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The Smokefrost Peaks is the southeastern region of the Rift. It is mainly dominated by the city of Riften and the lake to its west, but also features some high mountains to the southeast, including Trolhetta. Fullhelm Fort is a major settlement in the southeastern portion, near the pass into Stonefalls to the south. The Smokefrost Peaks Dolmen is located in the western part of the region, southwest of Riften. It is bordered by the Stony Basin to the north and the Ragged Hills to the west.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 6; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Once you have completed Stomping Sinmur in the Smokefrost Peaks questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

Smokefrost Peaks
1. A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks
2. In His Wake
3. Pulled Under
4. To the King
(Optional) Gather the shards of Wuuthrad
5. Securing the Pass
6. Stomping Sinmur (Skill Point)

Smokefrost Peaks Questing Zone

The Rift: Smokefrost Peaks

1. A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks
Quest Giver: Jorunn the Skald-King at Honrich Tower
Location(s): Riften
Reward: 66 Gold
Recommended Level: 41

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Jorunn the Skald-King at Honrich Tower.
  2. Talk to Captain Viveka in Riften.

2. In His Wake
Quest Giver: Corporal Bredrek, Captain Viveka
Location(s): Riften
Reward: 133 Gold
Recommended Level: 41

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Rescue citizens, put out fires and burn corpses.
  2. Talk to Captain Viveka.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

When you approach Riften, a tired Corporal Bredrek will walk over to you.

“You’re the hero of Faldar’s Tooth, right?”

What’s wrong?

“Riften…giant…attacked! Pact army in pursuit … many wounded. Captain Viveka leading recovery effort. North of town. We need help.”

What needs to be done?

“Oh, there we go. North side of town was hit hard. There are people trapped under rubble, fires everywhere. Then there’s the corpses. There’s no time to bury them. Healers want them burned before disease starts spreading.”

I understand. I’ll see it done.

You need to rescue three citizens from rubble, put out four fires, and burn four corpses. These are in the north part of the town, where only the burning foundations and crumbling walls of the houses remain. Not all piles of loose rubble have citizens under them, but you are helping the town as a dog or cat may run out.To put out fires, you need to collect a bucket from the well outside the city. There are sabre cats by it, so defeat them before you try to grab a bucket (saving yourself an opening swipe). Use the bucket on the fires in the fields. After you’ve extinguished the fires and saved the citizens, it is easier to see the corpses you need to burn. They are a little further north of the fields where you put out the fires.

Now that you’ve helped out, you need to talk to the guard captain. She is standing alongside the canal.

“Well. Glad to see someone who can get things done. Good work.”

What will happen to the refugees now?

“We’ll find shelter for those who lost their homes. Maybe the Temple of Mara can put them up. You’ve done a good turn for the people here. Thanks.”

3. Pulled Under
Quest Giver: Captain Viveka
Location(s): Riften
Reward: Staff of Rime + 332 Gold
Recommended Level: 41

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Bonohild Windtorn.
  2. Help Yiri find her voice.
  3. Talk to Centurion Andrin.
  4. Uncover the Worm Cult plot.
  5. Kill Anchorite Garmar.
  6. Talk to Centurion Andrin.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Continue talking to Captain Viveka to start this quest.

“I already owe you. But I’m hearing rumors. They need to be investigated.”

What would you have me do?

“My cousin, on my pa’s side. Her father’s missing, and the family says Yiri saw what happened. Problem is, he went missing during the attack. But he wasn’t anywhere near the west wall.”

What did she say happened?

“She swears something pulled him into the canals. Poor thing’s shocked out of her gourd. As you can see, I’m a little occupied. Get Yiri talking. Tell the Pact’s commander, Centurion Andrin, what you learn.”

Yiri’s home, Windtorn House, is close to the canal. Inside, you need to talk to Bonohild Windtorn upstairs. She says someone just tried to kill her niece, and you note that he is a Worm Cultist.

You examine the cultist’s body and find a note, Or Else. Read the note, then talk to Yiri and Bonohild. However, Yiri is unintelligible. You can intimidate her, if you have the perk, or you will have to calm her down before you can talk to her. Talking to Bonohild reveals that a cup of Densorr’s smelly tea might calm her down. You should ask J’darzi, a Khajiit trader, if he has white moon tea. She warns you that it won’t be cheap.

Yiri reveals that a dead thing in the water ate her father. She is afraid it will get her too.
Report your findings to the Centurion.

“Are you a Jarl, General, or a member of the gods-cursed Tribunal? No? Then shove off!”

There are zombies in Riften, Centurion. The Worm Cult is among us.

“This again? Look, the cult is gone. I was dispatched to the city with all of five soldiers. The rest marched off after the giant. I don’t have the manpower to investigate rumors.”

