The Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact – Skill Point Quests – The Rift – Ragged Hills

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The Ragged Hills is the western region of The Rift. It includes the areas to the west and south of the river complex that flows from the lake in the center of The Rift. The city of Nimalten is found here, as well as the smaller towns of Ivarstead and Geirmund’s Hall to the northwest. To the east it extends past Honrich Tower, and also includes a spit of land north of the lake, containing the Faldar’s Tooth ruins. The Ragged Hills Dolmen is in the northwestern section, northeast of Geirmund’s Hall. Across the river to the north lies the Stony Basin, and the Smokefrost Peaks are to the east.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 8; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Once you have completed Shattered Hopes in the Ragged Hills questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

Ragged Hills
1. To Nimalten
2. Concealed Weapons
3. Pinepeak Caverns
4. Tomb Beneath the Mountain
5. To Taarengrav
6. The Shackled Guardian
7. To Honrich Tower
8. Shattered Hopes (Skill Point)

Ragged Hills Questing Zone

The Rift: Ragged Hills

Nimalten: Ragged Hills

1. To Nimalten
Quest Giver: Centurion Gjakil at Vernim Woods
Location(s): Nimalten
Reward: 64 Gold
Recommended Level: 39

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Hauting near Nimalten.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to Centurion Gjakil in the Pact’s camp at Vernim Woods next to Orla. You need to speak to a guardsman in Nimalten.

Nimalten is west and slightly south of Vernim Woods. Talk to Hauting at the entrance to Nimalten.

2. Concealed Weapons
Quest Giver: Hauting
Location(s): Nimalten, Nimalten Barrow
Reward: Thane-Guard’s Helm + 518 Gold
Recommended Level: 39

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. (Optional) Talk to Aera Earth-Turner.
  2. Talk to Thane Fjora.
  3. Talk to Borodin and Golun Drenduf.
  4. Talk to Aera Earth-Turner.
  5. Investigate Betar-Nes’ home.
  6. Return to the Thane’s Hall.
  7. Use the glowing orb to talk to the projection.
  8. Enter the crypt through the secret passage.
  9. Kill the traitor.
  10. Find Thane Fjora.
  11. Find Aera Earth-Turner.
  12. Return to Thane Fjora.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Hauting says your news may distract the thane from a recent assassination attempt. Sergeant Aera Earth-Turner and her squad are looking into it.

Enter the Thane’s Hall and speak to Thane Fjora. You can also talk to Aera Earth-Turner if you want.

The thane reveals that Betar-Nes was a Worm Cultist. Her advisor, Borodin, is questioning townsfolk at the inn, and her court mage, Golun Drenduf, is researching the Worm Cult.

Talk to Borodin upstairs in the inn. He hasn’t found anything, and he doesn’t believe there is anything to investigate. He even thinks it’s shameful that the thane had a fight with her housecarl and wants a new thane.

Golun is at the Mages Guild, directly across from the inn. He needs to check a book in the library, then he will meet you. Talk to Aera Earth-Turner while you wait. She wants you to check out Betar-Nes’ home, south of the Thane’s Hall.

The Housecarl’s House
Betar-Nes’ house in the eastern corner is a Dark Contract. It says the spirits are key to unlocking Sinmur’s power. Once you finish reading it, a Worm Cultist Assassin attacks you.
Head back toward the Thane’s Hall with this information. Stop to talk to Aera on the way. She says Golun is dead, found in the library with a pair of smashed skeletons. She can’t figure out how the cultists got past her guards, though.

A Murder in the Thane’s Hall
Enter the Thane’s Hall, go behind the stairs and examine Golun’s body. It looks like he tried to hide a glowing orb behind his body.

The Magicka Memory Matrix
When you use the orb, a glowing projection appears. It is a magic memory matrix; it holds all of Golun’s memories. The last memory shows Golun realizing that the Worm Cult wants to use bound Companion spirits to make Sinmur stronger. The cultists are gathering in the crypt below Nimalten.

Secret Passage
Enter Nimalten Barrow through the secret passage in the fireplace.

As you try to walk forward, Advisor Borodin appears. He is a Worm Cultist and needs you out of the way. He doesn’t plan on fighting honorably as he teleports you deeper into the crypt. A blue magical barrier blocks the door to his lair. You need to take the long way around to kill Anchorite Borodin.

Open the now unblocked door across from Borodin and head back into the Thane’s Hall to check on the Thane. She says Aera was leading the cultists, but she was able to wound Aera.

