death’s Head casts poison runes on the ground which will deal damage over time and disable you. Stay ouf of them.

– Grothdarr –
The most dangerous thing in this fight are the two beams of lava that move around on the platform. Their movement patterns seems somewhat random, but they definitely also fixate on players from time to time. Just take it easy and avoid the lava on the floor.

The tank needs to look out for Grothdarr’s overhead smash. Block it or just get out of its way.

– Achaeraizur –
Achaeraizur does a fire breath infront of him. The animation is pretty easy to see and the tank should be able to step out of it most of the time.

Achaeraizur also casts patches of blue fire on the ground. Needless to say: don’t stand in them.

– The Ancient One –
The Ancient One has all the standard Watcher abilities; he’ll create three green beams infront of him and try to catch his victim with them.

The boss does an AoE spin attack which deals a low amount of damage to everyone. It’s easily healed through.

The main thing to look out for is his final spin attack, which is nearly a one-shot kill unless you’re on full Health. When The Ancient One is on low Health, somewhere below 20%, you can expect this attack to happen. Make sure everyone is on full health before this.

– Iskra the Omen –
Iskra jumps at a random target’s location, dealing a high amount of damage and knocking players down in the process. The red circle marks where he’s about to jump, but it can be difficult to get out of it in time.

Iskra fires a beam of blue fire on the ground at a random player. This does a ridiculous amount of damage. The best way to avoid this is to keep moving. Whenever the boss turns around and even looks at you, step aside. The further you are away from him, the easier it is to avoid this attack.

Iskra also has a ranged projectile attack aimed at a random player. It does a low amount of damage and disorients the target shortly.

– The Mad Architect –
The Mad Architect casts circles of zombies on random players. These circles look more dangerous than they actually are; all they do is slow you.

The Mad Architect keeps on summoning skeleton mages and zombies throughout the fight. When he goes below 50% Health, he’ll also summon Bone Guardians.
The Mad Architect smashes the ground with his staff which deals a low amount of AoE damage to everyone around him.

Once below 50%, the Mad Architect has a chance to do either of the following attacks:

He’ll either create a wall of ghosts around him, marked with a white area. It’s hard to miss. You should run away from him if this happens, or you’ll take lots of damage.

The other possibility is for him to break the glass of the windows in the room and pull it towards him. This ability will deal lots and lots of damage to everyone who is not standing right next to him. When this happens, you want to run to him instead of away from him.

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