The Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact Quests – To Taarengrav

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Pinepeak Cavern Quests
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Pinepeak Cavern is a cave in the far northwest of the Rift.

The Rift: Pinepeak Cavern

#12. To Taarengrav
Zone: The Rift
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Quest Giver: Netapatuu at Pinepeak Cavern
Location(s): Taarengrav
Prerequisite Quest: Tomb Beneath the Mountain
Next Quest: The Shackled Guardian
Reward: Very Low Leveled Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Travel to Taarengrav.
  2. Talk to Narir.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to Netapatuu.

“You have restored tranquility here, and I hesitate to ask more, but I have no choice. Another of Ysgramor’s companions—Valdur—was entombed not far from here in Taarengrav. It is likely the Worm Cult seeks to enslave his spirit as well.”

So you want me to go to Taarengrav?

“Yes, we are in no shape to make the journey. If the Worm Cult is already there, then there is little we could do anyways. You, however, could help as much as you have here. Taarengrav is to the south. Please go. Valdur’s spirit must be protected.”

You agree to head to Taarengrav right away. Taarengrav is directly south of you, when you finish talking to Netapatuu.

On your way into the Companions’ base camp, you should talk to Raynor Vanos, the Dunmer in the middle of the road. Even though he is not part of this quest, it will save you a trip, as Raynor also directs you to Narir.
Talk to Narir, the leader of the Companions, to complete the quest and receive some gold.

“My friend, I’m glad to see you again. We could have used you here.”

What’s happened here?

“The Worm Cult made a mess of this dig site. We arrived in time to blunt their first assault, but they’ll be back. I don’t know if we’ll live through another one, but I won’t abandon these people.”

  • This quest is only offered if you have not yet started The Shackled Guardian. Otherwise, you will be offered Honrich Tower.
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