I can investigate, then.

He thinks you’re wasting your time, but lets you go ahead. He suggests checking the east side of the city, and you can ask him why he doesn’t care about the people. He dismisses this and replies that he’s been busy and doesn’t have the time to chase down rumors.

Worm Cult Plot
You need to talk to a homeless citizen in the eastern part of Riften. A zombie appears, and you must kill it to progress. Loot it for clues, then head north to search the stables. In one of the stalls is a lump of pig iron. You need to search the smithy for clues now. The smithy is to the west. Behind the smithy is a fish rack and an injured citizen named Sirilu Tharam. Talk to her, or search the fish rack. If you talk to her, she says a zombie jumped out of the lake and attacked her. It’s attracted to the fish. The zombie reappears; defeat it and loot it to find the next clue. Now you need to continue west to the docks.

Anchorite Garmar is at the very end of the docks. Defeat him, then talk to the Centurion.

The Worm Cult was here. I’ve pushed them out of Riften, but they left with a shard of Wuuthrad.

“A shard of Wuuthrad. Here? You must be joking. The Worm Cult is a danger to us all. Though, from the look on your face, I can see you’re not. We’ll double patrols with the five men we have. In the meantime, thank you for running them out of town.”

4. To the King
Quest Giver: Captain Vari Warhammer in Riften
Location(s): Trolhetta
Reward: 67 Gold
Recommended Level: 42

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Captain Vari Warhammer in Riften.
  2. (Optional) Find the other shards of Wuuthrad.
  3. Talk to Jorunn Skald-King at Trolhetta.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to Captain Vari Warhammer outside the Riften Fighters Guild.

“I’d heard rumors you were here, stirring up trouble. Fortunately, you’re easier to find than I expected.”

What’s wrong?

“Jorunn the Skald-King led the bulk of our army to Trolhetta, but there’s a snag. The Worms have dug in. We’ll root them out, don’t worry. But it’s taking time. Jorunn sent me to update you. Apparently, you’re important.”

The cult hopes to gather the shards of Wuuthrad. They managed to find one here.

“That must be what they’re after! Stall us at Trolhetta. Gather the shards and grow in power. We need those shards. Jorunn has things well in hand at Trolhetta. Find as many shards as you can, as you make your way to the mountain.”

I’ll do what I can.

If you want to find the other shards before you meet the king at Trolhetta, you should head to Lost Prospect, Forelhost and Fullhelm Fort. Otherwise, you can run straight southeast from Riften to Trolhetta.

The king is in the first tent on the right on the path into Trolhetta.

“I see Captain Warhammer tracked you down. Good.”

I’m ready to put an end to the Worm Cult.

“As am I, my friend. But there is much to do. The Worms hide inside Trolhetta. Mark my words—Mannimarco’s spawn dies today.”

Gather the shards of Wuuthrad

(Optional 1) Those She Devours
Quest Giver: Yngvar
Location(s): Lost Prospect
Reward: Viveka’s Belt + 270 Gold
Recommended Level: 42

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Yngvar.
  2. Find a cage key.
  3. Release the captives.
  4. Find Captain Viveka.
  5. Enter the Sanctum.
  6. Collect the shard.
  7. Talk to Viveka outside.

(Optional 2) A Walk Above the Clouds
Quest Giver: Radrase Alen, Veldrana
Location(s): Forelhost
Reward: Cloudkeeper’s Cap + 540 Gold
Recommended Level: 42

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Veldrana, and help her light a fire.
  2. Find the cult cell leader.
  3. Collect the components and perform the ritual.
  4. Find and defeat the dragon priest.
  5. Talk to Centurion Andrin at Forelhost’s base.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Near Forelhost, you find Radrase Alen’s body. It looks like she was a Worm Cultist who was mauled to death by sabre cats. Inside her pack is a journal.

“Nordahl showed us the shard of Wuuthrad tonight. It was very impressive! He’s shown great cunning to find it. Our brothers and sisters scour the Smokefrost Peaks looking for Ysgramor’s legacy.”

“He told us his plan to ascend Forelhost, and search the crypts of the Dragon Priests. There was muttering in the ranks. Cowards. Why should we fear the dead? They are like toys to the likes of us!”

Close the journal to see yourself almost meet the same fate. Defeat the sabre cat, then continue up the path to search for the shard. As you ascend, the ground starts to freeze, and you come across Veldrana huddled close to a fire for warmth. She was tracking the cultists for King Jorunn, but she was attacked bat sabre cats and ran out of wood. You tell her you’ll gather kindling for her, and she tells you you’ll need to stay close to the fires to survive and warns you about the sabre cats.

