The Elder Scrolls Online: Electrum

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Electrum seams can be found near cliffs and mountains at Engraver level 4 or at character level Champion Points80 – 140. They can be harvested for three to four samples of the raw material, Electrum Dust. Once ten samples of dust are collected, they can be refined into seven to ten Electrum Ounces. Electrum Jewelry is crafted from the refined electrum ounces at any of the jewelry crafting stations.


Raw Electrum Dust Electrum Dust
Refined Electrum Ounce Electrum Ounce
Jewelry Levels
Electrum Jewelry Champion Points80 – 140
Number of Electrum Ounces Needed for Creating
Gear Level Electrum Necklace Electrum Ring
Champion Points80 8 6
Champion Points90 12 8
Champion Points100 16 10
Champion Points110 20 12
Champion Points120 24 14
Champion Points130 28 16
Champion Points140 32 18
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