Tracking the Assassin
Exit the Thane’s Hall, and talk to the Nimalten Guard. He saw Aera head to the water. Go northeast, and find another guard who says she went into the crypt. Enter the crypt through the door near the water. On the wooden bridge, you find a half-burned note to Borodin. Use the trapdoor at the other end of the bridge to enter the lower level. There is another scrap of paper, this one by Littrek called Ode to Oinkers.

Talk to Aera. The Worm Cultists convinced her that she would be able to see her dead family members if she gave them information. Then, the cult asked her to kill Golun and Thane Fjora for them. She is done with the cult.

You can choose to kill Aera for betraying the Pact, arrest her, or tell her to run away and you will say she is dead.

If you try to arrest her, she will reply that she can’t face her family. She is going far away. You have to kill her if this happens. She runs into another section of the crypt. After she leaves, you can read her letter to Trynhild, her daughter and only surviving family member.

Return to the thane. She thanks you.

3. Pinepeak Caverns
Quest Giver: Hekvid in Nimalten
Location(s): Pinepeak Cavern
Reward: 65 Gold
Recommended Level: 40

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Deekonus at Pinepeak Cavern.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

To start this quest, talk to Hekvid upstairs in the Thane’s Hall at Nimalten.

“I was looking for Sergeant Aera, but the Thane tells me she was slain valiantly defending her from the Worm Cult.”

Do you need help?

“I’ve just come from Pinepeak Caverns. The Worm Cult ambushed us. There are researchers there trapped in the caverns. I fear the worst!”

I’ll head there now to help.

You need to go northwest and talk to the researcher at Pinepeak Caverns. The researcher is an Argonian named Deekonus, who is standing in the road and staring off into the distance.

“It wasn’t so long ago that I had not even heard of the Worm Cult. Now these Worms are everywhere, killing people, destroying villages…This has to stop.”

I’m here to help.

“We’ll need it.”

4. Tomb Beneath the Mountain
Quest Giver: Netapatuu
Location(s): Pinepeak Cavern
Reward: Hakra’s Cuisses + 263 Gold
Recommended Level: 40

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Use Hakra shard on a cultist corpse.
  2. Talk to the cultist.
  3. Destroy the burial urns.
  4. Find Hakra’s spirit.
  5. Talk to Hakra outside.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Near the road outside Pinepeak Cavern, you come across a crouching Argonian, Netapatuu.

“I am doing what I can, but the weapons wielded by the Worm Cult have a cruel bite. We should have been more careful. Considering what we came here to do, we should have known there would be danger.”

What did you come here to do?

“Do you know what this place is? Pinepeak Caverns? This is where one of Ysgramor’s Companions was buried. Hakra was her name. We came to ensure her tomb was safe, but the Worms were already here. They ambushed us inside, and we barely escaped.”

What is the Worm Cult doing here?

“I fear their intentions may be to enslave Hakra’s spirit. There is still time though. Will you help? If you jab this shard into one of the corpses in the cave, Hakra can possess the body and then she can tell us what to do to stop them.”

Sounds gross, but I’ll do it.

You can ask him about why he was in the caverns, where he found the shard and how it works. The Pact leaders sent him because they believed the Worm Cult would try to enslave the spirits of the ancient Companions to strengthen Sinmur. The shard contains a tiny part of Hakra’s soul, allowing her to possess a fresh corpse for a limited time. They found it inside a pillar after finding clues in the lore.

You need to find a dead Worm Cultist and use the shard on it. The cultists are inside the cavern, a short walk north of Netapatuu. You should see the body of Worm Slayer and be able to use the shard on it.

Hakra is not pleased with your choice of a body; the cultist “reeks.” She also insults your ability as a hero. She confirms that the cult is indeed after her spirit. Once they breach the tomb, they will be able to bind her to their will. However, she cannot leave until you destroy three burial urns, which are binding her to the cavern. If you destroy them, the cult will never be able to bind her. She tells you that two of them are in the lower part of the cavern and should be destroyed first.

These are the urns of Kyne and Stuhn. Both urns are south of you and shine with a magical, gold light. Just follow the path, being careful to avoid the traps and cultists. You need to hit the urns with your weapon or activate them to destroy them.

Follow the path to the final und, the urn of Shor which is on the upper level of the cavern. However, once you smash it, Hakra’s spirit appears to be in great pain. You need to enter Hakra’s Tomb and defeat her.

When you enter, you see her kneeling on the floor and a cultist siphoning her power to her left. You need to attack the cultist first, then Hakra will fight you. The cultist is fairly weak compared to Hakra, so you should be able to defeat him before Hakra runs at you.

