The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Reaper’s March – Selene’s Web

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Even by the standards of Malabal Tor, something is not right about the growth of the forest in this vicinity. It doesn’t seem unhealthy—on the contrary, it seems vigorous, but in an unwholesome way.

Selene’s Web is a group dungeon found in Reaper’s March. A group of Mages Guild members led by Warlock Carindon are exploring Selene’s Web in search of a mysterious forest spirit, and need protection from hostile natives and wildlife.

Selene’s Web


  • Selene’s Thundermauls, Daggers, Rangers, Shamans, Roses and Savages
  • True Shots, Root Guards and Earth Menders
  • Wolves
  • Hoarvors
  • Senche Spirits
  • Spiders



  • Longclaw, a Khajiit hunter and his four unique Senche-Tigers (Heartstalker, Nighteyes, Shadowhiskers, and Silentpaw)
  • Foulhide, a giant bear with the ability to spawn stranglers called Selene’s Roses
  • Selene, a Bosmer changeling

Selene's Web

Selene’s Web Guide
by: Tamriel Journal

– Treethane Kerninn –
Treethane Kerninn is the first miniboss in Selene’s Web. He’s a Bosmer equipped with a two-handed weapon, and has a couple of bandits with him. He’s not much of a threat as long as you take care of his adds quickly.

Boss Mechanics

  • Treethane Kerninn lifts his weapon in the air to pull every player to him and then summon a flock of ravens around him. The area is marked with a big red circle beneath him. The ravens deal a moderate amount of damage, and you should have plenty of time to get out of their way.
  • Treethane Kerninn also does an AoE whirlwind around him. He doesn’t move when he does this, so there’s no excuse to get hit by it.

– Longclaw –
Longclaw is the second boss in Selene’s Web. He’s standing on a platform in the trees above the ground. To activate him, you need to kill the named tigers infront of the tree. They don’t do anything special, just AOE them down. Once the tigers are dead, Longclaw jumps down.

The efficient way to defeat Longclaw is to simply focus fire him down. The fight will take a long, long time if you kill his tiger spirits and will quickly turn into an uphill battle.

Boss Mechanics

  • Longclaw summons Senche tiger spirits which have around 7k Health. They hit hard and shouldn’t be left running around on their own. You should try to control them with roots or other AoE crowd control abilities instead. Killing them doesn’t do you any good, because Longclaw will just summon new tigers to replace the dead ones.
  • Longclaw fires a volley of arrows at a player’s location, marked with a red circle. Get out of it.
  • Longclaw also drops poison clouds below him, which deal a lot of damage and are awkward for melee players.

– Queen Aklayah –
Queen Aklayah is the third miniboss in Selene’s Web. Aklayah is a giant Hoarvor who spawns small hoarvor adds. That’s about it, really. This is probably the easiest boss fight in the dungeon. Aklayah has very little Health. The fight is going to be over very quickly.

Boss Mechanics

  • Queen Aklayah casts a red circle on a player, usually the tank, which follows them around. Staying away from the player is a good idea. The tank shouldn’t try running away from the circle – you can’t do it.
  • Aklayah also has a random cone attack. It really is not a big deal, but avoid it if you can.

– Foulhide –
Foulhide is the fourth boss in Selene’s Web. He’s a giant black bear. Like Queen Aklayah, this encounter is easy.
Foulhide stomps the ground and knocks everyone infront of him down for a short period. The stomp also summons a set of Selene’s Roses. They are stranglers scattered around the room. Perhaps the enounter is bugged, but I couldn’t see them do anything special at all. If you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone as well. We were able to just ignore them altogether.

Boss Mechanics

  • Foulhide sometimes charges at what seems to be random targets. The charge line is marked with a red path. It’s worth noting that Foulhide’s charge actually kills Selene’s Roses (the stranglers) as well.
  • Foulhide also has an AoE fear shout which he sometimes uses. You can break free from it by using Stamina.

– Mennir Many-Legs –
Mennir Many-Legs is the fifth miniboss in Selene’s Web. She’s a spider-summoning mage, who shouldn’t be much of an issue for any group. Kill the summoned spiders and you’ll be fine.

Boss Mechanics

  • Mennir Many-Legs has a high-damage shock AoE. Avoid it.
  • Mennir also periodically summons spiders. They don’t have much health and you can easily AoE them down.

– Selene –
Selene’s Web is a massive cave full of spiders and beasts. There’s quite a bit of poison damage in the dungeon; werewolves beware.

Completing the dungeon quest rewards a skill point.

Boss Mechanics

  • Selene has the exact same ability Treethane Kerninn has: she lifts her weapon in the air to pull every player to her, web them and then summon a flock of ravens around her. The area is marked with a big red circle. The ravens deal a moderate amount of damage. You can get out of the web with Stamina.
  • Every time Selene does the raven AoE attack, she also spawns humanoid mobs. Some of these are healers. You should kill the adds ASAP, because they can be a huge threat.
  • Selene has a heavy melee attack with which she summons a bear spirit (Foulhide?) and knocks down players around her. You can and should block it to avoid the knock down. The attack doesn’t do much damage, though.
  • Selene also does a high-damage ranged attack aimed at distant targets. An untargetable tiger spirit will jump at a player and deal lots of damage. With all the adds around, this attack can be lethal.

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