The Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact – Skill Point Quests – Eastmarch – Frostwater Tundra

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Frostwater Tundra is the southwestern region of Eastmarch. It contains the forts Amol and Mistwatch in the south, and extends as far north as the Bonestrewn Crest. The Frostwater Tundra Dolmen lies in the south, west of Fort Amol. It borders with The Rift to the south, but there is no crossing here. Giant’s Run borders on the north and the Icewind Peaks are to the east.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 10; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Once you have completed Eternal Slumber in the Frostwater Tundra questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

Frostwater Tundra
1. Sleeping on the Job
2. The Pride of a Prince
3. The War Council
4. Lifeline
5. Our Poor Town
6. A Right to Live
7. The Better of Two Evils
8. Eternal Slumber (Skill Point)
9. Gods Save the King
10. Of Councils and Kings

Frostwater Tundra Questing Zone

Eastmarch: Frostwater Tundra

Fort Amol: Frostwater Tundra

1. Sleeping on the Job
Quest Giver: Hokurek
Location(s): Fort Amol
Reward: 239 Gold
Recommended Level: 34

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Commander Yjarnn.
  2. Find Sentry Thod.
  3. Talk to Hloenor Chill-Owl.
  4. Find Commander Yjarnn at the barracks.
  5. Investigate Marla’s house.
  6. Report to Hloenor.

2. The Pride of a Prince
Quest Giver: Hloenor Chill-Owl
Location(s): Fort Amol, Darkwater Crossing
Reward: 298 Gold
Recommended Level: 34

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Hloenor Chill-Owl.
  2. Talk to Lord Vurlop.
  3. Talk to Thane Harvald.
  4. Convince the Argonians and the Dunmer to rejoin the meeting.
  5. Return to Thane Harvald.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Hloenor Chill-Owl tells you the plan for dealing with the disguised Stormfist infiltrators. However, she doesn’t want to start a panic; after all, some of the most important members of the Pact are currently gathered in Fort Amol. She wants you to talk to Lord Vurlop, the Jarl’s advisor—he’ll know what to do.

Lord Vurlop is in Deldwine’s Inn, west of the bridge with Hloenor. You tell him that Stormfist spies replaced Yjarnn and killed several people in town, including Dunmer. He is horrified. He sends you to the Nord camp to speak to Thane Harvald.

The Nord Camp is the same as the royal guard’s camp. There are banners, orange tents and a table where the Thane is discussing strategies with the others.

Convincing the Delegates
Next, you need to talk to the Pact delegates. In the Dunmer camp, you need to collect four bottles of Dunmer wine in the barracks for Naryu Virian. You also need to kill Death-In-Winter, a troll, near Darkwater Crossing and loot his head for the Argonian camp. Return to Runs-With-Quickness at the camp with the head.

Return to Thane Harvald and tell him you convinced the Dunmer and the Argonians to rejoin the meeting. He has spoken with the Prince, who now understands that his stubbornness and arrogance was unnecessary.

3. The War Council
Quest Giver: Thane Harvald
Location(s): Fort Amol
Reward: Skald-King’s Favor + 298 Gold
Recommended Level: 34

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Follow Lord Vurlop to the keep door.
  2. Talk to Naryu Virian.
  3. Loot the Jarl’s Manor Key from the Stormfists.
  4. Talk to Naryu inside the Jarl’s Manor.
  5. Find a way into the safe room.
  6. Talk to King Jorunn.
  7. Defeat Dhalen.
  8. Talk to Way-with-Words in the vault.
  9. Talk to Naryu Virian.
  10. Talk to Prince Irnskar.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Thane Harvald fears that the Stormfists spies may try to ambush the king. Lord Vurlop suggested you should make sure the king is safe. Lord Vurlop will unlock the door to let you in.

You can follow Vurlop to the door, or you can head there and he will follow. When you reach the door, Naryu Virian appears and stabs Lord Vurlop.

When you talk to her, she reveals that she didn’t want you to walk into a trap alone. She has been tracking Dhalen, a Breton illusionist who took a contract for Fildgor, and believes he is inside the keep. She promises to meet up with you later, and if you have the Persuasion Perk you can compliment her on her dress.

The Manor Key
Enter the Fort Amol Courtyard. You need to find the key to the Jarl’s Manor. The courtyard is full of Stormfists, whom you can fight and take the key from.

The Jarl’s Manor
Once you have the key, enter the manor and talk to Naryu Virian, who has changed back into her Morag Tong gear. She has found two locked doors, but no sign of the king. She guesses he is behind one of them, but you will have to find some way to open them.

