The Elder Scrolls Online: Guild Skills

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There are a number of lesser factions and Guilds that a player can join, which are neutral among the three alliances and have bases in each of them.

  • Dark Brotherhood — A guild made up of assassins and murderers, serving Sithis and the Night Mother.
  • Fighters Guild — A mercenary force that performs a variety of services for those who can purchase their services.
  • Mages Guild — A guild dedicated to providing a magical education to its members while providing certain services to the public.
  • Psijic Order — A mysterious and ancient order of powerful mages based on the Isle of Artaeum.
  • Thieves Guild — A secretive guild dedicated to professional thievery.
  • Undaunted — A group of dungeon-delving adventurers.

In addition to these NPC guilds, players may also join up to five player guilds, which use the same name but are a vastly different system.

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