The Elder Scrolls Online: Glyphs


Glyphs by Type

Glyphs are the product of mixing Runes in Elder Scrolls Online. The process is done by Enchanters and each glyph has a specific effect of a potency determined by the runes.

Glyph scaling percentages

  • Head, Chest, Legs, Shield: 100%
  • Waist, Feet, Hands, Shoulder: 40%

Glyph Strengths

Glyph Potency Gear Level Required Additive Runestone Subtractive Runestone
Trifling 1 1 Jora Jode
Inferior 1+ 5 Porade Notade
Petty 2 10 Jera Ode
Slight 2+ 15 Jejora Tade
Minor 3 20 Odra Jayde
Lesser 3+ 25 Pojora Edode
Moderate 4 30 Edora Pojode
Average 4+ 35 Jaera Rekude
Strong 5 40 Pora Hade
Major 5+ Champion Points10 Denara Idode
Greater 6 Champion Points30 Rera Pode
Grand 7 Champion Points50 Derado Kedeko
Splendid 8 Champion Points70 Rekura Rede
Monumental 9 Champion Points100 Kura Kude
Superb 10 Champion Points150 Rejera Jehade
Truly Superb 10+ Champion Points160 Repora Itade

Creating Glyphs

While standing at an Enchanter’s table, you combine one Potency, one Essence, and one Aspect runestone to make a Glyph. Unlike Provisioning, you do not need a recipe. If your character doesn’t already know what the runestones do, you will learn their effects while creating the Glyph.

The title and icon of the Glyph will tell you if it is for weapons, armor, or jewelry.

Type of Glyph Icon color Icon shape Example
Weapon Bronze Pentagonal Glyph of Flame
Armor Silver Shield-shaped Glyph of Health
Jewelry Gold Circular Glyph of Increase Physical Harm

Note that you must use a Potency runestone of the correct level for the item which you wish to enchant. For example, if you wish to enchant a level 10 weapon with a Glyph of Frost, you must use a Potency rune which covers level 10. There are three possibilities, Jora (level 1 – 10), Porade (level 5 – 15), and Jera (level 10 – 20). Obviously the highest strength Glyph will be created from the highest level Potency rune.

Applying Glyphs

While you must be at an Enchanter’s table in order to create a Glyph, you do not need any special equipment in order to enchant an item with the Glyph in your possession. You simply select the item you wish to enchant in the Inventory screen, and choose “Enchant”. The Glyph you have must be of the correct type and an appropriate level for the item to be enchanted.

Note that any quality of Glyph may be applied to any quality of item. You could put a Legendary quality Glyph on a Base quality item if you wanted to.

Special note about Armor Glyphs: Only Head, Chest, Legs, and Shields receive the full effect of an enchantment. Shoulder, Hands, Belt, and Feet receive only 40% of the stated value on the Glyph.

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