The Elder Scrolls Online: Ebonheart Pact – Skill Point Quests – The Rift – Stony Basin

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The Stony Basin is the northeastern region of The Rift. The only major settlement is the mining town of Shor’s Stone in the northeast, near the pass to Eastmarch in the north. There are also a number of forts here, including Fallowstone Hall, Boulderfall Pass and Fort Greenwall. To the west are the Vernim Woods and Treva’s Farm. The Stony Basin Dolmen lies to the southeast of Shor’s Stone in the east. The Smokefrost Peaks lie to the south, while the Ragged Hills border on the west.

You will need to complete the quests in order from 1 – 7; the quest givers are marked on the maps below. Once you have completed Through the Shroud in the Stony Basin questing zone, you will be rewarded a skill point.

Stony Basin
1. Beneath the Stone
2. Unearthed
3. Storming the Hall
4. To Vernim Woods
5. Dangerous Union
6. Gift of the Worm
7. Through the Shroud (Skill Point)

Stony Basin Questing Zone

Eastmarch: Stony Basin

Shor's Stone: Stony Basin

The Rift: Stony Basin

1. Beneath the Stone
Quest Giver: Captain Attiring at Jorunn’s Stand
Location(s): Shor’s Stone, Shor’s Stone Mine
Reward: 255 Gold
Recommended Level: 38

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Report to to Vigrod Wraithbane in Shor’s Stone.
  2. Talk to Ree-Zish.
  3. Destroy the imbued corpses.
  4. Imbue the effigies at the mine entrance.
  5. Find Foreman Gandis.

2. Unearthed
Quest Giver: Foreman Gandis
Location(s): Shor’s Stone, Shor’s Stone Mine
Reward: Companion’s Chausses + 255 Gold
Recommended Level: 38

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Find the two relics.
    Open the door to the tomb with the relics.
    Read Sinmur, Giant of Legend at the altar.
    Talk to Vigrod Wraithbane outside the mine.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Foreman Gandis in Shor’s Stone Mine asks you to find and free his men (the quest to free his men, Move out Miners, starts when you talk to the men). He also says the Reachmen leaders are in the ancient Companion tomb, which you need to relics to open the door. If you have the Persuasion Perk, you can convince him to give you a key to a hidden tunnel.

Both relics are in the northeast corner of the mine. Inside Iron Boxes is Fireheart’s Medallion and Darkhammer’s Amulet.

Next, head south and place the two amulets on the skeletons outside the door covered with ice. The ghosts of the skeletons appear and allow you to enter the Companion’s tomb.

Continue through the tomb to a large room with an altar. You see three figures on fire in front of a ghostly giant. They disappear as you get closer to the tombstone on the altar.

Read the tombstone for Sinmur, Giant of Legend.

“The bones of Sinmur the Terrible are entombed here forever. The heroes Fireheart and Darkhammer sacrificed all to end Sinmur’s reign of savagery. The Companions will forever remember their names.”—Sinmur, Giant of Legend

Talk to Vigrod Wraithbane outside the mine.

“Our worst nightmare has come to life. Sinmur has returned. The ancient enemy of the Companions must be faced once more.”—Vigrod Wraithbane

3. Storming the Hall
Quest Giver: Vigrod Wraithbane at Shor’s Stone
Location(s): Fallowstone Hall, Fallowstone Vault
Reward: Vigrod’s Cuirboilli Vest + 318 Gold
Recommended Level: 38

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Rally the survivors.
  2. Talk to Vigrod Wraithbane.
  3. Summon Sage Tirora at the westernmost brazier.
  4. Defeat Chieftain Frostfang inside the Fallowstone Undercroft.
  5. Speak to Vigrod Wraithbane.
  6. Examine the statue of Ysgramor.
  7. Talk to Vigrod Wraithbane.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Vigrod Wraithbane asks you to rally the survivors who fled to the shrines.
If you have the Persuasion Perk, you can convince him to rally two of the three survivors. You need to find Skald Svari at the shrine to the east.

After you have talked to all the survivors, go east to the door to Fallowstone Hall and talk to Vigrod.

Help from the Dead
Sage Tirora is dead, and the Reachmen are in the vault beneath the hall past a spellsword only she could defeat. However, Vigrod thinks you could commune with Tirora if you burnt her ashes at the altars near the entrance.

You can light all three braziers, but Tirora is at the westernmost one. She agrees to help you.
Now you need to kill Chieftain Frostfang. The chieftain is inside the hall. Enter the room behind the stairs and use the trapdoor to enter the Fallowstone Undercroft.

After you have defeat the chieftain, use the door behind him. You see the ghost of Tirora open the next door, then you talk to Vigrod.

He asks you to make sure Wuuthrad, Ysgramor’s axe, is safe.

