The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Rivenspire – Crypt of Hearts

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Dungeon Guides
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This place’s forbidding black towers are visible for leagues, even through Rivenspire’s drifting mists. Yet the local inhabitants never mention it, behaving as if it doesn’t even exist. But the Crypt of Hearts is no illusion or mirage—it is solid and all too real.

The Crypt of Hearts is a group dungeon found in Rivenspire.

Formerly a school teaching Destruction magic, sword fighting, alchemy, and possibly even Daedric summoning, the crypt is now home to some of the tortured souls of its teachers and of its students. In the normal version, Alanwe needs you to piece together her soul, which is currently contained in three phylacteries scattered throughout the Crypt.

In the veteran version, Alanwe once again needs your help defeating her former husband, who has returned to torment her following her escape from torture.

Crypt of Hearts I


  • Skeletal Warriors, Pyromancers, Runecasters and Archers
  • Zombies, Zombie Plague-bearers and Zombie Stalkers
  • The Mage Master’s Slaves
  • Banekin
  • Ghosts
  • Wraiths
  • Bone Colossi



Crypt of Hearts I

Normal Crypt of Hearts Guide
by: Tamriel Journal

– The Mage Master –
The Mage Master activates a number of skeleton mage adds around the room as soon as he is engaged. Kill the adds before you focus on the boss.

The Mage Master has a heavy melee attack that needs to be blocked.

Mage Master casts a blue bubble in a zone around him. The Spell works in a similar way to a Sorcerer’s Negate Magic, except it doesn’t seem to stun you or silence you. Any debuffs on the boss seem to get dispelled if you stay in the zone.

– Archmaster Siniel –
Siniel casts an red circle of light-green and black stuff. Stay out of it!

Siniel also keeps on summoning undead with 110 Health. Killing them should be simple.

Archmaster Siniel’s most annoying ability is the AoE Fear. Siniel will fear everyone for a couple of seconds.

– Death’s Leviathan –
Death’s Leviathan periodically charges in a straight line in front of him, marked with a red path. The charge deals a lot of damage and stuns anyone who gets hit by it. It should be easy to get out of the charge in time. Below 50% the charge also leaves a path of fire behind.

The most dangerous ability Death’s Leviathan has is his quickly expanding red circle. He kneels down and places a red circle beneath him, expanding very quickly in size. It’s very difficult to get out of it in time unless you’re already far away from him. In the first phase the damage isn’t too bad, but once the boss has the fire Buff, it can even one shot players.

– Uulkar Bonehand –
Uulkar places runes on the ground which snare players in it. The runes on their own very dangerous, but can cause problems combined with his second ability.

Uulkar places red circles on the ground. After a few seconds, spikes will spring up from the ground, briefly stunning anyone caught in it and dealing damage.

– Dogas the Berserker –
Dogas jumps in the air and stuns everyone close to him for 4-5 seconds, leeching Health in the process. This is his main ability and this is something that you need to work out how to counter.

I strongly suggest that the tank pulls Dogas away from the rest of the group, whilst they take care of the adds. After this it’s all about managing the AoE stun he has. It’s a terrible idea to bunch up in this fight, because everyone will get stunned and he’ll be leeching Health from 4 players.

This fight is super easy if everyone in your group uses Immovable. You can also just break free from the stun by using Stamina. You’ll be immune for future stuns for a short while.

– Ilambris-Athor and Ilambris-Zaven –
Athor has a melee heavy attack which the tank should block.

Athor periodically casts lightning runes on the ground. Stay out of them.

Athor casts a lightning spell on the tank, dealing slight damage over time.

Zaven will periodically charge a massive fire spell. He’ll engulf himself in flames for a few seconds, and follow up with a spell which sends beams of fire across half the room.

Zaven also places a red circle beneath him, expanding in size. After a second or two the circle will blow up and cause Flame damage to anyone caught in it.

Once Zaven is killed, Athor starts raining down lightning from the sky, filling up a lot of the room with pools of lightning. It’s still quite easy to find enough room to stay out of the bad stuff.