Once you defeat her, her spirit, though bound, appears to you, and you meet her outside. Leave through the shortcut, and be careful of the fire traps as you exit through the door you entered the cavern at the beginning. Walk back toward where you met Netapatuu and talk to Hakra.

“My bonds are broken! I’m free of that vermin-infested cave. Now to hunt down more of those damned cultists.”

What did the cult want with you?

“Those Worms! Trying to enslave my spirit, then sacrifice me to enhance Sinmur’s powers. A foolish plan, attempted by idiots. Even you were able to defeat them! That shard is mine, by the way.”

You should consider picking up Research Subject while in the cavern, as you’ll pass all of its objectives as you search for the urns.

– Optional quest while inside Pinepeak Cavern. –
Research Subject
Quest Giver: Nila Belavel
Location(s): Pinepeak Cavern
Reward: 263 Gold
Recommended Level: 40

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Nila Belavel.
  2. Find the research equipment.
  3. Rescue Charadin.
  4. Return to Nila.

5. To Taarengrav
Quest Giver: Netapatuu at Pinepeak Cavern
Location(s): Taarengrav
Reward: 65 Gold
Recommended Level: 40

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Travel to Taarengrav.
  2. Talk to Narir.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to Netapatuu.

“You have restored tranquility here, and I hesitate to ask more, but I have no choice. Another of Ysgramor’s companions—Valdur—was entombed not far from here in Taarengrav. It is likely the Worm Cult seeks to enslave his spirit as well.”

So you want me to go to Taarengrav?

“Yes, we are in no shape to make the journey. If the Worm Cult is already there, then there is little we could do anyways. You, however, could help as much as you have here. Taarengrav is to the south. Please go. Valdur’s spirit must be protected.”

You agree to head to Taarengrav right away. Taarengrav is directly south of you, when you finish talking to Netapatuu.

On your way into the Companions’ base camp, you should talk to Raynor Vanos, the Dunmer in the middle of the road. Even though he is not part of this quest, it will save you a trip, as Raynor also directs you to Narir.

Talk to Narir, the leader of the Companions, to complete the quest and receive 65 gold.

“My friend, I’m glad to see you again. We could have used you here.”

What’s happened here?

“The Worm Cult made a mess of this dig site. We arrived in time to blunt their first assault, but they’ll be back. I don’t know if we’ll live through another one, but I won’t abandon these people.”

6. The Shackled Guardian
Quest Giver: Raynor Vanos, Narir
Location(s): Taarengrav, Taarengrav Barrow
Reward: Valdur’s Shield + 263 Gold
Recommended Level: 40

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Narir.
  2. Collect lost notes, and save the captive delvers.
  3. Find and talk to Kireth Vanos.
  4. Investigate Taarengrav Barrow.
  5. Find Daneras in the barrow.
  6. Solve the puzzle.
  7. Disrupt the ritual.
  8. Talk to Valdur.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

When you approach Taarengrav, you see Raynor Vanos, a Dunmer, running toward you. His sister, Kireth, led a team to investigate the barrow. They were almost inside, when the Worm Cultists attacked. He ran straight outside, leaving his sister and the others behind. He says the site has been completely overrun. The real reason Raynor is out here is to get help; you need to talk to Narir, the leader of the Companions.

Narir is just around the corner, at the small camp. The Companions tracked the cultists from Stony Basin and arrived just before they did. He is not enthusiastic about his men’s or the dig team’s chances of survival should the cultists attack again. However, the dig team did find a puzzle in the ruin. They haven’t solved it, but they were able to gather some clues. Unfortunately, the cultists killed them to get their notes. The puzzle must hold the key to what they are looking for, so it is up to you to save the team and their notes.

If you ask him for more information about the puzzle, he replies that it is a series of doors with runes above them. If you ask about the runes, he reveals that he is worried about Kireth, and the runes mentioned a guardian. You can also ask him about the site itself. It is a dragon mound, where the dragon cult used to perform rituals and other “horrible things,” at least if the old stories are to be trusted. The dragon cult members still walk the depths of the site, guarding ancient secrets.

There are eight notes to find and three captured members of the dig team. You need to defeat cultists to gather the notes. You’ll know the delvers when you see a green runic prison and a group of Worm Cultists. You need to defeat the cultists to free the delver. The first delver gives you three notes, the next gives you two, and the third tells you that Kireth is behind the dragon mound as he runs off. Defeat some more cultists to get the final notes.