The Safe Room Key
Upstairs, in a northern room, is a Note to King Jorunn. The note tells you to look for a warrior blowing a horn—the statue in the main, open room upstairs. Behind it is another clue, The Quiet Room. Now, head downstairs to the room behind the stairs and examine the Argonian relic in the northeastern corner. It contains the safe room key.

The safe room is west of the stairs. Inside, is a purple projection of someone who looks like King Jorunn.

The Illusionist’s Plan
“Just look at me! Stunning, am I not? A Breton leading the Nords. Who would have thought it?”

He reveals that Vurlop killed Guard Hloenor and that Fildgor will kill King Jorunn. Instead of Jorunn’s body, they will find Dhalen the Breton’s body—he is the one you are speaking to—and never suspect their brave king.

You need to defeat Dhalen. He is upstairs behind the statue but will only appear after you kill Commander Yjarnn, who is to the left of the statue.

Next, enter the vault on the eastern side of the upper level. Talk to Way-with-Words. Dhalen used a Daedric poison to injure the king. She dragged him upstairs when the fighting broke out, and if Naryu Virian hadn’t helped, they would be dead.

Help for the King
You need to find help. Talk to Naryu Virian outside the vault. You completed her contract when you killed Dhalen. She has to return to Mournhold, and you need to speak to Prince Irnskar.
The Prince is at the bottom of the stairs. He blames the Dunmer and the Argonians because they “did nothing” to protect his father. However, you reply that a Dark Elf and an Argonian are taking care of King Jorunn in the vault. He considers you his ally, at least for now, and prepares to go see his father.

4. Lifeline
Quest Giver: Thane Oda Wolf-Sister at Fort Amol
Location(s): Darkwater Crossing, Wittestadr, Mistwatch
Reward: Wolf-Sister Sandals + 243 Gold
Recommended Level: 35

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Collect vampire blood and get the help of the Dreamwalker.
  2. Complete Our Poor Town at Darkwater Crossing.
  3. Complete the Wittestadr Objective.
  4. Meet Thane Oda Wolf-Sister at the Ternion cave.

5. Our Poor Town
Quest Giver: Stormy-Eyes
Location(s): Darkwater Crossing
Reward: Darkwater Hand Warmers + 486 Gold
Recommended Level: 35

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Stormy-Eyes.
  2. Find Stormy-Eyes’ key and collect torchbug wings.
  3. Talk to Asmalah the Caller.
  4. Return to Stormy-Eyes.

6. A Right to Live
Quest Giver: Sena Aralor
Location(s): Wittestadr
Reward: 239 Gold
Recommended Level: 34

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Sena Aralor.
  2. Find Imhey.
  3. Talk to Valeric.
  4. Collect five samples of Bloodfiend Dust.
  5. Talk to Valeric in Valeric’s Manor.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

When you approach Wittestadr, a woman will run up to you. It is Sena Aralor, who says she pushed “her” down to get away from the monsters. They were on their way back to Windhelm when they decided to take a shortcut. The monsters surrounded them, but suddenly more appear.

The monsters are bloodfiends. You have to kill the two of them that appear, then continue talking to Sena.

She asks you to save her friend, Imhey. She pushed her down near the hot springs in a desperate attempt to get away from the monsters.

Imhey is southeast of where you found Sena and east of the veteran area Ratmaster’s Prowl. However, there is a stranger confronting her. Talk to the stranger, Valeric, first. He says Imhey has been bitten—the Bloodfiends infected her with a “curse” that eventually leads to a craving for blood. He may have a way to cure her, but first he needs to get her out of the sun. He will take her back to his manor, and he needs you to find Bloodfiend Dust to heal her.

You can find Bloodfiend Dust from the bodies of dead Bloodfiends. You need to find five samples of the dust.

A Cure for Vampirism?
Once you have all five, go to Valeric’s Manor and talk to Valeric upstairs. He has locked Imhey up in a cage. You can give him the dust and try to cure her, refuse because she seems fine, or if you have the Intimidation Perk, tell him you’ll hunt him and his clan down if he’s lying. The Intimdation Perk option forces you to choose one of the first two options, however. He promises he only wants to help her and will protect her or teach her how to control her bloodlust.

Refusing to give her the cure starts The Better of Two Evils. Valeric lets her go. If you choose to give her the cure, Valeric says you made the right choice as she would have been trying to kill everyone within a week. Either way, Valeric believes this is the work of his father and The Better of Two Evils begins.