You need two pieces of kindling. These look like groups of sticks. The closest one is behind a pine tree up the snowy hill to the north. Activate the kindling, and take both kindlings. Return to Veldrana, and light the campfire.

Talk to her as she warms up. She thinks the cult left their leader (along with the shard) on the top of the mountain.

Run north to the small building and the ladder to Forelhost. Exit through the southwest opening, and run quickly to the fire. You see Nordahl’s body; he appears to have been clawed by a human. Examine the Worn Grimoire next to him, then read Practical Necromancy. It tells you how to summon a spirit of Aetherius.

You need to follow its instructions and start by collecting animal hide, nightshade and an animus geode. In a burlap sack at the next camp, you find crushed nightshade. Inside the tent near the third and fourth bonfires, the animus geode is inside a broken crate. The animal hide is in a backpack at the sixth bonfire.

Now it is time to perform the ritual. Nordahl’s summoning circle is to the left of the tent where you found the geode. You need to light the candles according to the order in the grimoire: east, west, north, then south.

Use the ritual bowl, place the hide on the pike, then use the animus geode. You have just summoned Nordahl’s spirit. Talk to him. He came to the mountain seeking a Dragon Priest mask. His cultists died to draugr and never even saw a Dragon Priest. The draugr took the shard and locked the door into the temple.

Temple Door Puzzle
You need to solve an ancient puzzle before you can enter the temple. There are four carvings around the temple, showing hints to the solution. The puzzle hints are that each image is used once, the snake is in the center, and the right pillar “has plumage.” The center pillar is in front of the fire and should already be set to snake. The right pillar needs to be turned once to eagle and the left pillar needs to be turned twice to whale. The solution from left to right is Whale, Snake, then Eagle.

Enter the temple, and look for the dragon priest. He’s not in the temple, so continue through to the door to Forelhost Peak.

Make sure you gather kindling from the ground near the tree when you exit. Continue to an open area and a sarcophagus. Light as many bonfires around it as you can as soon as possible. Then activate the sarcophagus to trigger the fight with the Dragon Priest Vosis. When you defeat him, the shard of Wuuthrad floats around the center of the sarcophagus.

Before you return to Veldrana to complete the quest, make sure you collect the Skyshard at the top of the mountain (southeast of the sarcophagus). This quest is the only way to get this Skyshard.

Head back down the ladder, and talk to Centurion Andrin in the middle of the path.

“Ah, you again. Veldrana’s been regaling us with tales of your heroics. Captain Viveka led a Riften guard patrol out here. We’re following up.”

I found one of Wuuthrad’s shards. I didn’t see any Riften guards up there.

“Shor’s Bones! I’m glad to hear that. On both counts! I wasn’t looking forward to going up there. The mountain has a horrible reputation. I’ll take the shard back to Riften and keep it safe until you need it.”

(Optional 3) Approaching Thunder
Quest Giver: Sergeant Sjarakki
Location(s): Fullhelm Fort
Reward: Bonebane + 337 Gold
Recommended Level: 42

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Thane Unnvald Ironhand.
  2. Talk to Housecarl Thorulf.
  3. Search the manor and report to Hallfrida.
  4. Find Bonebane.
  5. Return to Hallfrida.

5. Securing the Pass
Quest Giver: Jorunn the Skald-King
Location(s): Trolhetta, Trolhetta Cave
Reward: Jorunn’s Commendation + 270 Gold
Recommended Level: 42

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Enter Trolhetta Cave and destroy the Reaper Orb.
  2. Destroy the Necrosis Orb.
  3. Talk to Vigrod Wraithbane.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Continue talking to Jorunn the Skald-King to begin this quest.

“What a collection of Pact warriors! The time has come to end this!”

How can I help?

“The Worm Cult mages guard the passage to Trolhetta. A full assault would be suicidal, but a small force might push right through. Especially with you at its head.”

What do you want me to do?

“Lower the Worms’ defenses. Kill them as you must, but leave some for us. As you destroy each ward, we will secure the caves behind you. For Ysgramor! For glory!”

I’ll get it done.

“You must clear the way. We have to reach Sinmur before it’s too late!”

If you have the Persuasion Perk, you can persuade the king to give you “someone to lead.” You can choose from Holgunn, Walks-in-Ash, or Valdam Andoren. Holgunn is the warrior, Walks-in-Ash is the firemage, and Valdam is the healer.

Once inside Trolhetta Cave, it’s time to destroy the Reaper Orb. The orb is inside the Trolhetta Sanctum, guarded by Fortuna Iceheart. Smash it, then exit the sanctum.