The Greatest Nord Weapon
Enter the Fallowstone Vault. The entrance to the Hall of Heroes is on the other side of the vault. Defeat the enemies, then examine the statue in the center. It is a statue of Ysgramor, but its hands are empty.

You need to let Vigrod know. Exit the vault through the secret door. When you get back to the Rift, there will be a Skyshard to your left, slightly down the hill. Vigrod is to the right or northwest.

4. To Vernim Woods
Quest Giver: A Pact Soldier in Fallowstone Hall
Location(s): Vernim Woods
Reward: 63 Gold
Recommended Level: 38

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Bermund near Vernim Woods.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Talk to the Pact Soldier next to Vigrod Wraithbane outside Fallowstone Hall. She says Reachmen are gathering in Vernim Woods.

Vernim Woods is west of Fallowstone Hall. You need to speak to Bermund on the path into the woods.

5. Dangerous Union
Quest Giver: Bermund
Location(s): Vernim Woods
Reward: 259 Gold
Recommended Level: 39

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Dajaheel.
  2. Uncover the Reachmen-Worm Cultist plot.
  3. Report to Dajaheel.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Bermund reveals that the Worm Cult is actually in Vernim Woods, and they’re doing something to the Reachmen. You should talk to Dajaheel and the Centurion if you want to help.

Dajaheel is in one of the tents. They’ve tried everything to figure out why the Reachmen and the Worm Cultists are here. An undercover agent, Belron, has proposed two options: cut out a cultist’s heart with a magical dagger then reanimate him or her, or use a globe to collect the cultists’ memories. You can choose which one you want to do.

After you find the information, talk to Lieutenant Belron who is across from the tents. The Reachmen made a deal with the cultists. The cultists reanimated Sinmur, in exchange for a blessing from the Lord of Brutality. Stral himself is undergoing this ritual right now in the central ruin.

Report to Dajaheel with the information. She’ll send troops to investigate the ruin, but she gives you 259 gold for your work.

6. Gift of the Worm
Quest Giver: Dajaheel
Location(s): Vernim Woods
Reward: Pact Signet + 259 Gold
Recommended Level: 39

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Talk to Belron.
  2. Defeat Calix Thorntongue and take its heart.
  3. Talk to Belron.
  4. Take the three Graveborn hearts.
  5. Talk to Belron at the camp.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Continue talking to Dajaheel after turning in Dangerous Union. Belron left the camp muttering about further research. Dajaheel asks you to find him and help him in any way you can.

Belron is to the west next to some vines. He says the Worm Cultists keeping repeating the name Calix Thorntongue. Belron wants you to kill Thorntongue and bring back its heart.

Calix Thorntongue is behind Belron in a glowing purple circle in the center of the vines. You collect its heart, then return to Belron. He asks you to collect the Cultists’ hearts and bring them to him at the camp.

There are three other hearts to collect: the Graveborn Fleshripper’s, Soulrender’s, and Beheader’s hearts. They are all south of the Woods’ icon on your map. You will know which enemies to kill because they will be standing or kneeling in the same kind of purple aura that surrounded Thorntongue.

Give Belron the hearts, and he will give you Pact Signet and 259 gold.

7. Through the Shroud
Quest Giver: Lieutenant Belron
Location(s): Vernim Woods, Vaults of Vernim
Reward: Wormcrusher’s Axe + 259 Gold + 1 Skill Point
Recommended Level:

– Quick Walkthrough –

  1. Use the Gray Jar near Lieutenant Belron.
  2. Talk to Lieutenant Belron.
  3. Destroy the Withering Idol.
  4. Talk to Lieutenant Belron.
  5. Defeat the Graveborn in the Vaults of Vernim.
  6. Defeat Stral in Stral’s Ritual Site.
  7. Talk to Orla at the Vernim Woods camp.

– Detailed Walkthrough –

Lieutenant Belron has a plan to get you through the death shroud to Stral. He is going to kill you, sort of. He put the Graveborn hearts you collected in the previous quest into a potion, which you drink.

Once the conversation ends, you should be able to “Use Gray Jar” as long as you are close to Belron. The potion turns you into a skeleton.

Talk to Belron again. At the bottom of the ruin is a totem. Destroying it will destroy the death shroud and allow the living to get through.

The ruin is southwest. At the bottom of the stairs is a vine with a skull, the Withering Idol.
After you destroy it, Belron will run down. If you have the Persuasion Perk, you can ask him to magically aid you in the fight.

Enter the Vaults of Vernim. The Graveborn enemies will start to attack you. You need to defeat all of them, then enter Stral’s Ritual Site to the west. Defeat Stral, then return to the Pact’s camp at Vernim Woods. Talk to Orla. Dajaheel and Belron died fighting Stral, but she promises to make sure their sacrifices are remembered.

Continue to the next Rift skill point questing zone, Ragged Hills.

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