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The Elder Scrolls Online: Effects – Physical Damage

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EffectsPhysical Damage

Physical Damage is the most common type of damage in the game. It is available from all weapons except for Staves, as well as damage from bashing, and many skill lines are centered around Physical Damage. In addition, most enemies in the game will deal Physical Damage, particularly if they fight with melee attacks. Physical Damage also includes damage from falling.

All non-staff Weapons.
Added to Weapon Damage when wearing jewelry enchanted with a Glyph of Physical Harm (using a Taderi runestone).
Performing a bash attack with any weapon (including staves).
Most skills in the Bow, One Hand and Shield, Dual Wield, and Two Handed skill lines.
Some skills in the Dragonknight‘s Draconic Power and Earthen Heart skill lines.
Most of the summoned creatures from the Sorcerer‘s Daedric Summoning skill line.
The Ambush morph on the Nightblade‘s Assassination skill line.
The Silver Bolts skill on the Fighters Guild skill line.
The Assault skill Caltrops and its morphs.
The skills acquired by becoming a Werewolf.

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