7. The Better of Two Evils
Quest Giver: Valeric
Location(s): Wittestadr, Wittestadr Crypts
Reward: Blood Mask + 303 Gold
Recommended Level: 35

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Speak to Valeric after the conclusion of the previous quest.
  2. Exit the manor and listen to Tunus.
  3. Meet with Majorn the Ancient.
  4. Decide whether to aid Majorn or Valeric.
  5. Enter the crypts and defeat Majorn/Valeric.
  6. Return to the victor for your reward.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Family Rivalry
After helping Valeric with the previous quest, he will explain that his father is responsible for the bloodfiends prowling around Wittestadr. He asks that you help put an end to his father’s plans to raise an undead army. You will need to talk to Jaruk, who has a plan to save some hunters who will otherwise become unwilling thralls of Valeric’s father. After exiting the manor, you will be confronted by Tunus with a summons from Majorn the Ancient. If you decide to ignore the summons, proceed straight to the camp.

Enter Majorn’s manor and speak with the elder vampire. He will attempt to convince you that his bloodfiends are the lesser of two evils, and claims that Valeric’s coven is a danger to all of Eastmarch due to their refusal to feed on anything but animal blood. You must make you decision to side with Majorn or stay true to Valeric.

Valeric’s Side
If you side with Valeric, Majorn will angrily dismiss you, and you need to head to the hunter’s camp to continue with Jaruk’s original plan. Defeat five of the hunters and splash them with the putrid liquid. Return to the other manor and speak with Valeric, who will announce that the time has come to deal with his father permanently. Head back to Majorn’s manor and speak with Rala once inside. Majorn’s warning rings true when she struggles to contain her thirst for blood at the sight of Tunus’ dead body, although if you have the Persuasive Will ability you will be able to snap her out of it. Enter the crypts below the manor and fight your way through the vampires until you reach Majorn himself. After you’ve defeated him, return to the surface and speak with Valeric for your reward.

Majorn’s Side
If you side with Majorn, he gives you a rune to make a bloodfiend your minion. He tasks you and the bloodfiend with killing six hunters in a camp south of Wittestadr, as they would otherwise be helping Valeric. After killing the hunters you are to return to Majorn, who then wants you to head underground into the crypts and kill Valeric. The entrance to the crypt can be found in a room off to the left of the main room. Majorn also gives you a spell to take life. Enter the crypts below the manor and fight your way through the vampires until you reach Valeric himself. After you’ve defeated him, return to the surface and speak with Majorn for your reward.

The area where you kill either Valeric or Majorn is actually the same room, but Majorn will be seated in the center chair, alone, compared to Valeric who is standing with two other NPCs.

8. Eternal Slumber
Quest Giver: Gakurek
Location(s): Mistwatch
Reward: Dreamwalker Staff + 303 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 35

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Jadvar.
  2. Travel to Mistwatch.
  3. Talk to High Priest Esling.
  4. Observe the Dreamwalker’s ritual.
  5. Talk to High Priest Esling.
  6. Pray at the totems of the Three Old Gods.
  7. Talk to High Priest Esling.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to Gakurek, a Ternion monk, before you enter the cave. King Jorunn has fallen into a deep sleep. It is up to the Three Old Gods to save him. The Dreamwalker will enter the king’s dream and end his nightmare. He sends you to speak to Jadvar inside the cave.

Jadvar is standing in front of a portal. She says you will need to enhance the king’s life force, if there is to be any hope that the Dreamwalker can save him. You give her the vampire blood, and she opens the portal to Mistwatch, the Ternion monks’ ritual grounds.

The Ritual Grounds
Mistwatch is a large area, so you may want to discover the Mistwatch Wayshrine, which is to the right when you enter the ritual grounds. Continue west to the stone slab where King Jorunn sleeps and the High Priest prays over his body.

Talk to High Priest Esling, who tells you that praying at the totems of the Old Gods will allow you to observe the Dreamwalker’s progress.

The Dreamwalker performs his ritual, which envelops the king in light, raising him off the slab. The Dreamwalker disappears, and the king falls back on the table.

Watching the Dreamwalker
Talk to High Priest Esling again. He repeats that you need to pray to the totem spirits to see the Dreamwalker save the king.

The Totem of the Fox is southwest of the high priest. The Totem of the Wolf is northeast of the king, and the Totem of the Bear is between the totems northwest of the king. Activating each shrine provides a brief piece of dialogue from the Dreamwalker. Once you activate all of the three totems, a green light begins to leave the king’s body.