Crypt of Hearts II


  • Spook Spiders
  • Spiderkith Warper, Spiderkith Wefter, Spiderkith Broodnurse, Spiderkith Cauterizer, Spiderkith Venifex, Spiderkith Enervator
  • Skeletons
  • Ogrim
  • Flesh Atronachs
  • Spiders and Death Spiders
  • Ibelgast’s Broodnurses, Ibelgast’s Cauterizers and Ibelgast’s Wefters
  • Skeleton
  • Wraith



Crypt of Hearts II

Crypt of Hearts II

Crypt of Hearts II Guide

DPS Guide

– Ibelgast –
The tank should stick on the main boss. Both DPS should focus on the adds each time they spawn. The quicker you take out the adds, the better. One set of adds will summon a flesh antronauch; however, if you can take them out quickly they won’t. Overall, this is a pretty easy fight.

– Ruzozuzalpamaz –
The DPS should fix their bars to have 1 for single point damage, and 1 for AoE. The room is set up with a circle in the middle. There are statues spread out at even intervals. Each member of the party should pick one and stand by it. If the group stays in this circle (except when dodging AoE attack discussed later), it is much easier to heal. The boss has 4 main attacks (the order may be wrong). The first is a lightning “fork” that spreads out. It’s pretty harmless. Tank should hold boss facing away from group to avoid Lightning Fork from hitting group. The second is that the boss can cocoon one member of the party. Free him/her right away. The third is a really nasty AoE attack that will follow one player. Get it away from the group. As soon as you see that the circle focuses on you, run to the wall of the room and run around the perimeter. It will harmlessly chase you until it fades out. Adds will spawn that you have to take out quickly or they will continue to build up. Try to gather them in one spot and spam AoE attacks. When hit with adds, it adds a slowing effect. Melee getting hit + Circle AoE can be a deadly combo. Just be aware of the slowing effect and don’t get in too deep. This fight can give you trouble at first, but once you figure out the mechanics it is really easy. A last note, good communication is key. Calling out who is cocooned and who is getting them out as well as who the AoE lightning is following will be a tremendous help in this encounter.

– Chamber Guardian –
This is hardly a boss fight. When you get into the room, there will be a large group of mobs that you need to AoE. Once the boss start fights, pay close attention. He will launch a fear attack. If you get hit, it spawns some mobs that hit harder than he does. They can easily be avoided with a roll dodge. This is probably the easiest boss of the dungeon.

– The Ilambris Amalgam –
You will see 2 mages at the start that share a health pool. Focus all damage on one and ignore the other. Eventually, he will launch some AoE attacks that you need to avoid, and then the 2 will come back together and morph into a bone colossus.

There are 2 main phases: Fire and Storm. He uses a stomp AoE to transition to each of the fire and storm phases. This stomp is what spawns the two adds of each phase. so the tank needs to be careful. One DPS focus on left add, 1 focus on right add (alternatively, 1 focus on boss, 1 focus on adds). The tank should try to face the boss away from the rest of the party. The boss’ general attack will fire a fireball / lightning bolt at anyone in front of him. Facing the boss away is important to alleviate group wide damage, and to save your vampires during the fire phase. The healer should set up where it’s best.

Phase 1 is the flame phase: He will spawn 2 flame skeletons. DPS should take the one to your assigned side. Upon dying, the flame skeleton will explode and knock down anyone caught in the blast. Be wary of this. This can cause your death if knocked down and caught in the fire rain AoE. Take them down quick, and then go back to boss. Repeat when he spawns more just before calling down the fire rain AoE. Toward the end of this phase, he will use a fire rain AoE. This AoE will spawn a circle under each player. This ticks quick and hard. It will spawn a total of 3 circles under each person over the span of the attack. Best bet is to have tank at the door behind the boss by himself so he can easily drop circles and move without much harm. The healer in front of where the boss spawns, and that leaves the dps to use the room in the far back to safely drop AoE’s and kite/down the flame skeletons spawned at the beginning of this attack.

Next will be a stomp which will transition to the lightning phase and spawn 2 Lightning Skeleton Mages. The same strategy applies. Each DPS take out their assigned adds. Focus on the boss, then back to adds when they respawn. This phase will also have a room wide AoE. This is different than the other. Most of the lightning bolts will be a random location, however, there will be some spawning under each player. The AoE of the lightning is considerably smaller compared to the fire rain. Avoiding these is much less difficult and can be avoided by simply side stepping a few steps from side to side. Another stomp and it is a repeat of the fire phase.

Repeat until he hits about 15%, when he goes into an enrage phase. Every man for himself. He will constantly summon adds, and call down both fire and lightning AoE attacks seen in the previous phases. Do not run on top of each other or you will die. Spam DPS and take him out as fast as possible. At this point ignore the spawning adds. If you’re too slow, you will wipe.