Kireth is southwest of the Taarengrav icon on the map, tied up inside a tent.

“I heard what the Worm Cult is after. They’re searching the Rift for the spirits of Ysgramor’s legendary Five Hundred Companions. They intend to enslave those spirits and bind them to the giant Sinmur.”

And there’s a spirit here?

“I believe the ruins contain the burial vault of Valdur, one of Ysgramor’s Companions. Those pages you’ve collected? They’re the clue to getting inside.”

You promise to talk care of the cult, and she asks you to find her apprentice, Daneras in the vault. Both of you need to find a way into the tomb and stop the cult. She runs off after you untie her, and you make your way to Taarengrav Barrow. Be careful not to jump straight down into the hole, as you do take fall damage.

Into the Barrow
Upon entering, you see the spirit of Valdur. Talk to him, and he warns you to make your way through the barrow quickly. He hints that you may be needed elsewhere and says that the cultists are already casting their spells on his body. You need to solve the puzzle and stop them.

Continue down the stairs, noting the door on the right (your quick exit out), and defeating more Worm Cultists and draugr. At the T, go right, although you can loot the left side for miscellaneous items from urns and trunks. You’ll see a fire trap and a door deeper into the barrow.

This door leads to a large, partially flooded room with draugr. Go through the southern arch, past more fire traps, to see Valor’s spirit appear to you again, this time captured and pleading with you to “stop them.”

You are now in another large room with lots of draugr. Get on the raised wooden ledges leading to the north, and enter another metal door.

Inside, you see Valor’s spirit and Daneras, sitting on the ground to the left. At first he thinks you are a hallucination from his “gut wound” and blood loss. You need to read the delver notes to decipher the puzzle.

The Door Puzzle
Read the Delver Notes. The clues are “deep sea swimmer,” then “watch on the wing,” and finally “the venom pulses.” This means you need to “follow” the Whale, Eagle, then Snake.

First, though you need to talk to Valdur. The cultists are tearing his soul apart. You can Intimidate him, if you have the perk, for puzzle help, or ask what would happen if you failed to stop them. If you intimidate him, he will tell you the solution outright: Whale, Eagle and Snake are symbols above the doors. You can them ask him about what would happen. He says his spirit would “ravage the Rift,” doing their bidding.

You can now use the doors, even though they have spells on them like ice or fire. The correct doors do not hurt you.

In the first room (ice), the whale is the western door. In the second room (fire), the eagle is the eastern door, directly across from you. In the final room (poison), the serpent is the northern door.

Saving Valdur
In the final room, defeat all the Worm Cultists to stop the ritual. Then, exit through the door and talk to Valdur, who is free once more. With his shackles destroyed, it will be impossible for the cult to bind him. He vows to help you stop the Worm Cultists and gives you a reward, Valdur’s Shield and 263 gold.

7. To Honrich Tower
Quest Giver: Valdur at Taarengrav
Location(s): Honrich Tower
Reward: 66 Gold
Recommended Level: 41

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Valdur in Taarengrav Barrow.
  2. Find Jorunn the Skald-King at Honrich Tower.

8. Shattered Hopes
Quest Giver: Scout Fenrir on the west road;
Scout Jaga on the east road;
Jorunn the Skald-King in the main camp
Location(s): Honrich Tower, Arcwind Point
Reward: Wormwood Staff + 332 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 41

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Jorunn the Skald-King.
  2. Talk to Valdur.
  3. Close the portals to Coldharbour.
  4. Confront Thallik Wormfather at the central ruin.
  5. Find Captain Hrosta at Arcwind Point.
  6. Open the tomb.
  7. Defeat Thallik Wormfather.
  8. Talk to Hakra.
  9. Talk to King Jorunn.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

On your way to Honrich Tower, you see Scout Fenrir along the road. He greets you, the King’s Arrow, and tells you that King Jorunn is in the camp up the road. The Worm Cultists are apparently moving in toward them.

The King is close to the way shrine, holding council with the Companion’s spirits.

“Valdur told me of your deeds at Taarengrav. Now our heroes have gathered, and we will need all of you to beat these damn Worms and take back what is ours!”

What’s the Worm Cult doing here?

“Building an army of Daedra! Worse, their leader, Thallik Wormfather—the bastard stole Ysgramor’s axe, Wuuthrad. And he roused the ghost giant, Sinmur!”

Sounds like it’s going to be quite a battle.

“Many have gone to Sovngarde today, and many more will follow unless we close those portals and stop Thallik Wormfather. No ordinary soldier can deal with this. For this task, I need you.”

