The Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact Quests – Rescue and Revenge

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Selfora Quests
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Selfora is a small town in eastern Deshaan, east of Mournhold.

Deshaan: Selfora

#20. Rescue and Revenge
Zone: Deshaan
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Cadwell's Almanac Selfora — Discover the terrible secret of Selfora.
Quest Giver: Forlorn One
Location(s): Selfora
Prerequisite Quest: Restless Spirits
Next Quest: A Saint Asunder
Reward: Selforan Temple Sash + Average Leveled Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Save the man and the woman.
  2. Talk to Elynisi Arthalen.
  3. Find Tidyn Arthalen in the town hall lowest level.
  4. Talk to the Forlorn One.
  5. Defeat the echo of Vox in the crater and use the decanter on it.
  6. Talk to Elynisi again.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

The Forlorn One says there are two more people left to save in the village. The man is in the Salen House to the west. Use the decanter on the blue flames outside the door, and tell him he can leave. The woman is in Henim House to the east.

Talking to Elynisi Arthalen in the inn reveals the man and woman are her brother and mother. However, her father is still missing. Elynisi gives you the key to the town hall so you can look for him there.

On the lower level, you find a body lying on the ground. The Forlorn One appears. He is all that remains of Tidyn Arthalen, Elynisi’s father. He is chained to the echo of Vox. You need to go to the crater in the center of town and defeat the echo of Vox again, so the Forlorn One can draw it into the decanter. With the echo of Vox destroyed, Tidyn is free.

Tell Elynisi her father is dead. She thanks you for freeing the town and gives you a reward.

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