The Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact – Skill Point Quests – Shadowfen – Leafwater

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Leafwater is the southeastern region of Shadowfen. It is the site of the Hatching Pools, and the port city of Alten Corimont. The Forsaken Hamlet is also found north of the port, and the Percolating Mire is to the south. The Leafwater Dolmen is just south of that. The Reticulated Spine borders to the north, while the Venomous Fens are to the west.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 2; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Sometimes the skill point is awarded before all of the quests in the zone are finished, but the remaining quests need to be completed because they are prerequisites for the next questing zone. Once you have completed Keepers of the Shell in the Leafwater questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

1. Cracking the Egg
2. Keepers of the Shell (Skill Point)

Leafwater Questing Zone

Shadowfen: Leafwater

1. Cracking the Egg
Quest Giver: Vicecanon Servyna at Ten-Maur-Wolk
Location(s): Hatching Pools
Reward: 52 Gold
Recommended Level: 26

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Vicecanon Servyna near the Hatching Pools.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Vicecanon Servyna asks you to meet her in Hatching Pools. She is kneeling in the small camp outside the Hatching Pools.

“Keeper Am-Meesei was a kind woman. She tended eggs, you understand? She was a midwife to Argonian hatchlings. And they butchered her. The Dominion cut her down and left her to rot.”

What happened?

“I take no pleasure in being right. The Dominion must have learned Vicecanon Hrondar’s knowledge of the Hatching Pools. It is imperative we learn the Mnemic Egg’s true role in the Dominion’s plans. They bring nothing to this land but abomination.”

She gives you 52 gold as a reward.

2. Keepers of the Shell
Quest Giver: Vicecanon Servyna
Location(s): Hatching Pools
Reward: Egg-Tender’s Guard + 216 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 28

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Keeper Uxith-Ei.
  2. Light the two xanmeers and find Assistant Telixith.
  3. Talk to Uxith-Ei.
  4. Observe the ritual and the Dominion’s behavior.
  5. Talk to Uxith-Ei.
  6. Rescue the Argonian eggs.
  7. Talk to Assistant Telixith.
  8. Talk to Vicecanon Servyna.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

The Hatching Pools are full of Aldmeri Dominion soldiers, but they have left the eggs unharmed. Vicecanon Servyna asks you to find Keeper Uxith-Ei and discover what the Dominion are doing in the area.

You can use the Keeper’s Garb disguise in the chest behind the vicecanon to avoid attacks from the soldiers. Keeper Uxith-Ei is just inside the entrance to the Hatching Pools.

Keeper Uxith-Ei tells you to light the braziers in the xanmeers of First Light and Setting Sun (east and west). While you do this, you should listen to the Dominion and try to find Assistant Telixith.

Light the Xanmeers
The three objectives are northeast, north and northwest of Keeper Uxith-Ei. The stairs to the western xanmeer are at the north side. Climb all the way to the top, and activate the brazier. Do the same for the eastern brazier.

Assistant Telixith
Assistant Telixith is at the north quest marker. She is standing across from the Hist Tree, near a circle of stones. She refuses to help with the Hatching Ritual because the Dominion is eating the baby Argonians. You can persuade her, if you have the perk, to calm down and return to Keeper Uxith-Ei, or she will tell you to kill the Dominion leader before she will return.

The Hatching Ritual
Once all the braziers have been lit and you have convinced Assistant Telixith to help Keeper Uxith-Ei, talk to Keeper Uxith-Ei again. You tell him that the Dominion plans to kill everyone in the Hatching Pools after the hatching. He asks you to protect him as the ritual begins. Some soldiers attack, and the ritual doesn’t work.

Talk to Keeper Uxith-Ei again. He realized why the Dominion waited until the ritual—they wanted to see if it would work. It failed because the Hist is gone. He asks you to save the eggs.

Save the Eggs
Head towards the pool of Hist Sap beneath the Hist Tree. You will see nests of blue eggs with dark spots on them. Activate the nests to save the eggs. A blue light appears in the center of the Hist sap after you have saved several eggs. This is your cue to talk to Assistant Telixith at the ritual site.

She says the Argonians need to restore their link to the Hist. Without the Hist, no Argonians will hatch at the Hatchling Pools. She thinks the Dominion is using a powerful artifact to interfere. You tell her they have the Mnemic Egg. She says they could destroy the memories of the Hist with it.

Leave the Hatching Pools, and follow the south path with Assistant Telixith in tow. Talk to Vicecanon Servyna at the top of the final set of stairs. She will have the eggs taken to Hissmir, where they will be safe. She gives you Egg-Tender’s Guard and 216 gold for saving the eggs.

Continue to the next Stonefalls skill point questing zone, Venomous Fens.

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