He tells you to speak to Valdur before you leave. You can ask the king about rallying the people at the Tower and his plan for the troops. He regrets not defeating the cult sooner and wants to attack them at the base at Arcwind Point after this assault. His troops won’t be able to help out until you close the portals. Right now, they are only containing the Daedra.

Valdur vows to retrieve Wuuthrad and says that Captain Hrosta will search for Wormfather while you close the portals. You must close four portals. If you have the Persuasion Perk, you can ask Valdur to fight alongside you, giving you not only the blessing of the Companions but a bit of their power as well. He will summon one of the Five Hundred Companions for you, since you have great need. You can choose a warrior, firemage or healer. Valor says something different depending on your chosen Companion. If you pick the firemage, he tells you that your new companion fought at the battle of Red Mountain and still sings the story in Sovngarde.

The four portals surround the small pond just outside the camp. There are a few powerful harvesters in this area, so be careful. The Daedric portals are in the ruined towers, are blue and black in color, and usually have several Daedra and Dremora guarding them.

Valdur’s spirit appears close to the last one you close and tells you to come to the central ruin. You see a portal to Arcwind Point and Valor’s spirit in the center of the rocks. He tells you to hurry, and you enter the portal and are whisked away to Arcwind Point.

Arcwind Point
Arcwind Point is a snowy place, where you can barely make out the high arcing traditional Nedic structure in the distance. As you search for Captain Hrosta, you see lots of Daedra and Dremora.

The captain is in the southern corner of this area. Go down the steps, then follow the left (south) path. You can sneak past most of the Daedra or walk further away from them, or you can choose to engage them in combat. Just be careful not too trigger too many groups at once.

You find another barrow, similar to Taarengrav, but this one has a strange whitish crystal with red runes beneath it. Talk to the captain near the barrow’s metal door.

“We thought we had Thallik Wormfather cornered, but those damn cultists put up a fierce fight. My soldiers were all killed … I am the only one left.”

Where did Thallik Wormfather go?

“He’s down below. He’s got Wuuthrad down there too. I worry about what he might be planning. I cannot get through the door though. It is bound by some horrid necromantic ward.”

Is there any way to break the ward?

“It requires a living sacrifice. Someone has to touch that gem over there in the ritual circle. They will die, but then the door will be opened. One of the cultists did it to open the door for Wormfather.”

There must be another way.

“No. There is no time. The door must be opened and you must go after Wormfather. I’ll make the sacrifice. It’s the right thing to do. It’ll ensure my place in Sovngarde at least.”

Couldn’t we sacrifice an enemy instead?

At this point you can decide if you want to trick one of the Reachmen, who the captain saw in a cage back near the portal, into touching the crystal or refuse to trick anyone into dying and let the captain sacrifice herself.

If you choose to trick a prisoner, climb the stairs out of the barrow and go north. You see Lesuin in a cage in the northeast corner of the map. He is a member of the tribe that attacked the Rift, and you can ask him why he was imprisoned. He claims the cultists imprisoned him because he refused to sacrifice a child who reminded him of his daughter. You can choose to lie to him and lead him to the crystal, or let him go home to his family (although this means the captain dies). If you let him go, he promises to live “a good life.”

Return to the crystal and observe the sacrifice. You are now able to access the tomb. Continue through the first hallway area to Sinmur’s Tomb.

Inside the tomb, you see a group of three Worm Cultists casting a ritual on the ghost of Sinmur. As you get closer, you can see Wuuthrad, glowing blue, in front of Sinmur.

“You can’t defeat me that easily.”—Thallik Wormfather

His spirit floats over to the upright sarcophagus and casts a spell to wake the draugr inside. After all the draugr have been defeated, Wormfather and Sinmur disappear, and Wuuthrad shatters. Hakra and Valdur appear, but they are too late. Talk to Hakra.

“Thallik is dead. Long live Sinmur, eh?”

What just happened?

“You saw the same thing I did. We stopped the ritual and you killed Thallik, but Wuuthrad shattered. Thallik used the remaining power of the axe to fuse with Sinmur.”

Can we put the axe back together?

You need to collect the haft of Wuuthrad, but first you return to the Tower through the portal. Talk to King Jorunn, who is just south of you. He thanks you for defeating Wormfather, even though he escaped, as you have just severely weakened the cult.

“Thanks to you, I now see victory on the horizon.”—King Jorunn

Continue to the next Rift skill point questing zone, Smokefrost Peaks.

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