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The Elder Scrolls Online: Effects – Magic Damage

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EffectsMagic Damage

Magic Damage is the most common type of non-Physical Damage. It is available from many sources, and is basically the “default” for all Magical Damage effects.

All Restoration Staves.
All weapons enchanted with a Glyph of Decrease Health (Okoma), Glyph of Absorb Health (Oko), Glyph of Absorb Magicka (Makko), or Glyph of Absorb Stamina (Deni).
Many skills on the Nightblade‘s Assassination, Siphoning, and Shadow skill lines.
Most skills on the Sorcerer‘s Dark Magic skill line and Daedric Curse from the Daedric Summoning skill line.
Most skills on the Templar‘s Aedric Spear and Dawn’s Wrath skill lines.
The Elemental Weapon morph of the Psijic Order skill Imbue Weapon The skills on the Soul Magic skill line.
The Vampire‘s Vampiric Drain and Mist Form skills.
The Mages Guild‘s Entropy skill.
The Undaunted skills Inner Fire (and its Inner Rage morph) and Necrotic Orb (and its Mystic Orb morph).
The Inhale skill on the Dragonknight‘s Draconic Power skill line as well as the Fragmented Shield and Shattered Rocks morphs on the Earthen Heart skill line.

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