The Elder Scrolls Online: Dungeons – Shadowfen – Arx Corinium

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The Second Empire made some advances into the periphery of Black Marsh, but they didn’t stay long. Arx Corinium, once an Imperial fort, is now occupied by denizens of the deep swamp—and even stranger things.

Arx Corinium is a group dungeon found in western Shadowfen. While previously constructed and held by the Imperials, the fort has fallen into disrepair and is overrun with Lamias. A group of nereids now occupy the flooded fort and focus on restoring balance to the land. Rumors say the fort is home to a great source of power, although it is perverse, corrupted.

Normal Arx Corinium

Normal Enemies

  • Giant Snakes
  • Lamias
  • Lurchers

Normal Minibosses

Normal Bosses

Normal Arx Corinium

Normal Arx Corinium Guide
by: Tamriel Journal

– Fanged Menace –
The tank needs to look out for the heavy melee attack – block it.

Fanged Menace has a frontal cone attack ability which knocks back anyone caught in it and deals a high amount of damage.

The main thing to look out for is his AOE poison damage ability, which also leeches Health from anyone who gets hit by it. The Fanged Menace will curl up and generate a red circle beneath him. It deals a lot of damage, and can easily heal himself up if you don’t get out in time.

– Ganakton the Tempest –
The first ability Ganakton has is his frontal cone lightning breath. This should be easy to avoid.

Ganakton periodically electrifies himself and deals a moderate amount of damage to everyone in a few shock pulses. You don’t seem to be able to avoid this – just heal through it.

The main and the most dangerous ability Ganakton has is his lightning wave attack. He will target a random player in the group and send a wave of lightning towards him. The wave will deal a high amount of Shock damage and stun anyone caught in it. You shouldn’t stand on top of each other because of this. Just remember that you can get out of the stun with your interrupt / break free ability, if you have the stamina for it.

Following the Lightning wave, Ganakton electrifies his tail and sends a bolt of lightning at the same player, dealing a lot of Shock damage and again stunning them on the ground.

– Sliklenia the Songstress –
The main thing to look out for is Sliklenia’s Song ability. She’ll become stationary and start singing, dealing tons of damage in pulses around the room. This is where Songstress Pet comes in.

When Sliklenia starts channeling her Song ability, the Songstress’ Pet creates a sonic shield at a random location in the room. The pet will retreat to the shield – you should follow. You won’t take any damage from the song ability if you stand in the shield. This is also why you should not kill the Pet before Slilenia is dead.

Sliklenia has a heavy melee attack which the tank should block.

– Matron Ixniaa –
Ixniaa periodically targets a random player. She places a red circle beneath the player, and follows up with another circle, which will cover an even bigger area. The inner circle is the one you must avoid – it deals tons of damage and can be lethal if you’re not topped up. The outer circle also deals damage, but is much more manageable.

– Ancient Lurcher –
Ancient Lurcher casts a red circle beneath him, dealing damage to anyone caught in it. It should be easy to avoid.

Ancient Lurcher sometimes targets a random player with a green beam, which deals heavy poison damage.

Once Ancient Lurcher drops below 50% Health or so, he enrages and charges himself with Lightning, empowering his AOE ability.

– Sellistrix the Lamia Queen –
Sellistrix has a frontal cone scream which deals a lot of damage. It’s important that the tank faces Sellistrix away from the rest of the group.

Sellistrix periodically charges at random players, dealing a low amount of damage in the process.

The main mechanic of the fight is Sellistrix’s lightning attack ability. She will start channeling lightning and target the small islands in the room, marked with red circles. Sometimes you have a safe island to go to, sometimes not. It’s very important that Sellistrix isn’t standing in water when this ability goes off, or the water will become electrified and hurt everyone in it.

The lightning attack on the islands does deal a bit of damage, but my experience is that you can heal through it. You can either choose to go from island to island, avoiding the lightning in the process, or just choose one island and stay there for the duration of the fight.

The latter option (staying on one island) does require some intensive healing, but it guarantees you won’t get hit by the electrified water and it eliminates the chance of anyone else getting hit by her frontal breath attack than the tank. Moving between the islands always increases the chance of your group getting hit by the frontal attack.

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