The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Deshaan – Darkshade Caverns

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These caves have the distinction of being the most famous kwama mines in Deshaan. Dark Elves consider kwama eggs a delicacy, and those harvested from Darkshade Caverns are particularly prized by Dunmeri gourmets.

Darkshade Caverns is a group dungeon found in southeastern Deshaan. As Deshaan’s largest kwama mine, the caverns’ ownership remains hotly contested. The caverns also contain the hidden Dwemer ruin of Rkugamz. In the normal version, Tervur Sadri wants you to help him reclaim his mine from thugs within.

In the veteran version, a Mages Guild researcher named Shatasha needs your help destroying a dangerous Dwemer mechanism within Rkugamz, before it corrupts Deshaan above.

Unique drops include the Hive Lord’s Shell, the Kwama Shepherd’s Charm, the Lambent Netch Tentacles and the Lost Imperial Band. The Helm of House Selos is rewarded for completing the quest.

Normal Darkshade Caverns

Normal Enemies

  • Pit Rats
  • Kwama
  • Netch
  • Dwemer Constructs
  • Darkshade Alits
  • Strangler Vines

Normal Minibosses

Normal Bosses

Normal Darkshade Caverns

Normal Darkshade Caverns Guide
by: Tamriel Journal

– Head Shepherd Neloren –
Neloren casts a flame attack projeticle which deals flame damage to anyone caught in it. Just don’t bunch up and you’ll be fine. Even if you did bunch up for the whole fight, I doubt you would ever die.

Neloren has a small Health pool, and to compensate for that she heals her self. She has at least one heal-over-time which I don’t think can be interrupted, but I believe you can interrupt some of her casted heals.

– Foreman Llothan –
Llothan periodically casts pools of poison on the ground. You have a small period of time to get out of the spot. If you get hit by the poison, you’ll take poison damage over time. It’s not deadly, but does hurt.

The main thing to look out for is Llothan’s AOE attack which he casts in a small radius around him. Anyone caught in the red circle will take massive shock damage and get knocked down. This will easily be the biggest source of damage in this fight, which is totally avoidable.

Llothan periodically runs to different locations in the room. He will lift his staff in the air and summon 6 kwama adds with 341 Health. They can be AOE’d down easily.

– The Hive Lord –
The Hive Lord has afrontal cone slam attack, which is very hard to avoid. You are not given much time dodge this at all. The tank should make sure the Hive Lord is only ever facing him.

Periodically The Hive Lord hunkers down to summon a bunch of kwama adds. These have very little health and can be AOE’d down easily.

The main thing to look out for is Hive Lord’s massive AOE attack. He will stay still and slam his fists on the ground, creating a LARGE red circle around him. Anyone caught in the circle will take damage in pulses. The longer you stay in it, the more damage you will take. Getting hit by one or two pulses will not kill you, but staying in the red circle will.

The Hive Lord also randomly jumps to distant targets and deals a bit of physical damage in the process.

– Cavern Patriarch –
As far as I could tell, Cavern Patriarch only has one major ability: he plants a poison standard which deals a bit of poison damage to anyone in the radius.

It’s possible he has additional mechanics, but the fight will probably be over before he has the time to execute them in normal mode.

– Sentinel of Rkugamz –
The Sentinel has a frontal cone attack which is very difficult to avoid. It doesn’t do much damage, though. Either way, the tank should face him away from the group.

From time to time Sentinel of Rkugamz stops to charge his weapon with lightning. He’ll mortar down pools of lightning on players’ locations. The pools will increase in size. As long as you are moving, you should not get hit by them. If you do, you’ll take a fair bit of shock damage.

The Sentinel sometimes starts chasing a random player whilst doing a whirlwind attack around him. Just kite him during this attack, even though the whirlwind doesn’t seem to do much damage.

When the boss gets below 25% Health, 3-4 dwarven spiders will spawn and run to random locations in the area. They’ll generate a green bubble / shield above them which will heal the boss if he touches the bubbles. As long as you don’t get close to the spiders, you can safely ignore them altogether and just burn the boss down.

– Cutting Sphere –
The only mentionable thing is the whirlwind attack he keeps channeling around him. It doesn’t seem to do barely any damage, but it’s still a good idea to spread out.

AOE the dwarven spider adds down first and then kill the Sphere. Simple!

Veteran Darkshade Caverns

Veteran Enemies

  • Kwama
  • Miners
  • Dwemer Constructs

Veteran Minibosses

Veteran Bosses

Veteran Darkshade Caverns

Veteran Darkshade Caverns Guide

AOE your way through the first initial groups of mobs. As a warning, the first group felt larger than most opening groups of mobs. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry, this dungeon settles down and is a pretty quick run.

– The Fallen Foreman –
This boss is very easy. The mechanics are very simple. Clear the adds quickly, stay out of the red, and then burn the boss down. Vampires beware, this fight has a lot of fire damage.

– Transmuted Hive Lord –
This boss has very high health and 2 adds. The good news is that he doesn’t hit very hard. I’ve read that you don’t need to take out the adds. Our group did and it worked out just fine. His main attack is to pound the ground and cause a cave in. When we ran this dungeon, the AOE of this attack did not show up on the ground. It appears as if this attack can do a lot more damage if you are away from the boss. Our group stayed close to the boss for the fight and the attack did minimal damage.

– Transmuted Ailt –
This fight is three Ailts. This fight is very quick and very easy. Take out all three Ailts as fast as you can.

– Grobull the Transmuted –
This fight is a little tricky at first, but once you learn the mechanics, it gets easy. The tank should focus on the boss, and avoid his AOE.

His biggest attack is a reflecting attack, where he basically throws your attacks back at you. Here is the way around it: He will spawn a lot of adds. They are very quick to take out. DPS should focus on the adds with AOE. When the boss collapses to the ground, switch your focus to him and do as much single target DPS as possible until he is back up. Repeat until he is done.

– Dwarven Gauntlet –
You will get up to the door for the final boss, and just outside is a big mass of Dwarven Mobs. It does not appear to be a boss fight (there is no health bar). However, if someone dies during the fight, they cannot res on their own until the fight is over. Also, you get some boss fight drops at the end. Most groups doing the gold key just sneak around this boss. You can no longer skip this fight,you must defeat this miniboss to gain access to the final boss.

This fight can wear you down. It is just wave after wave of mobs. DPS should focus on ranged AOE. Take out the waves as quick as you can so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

– The Engine Guardian –
This is a giant dwarven spider. Do not enter the room until the whole group is ready, and then enter as a group. If someone goes in early…the door will close and the rest of the group will be stuck in the hallway.

This boss has 3 phases:
Red Phase: The boss will throw AOE fire attacks at the group, and has a close range fire attack as well. Keep moving, and stay out of the red.

Green Phase: The boss turns green and you will hear some mechanical noises. The room fills with poison gas. The whole group should stack on the healer to make it easier for the healer to spam AoE heals on the whole group.

Cyan Phase: When the boss turns Cyan, it will spawn 4 adds. They do high damage Take them out quickly.

(Silver Key): During the green phase when the room fills with poison gas, it can be shut off by activating the 4 levers in the center of the room. They need to be activated quickly. I recommend assigning this to one or two players. The whole group should gather in the center of the room to make life easier for the healer.

(Gold Key): If you do the method described above, you won’t get a gold key. To get the gold key, DON’T PULL a lever. Keep a tight stack and let the healer heal you through the poison phase.

The big boiler in the middle of the room makes the line of sight terrible at times, and can make things difficult for the healer. Be mindful of this.

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