“The dream, it’s leaving the king’s body. How is this happening?”

Talk to the high priest again.

“Whatever haunts King Jorunn begins to flow into this world as well…It’s pushing the forces into our own plane.”

What does that mean?

“It means your king’s last moments of life are upon him.”

He believes the Dreamwalker was likely injured, and you can choose to propose sending Prince Irnskar or yourself into the dream.

9. Gods Save the King
Quest Giver: High Priest Esling
Location(s): Mistwatch, Mistwatch Crevasse
Reward: Skald-King’s Greaves + 486 Gold
Recommended Level: 35

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Pray at a totem.
  2. Defeat the Dream Eater.
  3. Talk to High Priest Esling.
  4. Pray at a totem.
  5. Talk to King Jorunn.
  6. Help the king escape the cave.
  7. Talk to High Priest Esling.
  8. Pray at a totem.
  9. Talk to the Dreamwalker.
  10. Defeat the Dream Eater.
  11. Talk to King Jorunn.
  12. Talk to King Jorunn in Mistwatch.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

“I can’t imagine what awaits you in the dreams of King Jorunn. His dreams turn to nightmares. What once was pleasant now is twisted and dark. You must help him overcome these trials.”—High Priest Esling

The high priest says you must pray to the Three Old Gods. Each will help you, but in a different way. You will be facing the king’s greatest fears and worst memories: the death of his sister, the soldiers in his service and Fildgor. You need to show the king that his soldiers gave their lives because they loved and believed in him.

The Three Old Gods
The Fox enhances your speed, the Bear enhances your strength and provides protection against overwhelming odds, and the Wolf will allow you to see your enemies’ weaknesses.

Praying at a totem sends you to Mistwatch Crevasse. The animal you choose will physically accompany you, even helping you defeat enemies.

The King’s Soldiers
The first area is an Ancient Nordic tomb filled with draugr. At the end of the tomb, you find the Dream Eater attacking King Jorunn. Defeat the Dream Eater to free a fragment of King Jorunn’s soul.

Use the door to return to Mistwatch and talk to the high priest. The king knows he is in danger, but this makes your task more difficult, as the dream will collapse if the king knows he is in danger. You need to be quick.

You have to pray at a totem again.

The King’s Sister
This part of Mistwatch Crevasse is cold and icy. Talk to the Fractured Spirit of King Jorunn by the fire. This is the memory of a cave he and Nurnhilde fell into when hunting. They almost froze to death, but his sister saved them. However, he blacked out and never saw the exit. He remembers the fires were key.

You need to run quickly from one fire to the next because you start to freeze if you are away from the fire for too long. The quest markers lead you to the next fire. New fires show memories of Nurnhilde and Jorunn.

Southeast of the final fire, the Dream Eater holds another fragment of Jorunn’s soul.

Talk to the high priest again. The king’s dreams will try to deceive him now. This time if you cannot convince the king what he sees is a lie he will die, and so will you.

The Last Nightmare
In the final dream, talk to Stormy-Eyes, the Dreamwalker. He says the king followed a pretty young woman up the steps, then specters appeared.

At the top of the stairs, the Dream Eater has the final fragment of Jorunn’s soul. Defeat him and talk to Jorunn. He doesn’t quite remember you but agrees to leave. After you finish talking to him, Queen Nurnhilde’s spirit appears and talks to her brother. She says Fildgor merged her spirit with his own, so he might be recognized as the rightful king.

Return to Mistwatch and talk to the king, who is now standing up.

“I can never repay you for what you’ve done. I should throw a grand feast and make you part of my personal guard, but there are still dangers to deal with.”—King Jorunn

Fildgor believes that with Nurnhilde’s spirit he would be able to wear the Crown of Freydis, which won’t fit on an unworthy head. If Fildgor is able to wear the crown, Jorunn will be unable to challenge him. He says Fildgor and some Stormfists went to Skuldafn, so he and the prince will set up camp at the base of the mountain there to plan a counterattack.

10. Of Councils and Kings
Quest Giver: Stormy-Eyes at Mistwatch
Location(s): Jorunn’s Stand
Reward: 60 Gold
Recommended Level: 35

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Hlotild the Fox at Jorunn’s Stand.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Stormy-Eyes says the king and his son went to a camp to the northeast called Jorunn’s Stand. It is close to Skuldafn.

You need to talk to Hlotild the Fox at the door to Jorunn’s Stand. She says you are expected and gives you 60 gold.

Continue to the next Eastmarch skill point questing zone, Icewind Peaks.

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