The Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact Quests – What Waits Beneath

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Bleakrock Isle Quests
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Skyshroud Barrow is a Nordic ruin in eastern of Bleakrock Isle. It is inhabited by various skeletal enemies, summoned by a powerful necromancer. A local Nord hunter requests your help to summon the barrow’s guardian and restore the peace.

There is a skyshard at the entrance to the barrow.

Bleakrock Isle: Skyshroud Barrow

Bleakrock Isle: Skyshroud Barrow

#2. What Waits Beneath
Zone: Bleakrock Isle
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Skyshroud Barrow — Stop the tide of undead streaming out of Skyshroud Barrow.
Quest Giver: Darj the Hunter
Location(s): Skyshroud Barrow
Previous Quest: A Beginning at Bleakrock
Next Quest: The Missing of Bleakrock
Concurrent Quest: Hozzin’s Folly, The Frozen Man
Reward: Darj’s Shield of the Trainee + 85 Gold

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Speak with Darj the Hunter and use the incense to summon Haldriin.
  2. Retrieve the three runestones scattered among the ruins.
  3. Enter the ruin’s interior to defeat the necromancer and sanctify Haldriin’s corpse.
  4. Retrieve evidence of a planned Daggerfall Covenant attack.
  5. Talk to Darj for your reward.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

An Undead Menace
On the orders of Captain Rana, head over to Skyshroud Barrow to find Darj the Hunter. Upon approaching the ruins, an injured Darj will approach you. He was injured by undead skeletons, who have recently begun to pour out of the barrow. He believes it to be the work of a necromancer, and he gives you some incense to summon the ghost of Haldriin, the barrow’s guardian dragon priest.

Fight your way past the skeletons to get to Haldriin’s altar. His ghost will appear and inform you that the skeleton problem is indeed the work of a necromancer, who plans to reanimate Haldriin’s own corpse. The dragon priest will then request that you enter the ruins to defeat the necromancer and sanctify his body. In order to do this, you must retrieve three runestones to unseal the barrow.

Cleanse the Barrow
The three runestones are found on the respective platforms inside the ruins, with a great many skeletons blocking the pathways in between. Each of the runestones is guarded by a named skeleton, who may be difficult to take on single-handed for new players. The Eagle Runestone is found in the northern part, guarded by Gadling Eagle-Talons. Asvard Whale-Heart guards the Whale Runestone to the south. The Snake Runestone is found on a middle platform, just above the shrine where you summon Haldriin. It is guarded by Autra Snake-Tongue. After retrieving the Whale, Snake and Eagle Runestones, place them on the pedestals near the barrow’s entrance.

Enter the barrow and speak with Haldriin’s ghost in the first room. The necromancer—Severin Charnis—is in the main chamber, and must be killed. After doing so, sanctify the priest’s body. You must then search around for information on the necromancer; a nearby letter will reveal that he was sent by the Daggerfall Covenant, who plan to attack as Rana feared. Exit the ruin after searching the book cases and urns for loot, and speak to Darj for your reward.

  • The necromancer may already be dead upon entering the barrow if many players are doing this quest.
  • The various skeletal NPCs become neutral upon completing the quest and will not attack you.
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