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Dungeon Sets
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The Armor Sets in these dungeons scale to your level. Normal dungeons drop blue-quality items and Veteran dungeons drop purple-quality items. Monster Helms drop in all Armor Types.

Aldmeri Dominion
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm(s) Armor Type
Auridon The Banished Cells I Shadowrend Light Sanctuary
The Banished Cells II Maw of the Infernal Medium Jailbreaker
Heavy Tormentor
Grahtwood Elden Hollow I Chokethorn Light Light Speaker
Elden Hollow II Nightflame Medium Barkskin
Heavy Undaunted Bastion
Greenshade City of Ash I Infernal Guardian Light Burning Spellweave
City of Ash II Valkyn Skoria Medium Sunderflame
Heavy Embershield
Malabal Tor Tempest Island Stormfist Light Overwhelming Surge
Medium Storm Master
Heavy Jolting Arms
Reaper’s March Selene’s Web Selene Light Vestments of the Warlock
Medium Hircine’s Veneer
Heavy Durok’s Bane
Daggerfall Covenant
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm(s) Armor Type
Glenumbra Spindleclutch I Swarm Mother Light Prayer Shawl
Spindleclutch II Blood Spawn Medium Spelunker
Heavy Knightmare
Stormhaven Wayrest Sewers I Slimecraw Light Combat Physician
Wayrest Sewers II Scourge Harvester Medium Toothrow
Heavy Sergeant’s Mail
Rivenspire Crypt of Hearts I Ilambris Light Shroud of the Lich
Crypt of Hearts II Nerien’eth Medium Leviathan
Heavy Ebon Armory
Alik’r Desert Volenfell Tremorscale Light Treasure Hunter
Medium Crusader
Heavy Duneripper’s Scales
Bangkorai Blackheart Haven Pirate Skeleton Light Undaunted Unweaver
Medium Bone Pirate’s Tatters
Heavy Knight-Errant’s Mail
Ebonheart Pact
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm(s) Armor Type
Stonefalls Fungal Grotto I Kra’gh Light Spider Cultist Cowl
Fungal Grotto II Spawn of Mephala Medium Viper’s Sting
Heavy Dreugh King Slayer
Deshaan Darkshade Caverns I Sentinel of Rkugamz Light Netch’s Touch
Darkshade Caverns II Engine Guardian Medium Strength of the Automaton
Heavy Armor of Truth
Shadowfen Arx Corinium Sellistrix Light Lamia’s Song
Medium Undaunted Infiltrator
Heavy Medusa
Eastmarch Direfrost Keep Iceheart Light Magicka Furnace
Medium Draugr Hulk
Heavy Ice Furnace
The Rift Blessed Crucible Troll King Light Noble Duelist’s Silks
Medium Sword Dancer
Heavy Nikulas’ Heavy Armor
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm Armor Type
Coldharbour Vaults of Madness Grothdarr Light Worm’s Raiment
Medium Oblivion’s Edge
Heavy Rattlecage
Imperial City
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm Armor Type
Imperial City White-Gold Tower Molag Kena Light Spell Power Cure
Medium Essence Thief
Heavy Brands of Imperium
Imperial City Prison Lord Warden Light Scathing Mage
Medium Sheer Venom
Heavy Leeching Plate
Shadows of the Hist
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm Armor Type
Shadowfen Cradle of Shadows Velidreth Light Gossamer
Medium Widowmaker
Heavy Hand of Mephala
Ruins of Mazzatun Mighty Chudan Light Amber Plasm
Medium Heem-Jas’ Retribution
Heavy Aspect of Mazzatun
Horns of the Reach
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm Armor Type
Craglorn Falkreath Hold Domihaus Light Draugr’s Rest
Medium Pillar of Nirn
Heavy Ironblood
Bloodroot Forge Earthgore Light Flame Blossom
Medium Blooddrinker
Heavy Hagraven’s Garden
Dragon Bones
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm Armor Type
Bangkorai Fang Lair Thurvokun Light Caluurion’s Legacy
Medium Trappings of Invigoration
Heavy Ulfnor’s Favor
Eastmarch Scalecaller Peak Zaan Light Jorvuld’s Guidance
Medium Plague Slinger
Heavy Curse of Doylemish
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm Armor Type
Greenshade March of Sacrifices Balorgh Light Hanu’s Compassion
Medium Blood Moon
Heavy Haven of Ursus
Moon Hunter Keep Vykosa Light Moon Hunter
Medium Savage Werewolf
Heavy Jailer’s Tenacity
Zone Dungeon Monster Helm Armor Type
Eastmarch Frostvault Stonekeeper Light Icy Conjuror
Medium Tzogvin’s Warband
Heavy Mighty Glacier
Gold Coast Depths of Malatar Symphony of Blades Light Auroran’s Thunder
Medium Scavenging Demise
Heavy Frozen Watcher
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