The Elder Scrolls Online: ESO Gold Rewards

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Gold Gold is the main form of currency in Elder Scrolls Online. It is the most common type of loot, and is also awarded for completing quests or taking part in a campaign in Cyrodiil. Additional gold can be earned by selling items to NPC vendors or trading with other players. Gold is used to pay for most in-game services and is therefore very valuable. Although usually held in a character’s inventory, gold can be deposited in a bank in order to transfer it to an alt or contribute towards guild expenses. It can be lost as part of the Justice System.

ESO Plus members should multiply all values x1.1

Level Very Low Reward Low Reward Average Reward High Reward Very High Reward
3 18 Gold 36 Gold 73 Gold 91 Gold 146 Gold
4 21 Gold 42 Gold 85 Gold 106 Gold 170 Gold
5 23 Gold 46 Gold 93 Gold 116 Gold 186 Gold
6 24 Gold 49 Gold 98 Gold