The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Malabal Tor – Tempest Island

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Surrounded by sand bars and shifting channels, this island in the Strid estuary has long been a haven for pirates, raiders, and fugitives from law enforcement. It has never been fully explored by any civilized authority.

Tempest Island is a small island containing a group dungeon accessible from Malabal Tor. It has been invaded by the Maormer, who use it to hone their storm magic for a planned assault on the Valenwood coast. A group of Dominion soldiers led by Battlereeve Alduril needs your help defeating the Maormer invaders and their lamia allies.

Tempest Island


  • Lamias
    • Lamia Curares
    • Lamia Dominas
  • Sea Vipers
    • Maormer Summoners
    • Sea Viper Berserkers
    • Sea Viper Chargers
    • Sea Viper Deadeyes
    • Sea Viper Healer
    • Sea Viper Strongarms

Elite Enemies

  • Storm Atronachs



Normal Tempest Island

Malabal Tor: Tempest Island - Level 2

Malabal Tor: Tempest Island - Level 3

Malabal Tor: Tempest Island - Level 4

Tempest Island Guide
by: Tamriel Journal

– Sonolia the Matriarch –
Sonolia the Matriarch is the first miniboss in Tempest Island. She pulls with a couple of adds who need to be taken down first. That’s where the little difficulty this fight has comes from.

Boss Mechanics

  • Sonolia has a frontal cone sound attack. The tank should keep Sonlia facing her, so no one else gets hit by it.

– Valaran Stormcaller –
Valaran Stormcaller is the second boss in Tempest Island. Valaran can be annoying from a tank’s perspective because there’s no real response to taunts.

Boss Mechanics

  • A lightning storm moves randomly around the room, dealing damage to anyone in its path. The storm doesn’t seem to follow anyone. Just try to stay out of its way.
  • Valaran uses a lightning form which increases his defenses but also deals low shock damage to anyone near him. The damage is so low that you can pretty much ignore it, but if you don’t have any form of heals in melee range, you’ll definitely feel the damage sooner or later.
  • Valaran periodically stuns a random player with a shock spell for 3-4 seconds.
  • Valaran has a heavy melee attack which needs to be blocked.

– Yalorasse the Speaker –
Yalorasse the Speaker is the third boss in Tempest Island. She is a miniboss, and shouldn’t be that difficult.

Yalorasse is surrounded by a bunch of adds who should be cleared asap.

Boss Mechanics

  • Yalorasse casts a whirlwind attack around her which deals physical damage. You should be able to get out of it in time as melee.
  • Yalorasse has a heavy melee attack which needs to be blocked by the tank.
  • The boss summons a patch of lightning at the tank’s location. Just move out of it.

– Stormfist –
Stormfist is the fourth boss in Tempest Island. He’s a giant Storm Atronach, and is one of the more difficult bosses in the dungeon.

Boss Mechanics

  • The main thing to look out for is Stormfist’s AOE attack. He casts a red circle beneath him which rapidly increases in size. Getting caught in it deals a lot of damage and throws players in the air. It can be difficult to get out of it in time.
  • Stormfist also smashes his fist on the ground, dealing AOE damage in a small radius in front of him. This attack should be easy to avoid, and is mostly something the tank needs to look out for.
  • Stormfirst periodically summons three storm atronach adds with 1k Health. These should be taken down asap.
  • Stormfist enrages when he hits roughly 15% Health, and starts pulsating lightning to everyone in the room, dealing tons of Shock damage. This seems to be unavoidable, and you just need to kill him quickly at this point.

– Commodore Ohmanil –
Commodore Ohmamil is the fifth boss in Tempest Island. He is a miniboss and is the easiest encounter in the dungeon.

The only thing making this fight hard at all are the adds around him. There’s lots of them, and they deal a lot more damage than the boss does. Needless to say, kill them first.

Boss Mechanics

  • The tank needs to block Ohmamil’s heavy melee attack.
  • Commodore Ohmamil periodically channels a stun cast on the tank. The cast doesn’t do any damage and it keeps the boss busy, so there’s no point to break free from it. Just let him do his thing.

– Stormreeve Neidir –
Stormreeve Neidir is the sixth and final boss in Tempest Island. Neidir is a lightning mage and can be difficult to tank, because she likes to shoot lightning at random targets.

Boss Mechanics

  • The deadliest ability Stormreeve Neidir has is her AOE Shock attack beneath her. The red circle expands very rapidly, and it’s extremely difficult to get out of it if you’re in melee range. The ability deals tons of damage and knocks you down.
  • Neidir randomly casts lightning at distant players.
  • Neidir also has a charge / blink ability she uses to charge at a random player, dealing moderate damage in the process. The charge on its own isn’t a big deal, but if she casts her AOE attack after, you’ll need to readjust quickly.
  • Small tornadoes fly around the room. Getting hit by them hurts and you’ll also be briefly stunned. Just try to avoid them as much as you can.

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