– Mezeluth –
The boss stands in the middle of a circle. Think of the circle as a clock. Put one person at 12, one at 3, one at 6, and one at 9. Don’t get too close to each other. Start DPSing. The boss’ main attack is to pull everyone in towards him, and then Drop you at his feet. Each person will have an AoE circle around them, and other circles randomly placed around the room. Ensure your feet are only standing in the AoE circle attached to you and no others, if you are directly standing in two overlapping red zones, you will die. The easiest way to make sure that you stay in only one AoE circle is that when he picks you up, use your mouse to change your view so that you are looking straight back (i.e.: facing away from the boss). When the boss throws you, you will end up facing this way. Dodge roll straight ahead (away from the boss and any other circle on the floor). Once the dodge roll is done, you should be in 1 and only 1 AoE circle. Do not roll to either side, as you may end up to close to someone in your party… which would cause you both to go down. Repeat.

If someone does happen to die. Don’t be fooled, his corpse will have a AoE circle as well as the remaining members. Don’t roll toward a corpse.

– Nerien’eth –
There are a lot of mechanics during this fight. Your saving grace is that these mechanics do not overlap on top of each other (not counting adds).

He will shoot black skulls out to anyone in front of him. Try to tank him facing away from the group best you can. Periodically he will charge up and cast a large black skull. If this is headed to you, block. Otherwise it hurts a decent amount and knocks you back and down.

Second mechanic is that he will spawn floating chains AoE. These have a DOT as well as damage upon exploding. If you’re on the move already, these won’t be too much of an issue. Roll dodge if you have to move out quickly.

Next mechanic is that he will teleport to a random player and cast a large around himself. RUN. This does a large amount of damage.

Last mechanic of this phase is ADD spawning. He will teleport to one of the 3 circles in the room and bring out two wraith like adds. DPS quickly. While manageable at two, if these pile up they can pose a threat along with the repeating mechanics of this phase.

Next phase begins when boss’ health reaches 30%.

The second phase will turn the circles at which the adds spawn to glowing red pads. He will periodically begin sucking the life from a member of the group. During this, regular heals will have no effect. Each member not stuck must walk onto the red pad to transfer your own life to the player being drained. Be careful not to stack on for more than a couple ticks. Hop off and let the next member get on. Repeat until boss is downed.

An alternative for the second phase is to ignore whoever is being drained and all out dps the boss. That person will die and you should be able to rez him before the next draining.

Healing Guide

– Ibelgast –
Very easy fight. Siphon Spirit boss and ads when they spawn. Spot heal where needed. Keep and eye on tank’s health. Pretty straight forward fight.

– Ruzozuzalpamaz –
Start by everyone standing by each column, away from each other. Siphon Spirit boss to start. Spot heal and release webbed people when you can. Run from Lightening Ball if it targets you, otherwise keep up spot healing and use major heals on those caught in the Lightening Ball. Stam regen spells will help the tank if you have a chance.

– Chamber Guardian –
Siphon spirit the boss to begin. Should only need light heals for this encounter.

– The Ilambris Amalgam –
Siphon Spirit the one your group decides to attack. Spot heal when necessary. Watch for the small AoE’s. When the merge and become the colossus, Siphon Spirit the ads right away. Spot heal the light damage he does, might need moderate heals on tank. Get ready for heavy heals when he casts AoE, keep moving. Going to need super heavy heals when boss gets to 15% b/c he’ll constantly cast both AoE’s and summon ads. Keep moving as best as you can and dish out them heals!

– Mezeluth –
Siphon Spirit to begin. Spot heals for his small fire AoE’s, try to top off everyone before his vacuum. When he pulls you in, turn around and get ready to roll dodge into a space not occupied by a black spot. Rinse/Repeat. The only thing to worry about in this fight is the roll dodging. All the other damage is minimal.

– Nerien’eth –
First off, never stop moving! This is a long fight and mobility is key. Being on the move constantly will help get you out of the various AoE that he casts. Small skulls do decent damage, gonna need moderate heals. Block the big skull at all costs! Siphon spirit when you can. Blocking small skulls helps a bit too in between HoT casts. Sipon spirit ads as they are transforming. Keep healing HoTs up. Once he transforms keep siphon spirit up whenever you can. Dodge the pinons, if everyone is dodging them, healing won’t be too intensive. When he stuns/life drains a person use that time to recuperate mana/health. Let that person die then resurrect ONLY when he’s not casting the pinions.

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