The Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact Quests

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Quests by Location
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The Ebonheart Pact is one of the three joinable factions participating in the Alliance War, the other two being the Daggerfall Covenant and the Aldmeri Dominion. The crest of the Ebonheart Pact is a dragon, and its colors are red and black. It consists of the Dunmer of Morrowind, the Nords of Skyrim and the Argonians of Black Marsh. The alliance was reluctantly formed out of necessity; despite the three races’ ancestral hatred for each other, they recognized the threat posed by their unified enemies, both at home and from across the sea, and banded together to protect their borders and freedom. Led by Jorunn the Skald-King, who presides over the Great Moot in the Pact’s capital of Mournhold, the alliance seeks to defeat the corrupt Empire and preserve the independence of its homelands. Pact players will begin in the city of Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls, after being washed up unconscious on the shores of Bleakrock Isle following their escape from Molag Bal’s realm of Coldharbour. They will have the option to visit Bleakrock Isle to find the person who rescued them from the sea.

The Great Houses hold a lot of power in Morrowind. All but House Telvanni agreed to join the Pact, and have now become somewhat estranged from the other houses because of it. Black Marsh has no monarchy, but certain Saxhleel tribes joined the Pact to protect their interests. Under the terms of the Alliance, Dunmer were allowed to keep all non-Argonian slaves, with Khajiit being the most common race currently enslaved. All Argonian slaves were released.

Ebonheart Pact Quests

Bleakrock Isle
Bleakrock Isle Side Quests
  • At Frost’s Edge
  • Dangerous Webs
  • Lost on Bleakrock
  • Tracking the Game
  • Underfoot
Bal Foyen
Bal Foyen Side Quests
  • Finding the Family
  • Salt of the Earth
  • The Bard of Hounds
  • Unorthodox Tactics
Daen Seeth
Daen Seeth Side Quests
  • Close the Scamp Caves
  • Decree of the Court
  • Desperate Souls
  • Enslaved in Death
  • Exquisite Tears
  • The Fate of a Friend
  • Giving for the Greater Good
  • Percussive Ranching
  • Proving Trust
  • Quieting a Heart
  • A Son’s Promise
  • Suspicious Silence
  • Through the Aftermath
  • The Venom of Ahknara
  • Wayward Son
  • The Wizard’s Tome
Zabamat Side Quests
  • A Bit of Sport
  • The Brothers Will Rise
  • Cleansing the Past
  • The Curse of Heimlyn Keep
  • Enlightenment Needs Salt
  • Hunting Invaders
  • Kinsman’s Revenge
  • Night of the Soul
  • Peril at the Pools
  • Protecting the Hall
  • Recovering the Guar
  • Restoring Order
  • The Sapling
  • Savages of Stonefalls
  • A Storm Broken
  • Taking the Tower
  • The Truth about Spiders
  • What Was Done Must Be Undone
  • Window on the Past
Varanis Side Quests
  • Darkvale Brews
  • Divine Favor
  • The Fetish
  • From the Wastes
  • A Gathering of Guar
  • A Goblin’s Affection
  • Waylaid Wine Merchant
  • Shattering Mirror
  • Stem the Tide
  • A Story Told in Footprints
  • This One’s a Classic
  • Undermined
  • An Unwanted Twin
  • Vengeance for House Dres
Stonefalls Dungeon Quests
  • Kings of the Grotto
  • Lighting the Shadows
Redolent Loam
Redolent Loam Side Quests
  • A Bitter Pill
  • Burning Revenge
  • Challenge the Tide
  • A Family Divided
  • Honor Bound
  • Intruders in Deshaan
  • The Medallions of Saint Veloth
  • The Naked Nord
  • Nothing Left to Waste
  • Oath Breaker
  • Ritual of Anguish
  • You Have to Break a Few
Lagomere Side Quests
  • By Invitation Only
  • Carving Cuttle
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Dissonant Commands
  • The Dungeon Delvers
  • The Light Fantastic
  • Mechanical Murder
  • Remembering Risa
  • School Daze
  • Search and Rescue
  • A Service for the Dead
  • Trade Negotiations
  • The Trial of the Ghost Snake
  • Vengeance of the Oppressed
  • Vision Quest
  • That Which Matters Most
Siltreen Side Quests
  • Bad Soldiers
  • A Blow for Order
  • Cold-Blooded Vengeance
  • A Fair Warning
  • The Ravaged Village
  • Rules and Regulations
  • The Saving of Silent Mire
  • The Soldier’s Alibi
  • Strange Guard Beasts
  • Supply Run
  • What Lies Beneath
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Wounds in the World
Deshaan Dungeon Quests
  • Mine All Mine
  • What Was Lost
Reticulated Spine
Venomous Fens
Reticulated Spine Side Quests
  • The Bargain’s End
  • Bound to the Bog
  • Captive Souls
  • Foreign Vintage
  • A Last Reminder
  • Life of the Party
  • Saving the Relics
  • Schism
  • Shadowfen Smorgasbord
  • The Thin Ones
  • Unbridled Wealth
  • Unwelcome Guests
Leafwater Side Quests
  • Broken Apart
  • Buried in the Past
  • Clarity
  • Cold-Blooded Revenge
  • The Fangs of Sithis
  • Into the Mire
  • Last One Standing
  • A Life of Privilege
  • Lost to the Mire
  • Missing Son
  • Cadwell's Almanac Outside Interference
  • A Pirate Parley
  • Pull the Last Fang
  • A Stranger Uninvited
  • Strength of the Father
  • Threefold Folly
  • The Tree-Minder’s Fate
  • Warm Welcome
  • Whispers of the Wisps
  • Will of the Broken
Venomous Fens Side Quests
  • And Throw Away The Key
  • Captured Time
  • Catch the Lightning
  • Deep Disturbance
  • Dreams From the Hist
  • A Final Release
  • Into the Temple
  • The Keystone
  • King of Dust
  • Lost Pilgrimage
  • Missing in the Mire
  • Of Dubious Value
  • The Ones Left Behind
  • Overrun
  • A Poisoned Heart
  • Riches Beyond Measure
  • Scales of Retribution
  • The Swamp’s Embrace
  • Trials of the Burnished Scales
  • Vigil’s End
  • What Happened at Murkwater
Shadowfen Dungeon Quests
  • Force of Nature
  • Lover’s Torment
  • Group Area Sap and Stone
  • Group Area Silk and Shadow
Giant’s Run
Frostwater Tundra
Icewind Peaks
Giant’s Run Side Quests
  • A Brother’s Revenge
  • Collector of Pelts
  • A Cure For Droi
  • Dear Cousins
  • For Kyne’s Honor
  • A Friend in Mead
  • Giant Problems
  • Lost Crown
  • Nature’s Accord
  • On a Dare
  • Party Planning
  • Shrine of Corruption
  • Cadwell's Almanac Strange Allies
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Siege of Cradlecrush
Frostwater Tundra Side Quests
  • Alchemical Analysis
  • Bath Time
  • Best of the Best
  • Dark Deeds
  • Do Kill the Messenger
  • Labor Dispute
  • Mystery Metal
  • Pilfered Urn
Icewind Peaks Side Quests
  • A Dying Wish
  • In Search of Kireth Vanos
  • Kireth’s Amazing Plan
  • Land Dispute
  • Merriment and Mystery
  • Relative Matters
  • Security Details
  • Torn Asunder
Eastmarch Dungeon Quests
  • Nobles’ Rest
The Rift
Stony Basin