The Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact Quests – Bad Medicine

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Quarantine Serk Quests
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Serkamora, more commonly known as Quarantine Serk, is a small village in western Deshaan, just north of the town of Narsis. The village is under quarantine due to an outbreak of a deadly plague. The Maulborn have taken over part of the village, as well as the village catacombs, and claim to be developing a cure. Several of the local townspeople are suspicious, however, and will ask you to investigate the Maulborn encampment.

Deshaan: Quarantine Serk

#1. Bad Medicine
Zone: Deshaan
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Quarantine Serk — Discover the truth behind the Maulborn curative.
Quest Giver: Aerona Berendas
Location(s): Quarantine Serk
PPrevious Quest: A Letter for Deshaan
Next Quest: Quest For the Cure
Reward: Plague Mask + Very High Leveled Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Aerona Berendas.
  2. Talk to the Serk townsfolk.
  3. Find the old graveyard key to enter the Maulborn quarantine.
  4. Find Dethisam.
  5. Uncover the secret of the Llodos Plague.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Aerona Berendas needs help finding her brother, Dethisam. He was checking on the townsfolk affected by the Llodos Plague the day before but disappeared.

The first house on the left belongs to Bili Hlan. She saw Dethisam and can provide more information about the plague. The next house is Ornis Verobar’s. He is Aerona’s uncle and tells you that Dethisam seemed concerned about the Maulborn. They sealed themselves in their quarantine and refused to provide any more curative. The next house is Grell Flan’s, but he is a zombie.

If you find the key to the graveyard gate, the Maulborn will let you and Aerona in. The key is to the southwest of the house where you found Grell Flan in a bag next to the door to the Maulborn Quarantine.

Inside the Serk Catacombs, you discover that the Maulborn are trying to turn the townspeople into violent “husks.” Further inside, you and Aerona find Dethisam on the floor, consumed by plague. He reveals that the Maulborn are the source of the Llodos Plague and want everyone to become infected. The Maulborn curative is actually the source of the disease.

You can choose to convince Aerona to leave her brother side or convince Dethisam there is still time for him to be cured.

Enter the plague production chamber. As you enter, there is a bottle of Plague Husk Scent on some crates. Using it will allow you to pass the zombies, unless you attack them. Destroy the Maulborn research and stock piles.

Reunite with Aerona at her uncle’s house. The town alchemist is working on a cure for the plague, Aerona thanks you for your help.

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