The Elder Scrolls Online: Imp Stool

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Imp Stool is an alchemy reagent harvested from the small golden-brown mushroom of the same name. The fungus can be found growing in all zones and can occasionally found by killing Shroom Beetles, if you have the Morrowind Chapter of the game. Like other mushrooms, it tends to grow in shade and not in open spaces.

Imp Stool Imp Stool
Alchemy Effects
1st MaimMaim
2nd Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina
3rd Increase ArmorIncrease Armor
4th EnervationEnervation


Three Reagents
This chart lists only combinations in which two or more of Imp Stool’s effects are present.
Desired Effects Combine with: Side Effect(s)
MaimMaim Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina Luminous Russula Emetic Russula Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina (triple)
Luminous Russula Fleshfly Larva Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina (triple)
MaimMaim Increase ArmorIncrease Armor Luminous Russula Beetle Scuttle Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina
Luminous Russula Mountain Flower MaimMaim (triple)
Restore StaminaRestore Stamina
Luminous Russula Mudcrab Chitin Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina
Mountain Flower Beetle Scuttle Increase ArmorIncrease Armor (triple)
Mountain Flower Mudcrab Chitin Increase ArmorIncrease Armor (triple)
MaimMaim EnervationEnervation Luminous Russula Nirnroot Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina
Luminous Russula Torchbug Thorax Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina
Mountain Flower Nirnroot Increase ArmorIncrease Armor
Mountain Flower Torchbug Thorax
Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina Increase ArmorIncrease Armor Emetic Russula Beetle Scuttle
Emetic Russula Mudcrab Chitin
Fleshfly Larva Beetle Scuttle VitalityVitality
Fleshfly Larva Mudcrab Chitin
Luminous Russula Beetle Scuttle MaimMaim
Luminous Russula Mudcrab Chitin MaimMaim
Ravage StaminaRavage Stamina EnervationEnervation Emetic Russula Nirnroot Ravage HealthRavage Health
Emetic Russula Torchbug Thorax
Fleshfly Larva Nirnroot
Fleshfly Larva Torchbug Thorax VitalityVitality
Luminous Russula Nirnroot MaimMaim
Luminous Russula Torchbug Thorax MaimMaim
Stinkhorn Nirnroot Ravage HealthRavage Health
Stinkhorn Torchbug Thorax
Increase ArmorIncrease Armor EnervationEnervation Beetle Scuttle Nirnroot
Mountain Flower Nirnroot MaimMaim
Mudcrab Chitin Nirnroot
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