The Elder Scrolls Online: Item Sets – Lunar Bastion

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Lunar Bastion Set Information

Lunar Bastion
Helm of Lunar Bastion
Necklace of Lunar Bastion
Ring of Lunar BastionGauntlets of Lunar BastionCuirass of Lunar BastionPauldron of Lunar BastionShield of Lunar Bastion
Axe of Lunar BastionBow of Lunar BastionDagger of Lunar BastionMace of Lunar BastionSword of Lunar Bastion
Battle Axe of Lunar BastionGreatsword of Lunar BastionMaul of Lunar BastionInferno Staff of Lunar BastionIce Staff of Lunar Bastion
Lightning Staff of Lunar BastionRestoration Staff of Lunar Bastion
Girdle of Lunar Bastion
Greaves of Lunar Bastion
Sabatons of Lunar Bastion
Type Heavy Armor Sets, Trials Sets & Thieves Guild Sets
Levels Range 10 – Champion Points160
Upgraded by Blacksmith & Woodworker
Style Dro-m’Athra
Traits Armor & Shield
  • Infused
  • Well Fitted
  • Sturdy
  • Divines
  • Reinforced

Necklace & Ring

  • Healthy


  • Infused
  • Sharpened
  • Precise
  • Decisive
  • Powered
  • Charged
  • Defending
Enchantments Maximum Health (Armor & Shield)
Health Recovery (Necklace & Ring)
Absorb Magicka (Weapons)
  • 2 Items: Adds 4% Healing Taken.
  • 3 Items: Gain Minor Aegis at all times, reducing your damage taken from Dungeon and Trial Monsters by 5%.
  • 4 Items: Adds 1206 Maximum Health.
  • 5 Items: Lunar Bastion
    When you activate a Synergy, you create a Lunar Blessing underneath you for 10 seconds. The Blessing grants a Damage Shield every 2 seconds that absorbs 2399 Damage for you and your allies within 8 meters.
Maw of Lorkhaj
Drops from bosses in the Maw of Lorkhaj.
Weekly Trial Rewards.
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