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Bleakrock Isle Quests
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Bleakrock Village is the main village on Bleakrock Isle. After arriving from Stonefalls, it is where you begin your quests as a member of the Ebonheart Pact.

Bleakrock Isle: Hozzin's Folly

Bleakrock Isle: Orkey's Hollow

Bleakrock Isle: Skyshroud Barrow

#3. The Missing of Bleakrock (Optional for Cadwell’s Almanac)
Zone: Bleakrock Isle
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Bleakrock Village — Look for people missing from Bleakrock Village.
Quest Giver: Sergeant Seyne at Hozzin’s Folly;
Rolunda at Orkey’s Hollow;
Darj the Hunter at Skyshroud Barrow
Location(s): Bleakrock Village
Prerequisite Quest: Hozzin’s Folly and The Frozen Man or What Waits Beneath
Previous Quest: A Beginning at Bleakrock
Next Quest: Sparking the Flame
Reward: Bleakrock Garrison Plate + 85 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Complete Hozzin’s Folly, The Frozen Man, or What Waits Beneath.
  2. (Optional) Speak to Captain Rana and evacuate early.
  3. Complete the rest of the quests What Waits Beneath, The Frozen Man and Hozzin’s Folly.
  4. Complete the side quests Dangerous Webs, At Frost’s Edge, Tracking the Game, Lost on Bleakrock, and Underfoot.
  5. Speak to Captain Rana to start the evacuation of the villagers.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

This quest begins when you finish one of the three quests provided by Rana (What Waits Beneath, The Frozen Man or Hozzin’s Folly). You will be given the option to either return to Rana and order an early evacuation, or scour the island for villagers to send home. You will need to complete the other two quests given by Rana, along with five side quests: Dangerous Webs, At Frost’s Edge, Tracking the Game, Lost on Bleakrock and Underfoot. After each quest, the related NPCs will return to Bleakrock Village. Completing all these quests and saving all NPCs is optional, but provides an achievement if completed.

There are a total of fifteen people you need to find and/or assist. By completing all quests on Bleakrock Isle, you will have the required number of missing villagers. The list of people who count towards it is following:

  • Hoknir, by completing Tracking the Game. He will appear at the village square after that.
  • Darj the Hunter, by completing What Waits Beneath. Darj will also be at the village square afterwards.
  • Bjorynolf, by completing At Frost’s Edge. Bjorynolf will be waiting for the evacuation at the village square, as well.
  • Molla, Brend, Faltha and Runs-in-Wild, by completing Underfoot. They will be found outside Last Rest after you’ve helped them.
  • Eiman and Rolunda, by completing The Frozen Man. They will be working at the small field just outside Eiman and Rolunda’s House.
  • Geilund, by completing Lost on Bleakrock. Geilund, his wife and their dog will be at the village square.
  • Sergeant Seyne, by completing Hozzin’s Folly. She will be outside Captain Rana’s Office.
  • Bura-Natoo, Hunts-in-Shadow, Naer, and Tethis, by completing Dangerous Webs. The Fighters Guild members will not join the other villagers, but instead stay at their camp, as they will use their own boat to travel off the island.

Head back to Captain Rana. If you saved all the villagers, she comments that the people of Blackrock owe you and that although she hates running, you don’t have a choice but to evacuate. If you haven’t saved all the villagers, she asks you to confirm that you want to evacuate now and not find the rest of the villagers. Regardless, she tells you that the Covenant has stormed and occupied the nearby location for the sginal fire. Your next task is to fight your way through the enemies and light the beacon to warn the mainland.

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