Now you need to destroy the Necrosis Orb. Travel through the Trolhetta Cave to the door to Trolhetta. You should see a loading screen for The Rift, then stone steps up, as if you were coming from inside a barrow. Climb the steps, and go northwest to the Daedric door to Trolhetta Sanctum. Enter and defeat Fortuna Iceheart again. Smash the orb, then exit.

You need to talk to Vigrod Wraithbane. He is through the other Daedric door, the one to Trolhetta Summit.

“Others doubted you, but I knew you could do it!”

Good to see you too, Vigrod.

“Excellent! You’ve cleared the pass for us. I’m moving our troops forward now.”

Once you enter Trolhetta Cave, you can pick up the side quest Names of the Fallen by examining the dead body right next to the entrance. You can also pick up Worm Cult Summoner in Trolhetta. This one is required for Cadwell’s Almanac.

– Optional quest while inside Trolhetta Cave. –
Names of the Fallen
Quest Giver: Pact Amulet
Location(s): Trolhetta Cave
Reward: Pact Shoulder Guards + 135 Gold
Recommended Level: 42

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Recover Pact Amulets throughout Trolhetta Cave.
  2. Talk to Narir outside the main entrance.

– Optional quest while inside Trolhetta Cave. – (Required for Cadwell’s Almanac)
Worm Cult Summoner
Quest Giver: Plays-With-Fire
Location(s): Trolhetta
Reward: 67 Gold
Recommended Level: 42

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Plays-With-Fire on the upper outer level of Trolhetta.
  2. Kill Kerelia Lucullus.
  3. Report to Plays-With-Fire.

6. Stomping Sinmur
Quest Giver: Vigrod Wraithbane
Location(s): Trolhetta Summit
Reward: Mace of the Companions + 270 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level: 42

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. (Optional) Gather the shards of Wuuthrad or form a group with other players.
  2. Defeat the Worm Cultists.
  3. Defeat Thallik Wormfather and Sinmur.
  4. Listen to Ysgramor.
  5. Talk to King Jorunn.
  6. Talk to Vigrod Wraithbane.
  7. Talk to King Jorunn.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

According to Vigrod Wraithbane, all that remains is to defeat the rest of the Worm Cultists, then you and King Jorunn will face Sinmur and Thallik. The battle would be too difficult if you had to face both at the same time, so Vigrod suggests separating them by doing great damage to Sinmur. You will need either the shards of Wuuthrad or mighty companions in order to do enough damage.

The Shards of Wuuthrad
The king brought the shard you retrieved into the ruin, but you will need the others. Vigrod says Thane Unnvald at Fullhelm Fort; you will have to ask around there to find it. The quest Approaching Thunder starts the Fullhelm Fort objective to retrieve the shard.

There is another shard at Forelhost, although Vigrod doesn’t tell you about it. The shard is where the dragon priest, Vosis, spawns. You need the quest A Walk Above the Clouds to get to the top of the mountain.

The third missing shard can be found in Lost Prospect by defeating Gullveig to complete the quest Those She Devours.

Valdam Andoren discovered a way to harness the power of Wuuthrad. Each shard has been placed in a runic brazier near the battle site. All you need to do is activate the brazier to unleash the power of Wuuthrad.

The Final Battle
When you are ready, enter Trolhetta Summit through the door behind Vigrod and to the right of the Trolhetta Wayshrine.

King Jorunn, Holgunn, Valdam Andoren and Walks-in-Ash prepare to attack the Worm Cultists. Help them defeat the enemies, then continue up into the Daedric ruins.

You should see Sinmur, a ghostly golden giant appear and walk down the steps. Even if you only have one shard, King Jorunn will call out to you, asking you to use the shard’s power. You need to activate the brazier, which can be difficult while Sinmur is attacking you. However, once you activate it, Sinmur will stop attacking, which allows you to defeat Thallik Wormfather. Sinmur only starts to attack again after Thallik is defeated.

“Shor’s Bones, the monster’s down. Well done, my friends, well done. Kyne’s breath! The Five Hundred Companions!”—King Jorunn

Ysgramor and the companions’ spirits appear to the west. You run down along with the other Pact leaders and listen to him address King Jorunn.

“You have united not just the Nords—the ancient elves and the crafty lizard-folk stand with us as well… A hard road lies ahead of you, but for now safe is victory… Companions, three cheers for King Jorunn and his champions!”—Ysgramor

Talk to the Skald-King. He is worried about Ysgramor’s warning—what could it mean? He asks you to talk to Vigrod Wraithbane while he thinks.

You tell Vigrod outside that Sinmur is dead, and he tells you the Rift is finally safe.

Talk to the king again to complete the quest and receive the Mace of the Companions, 270 gold and a skill point. He will return to Mournhold and hopes to see you there as the Pact plans to take the fight to Coldharbour.

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