The Elder Scrolls Online: Item Sets – Overland Sets

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Overland Sets
[maxbutton id=”4″ text=”Aldmeri Dominion” url=”#aldmeri_dominion”][maxbutton id=”6″ text=”Daggerfall Covenant” url=”#daggerfall_covenant”][maxbutton id=”8″ text=”Ebonheart Pact” url=”#ebonheart_pact”][maxbutton id=”10″ text=”Coldharbour” url=”#coldharbour”][maxbutton id=”10″ text=”Craglorn” url=”#craglorn”][maxbutton id=”10″ text=”Orsinium” url=”#orsinium”][maxbutton id=”10″ text=”Thieves Guild” url=”#thieves_guild”][maxbutton id=”10″ text=”Dark Brotherhood” url=”#dark_brotherhood”][maxbutton id=”10″ text=”Morrowind” url=”#morrowind”][maxbutton id=”10″ text=”Clockwork City” url=”#clockwork_city”][maxbutton id=”10″ text=”Murkmire” url=”#murkmire”]

Aldmeri Dominion
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Khenarthi’s Roost Light Armor of the Trainee
Auridon Light Queen’s Elegance
Medium Twin Sisters
Heavy Armor of the Veiled Heritance
Grahtwood Light Syrabane’s Grip
Medium Ranger’s Gait
Heavy Green Pact
Greenshade Light Shadow Dancer’s Raiment
Medium Wilderqueen’s Arch
Heavy Beekeeper’s Gear
Malabal Tor Light Spinner’s Garments
Medium Salvation
Heavy Thunderbug’s Carapace
Reaper’s March Light Skooma Smuggler
Medium Senche’s Bite
Heavy Soulshine
Daggerfall Covenant
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Stros M’Kai Light Armor of the Trainee
Betnikh Light Armor of the Trainee
Glenumbra Light Bloodthorn’s Touch
Medium Hide of the Werewolf
Heavy Wyrd Tree’s Blessing
Stormhaven Light Dreamer’s Mantle
Medium Night Terror
Heavy Storm Knight’s Plate
Rivenspire Light Necropotence
Medium Darkstride
Heavy Vampire Cloak
Alik’r Desert Light Robes of the Withered Hand
Medium Sword-Singer
Heavy Order of Diagna
Bangkorai Light Vampire Lord
Medium Spriggan’s Thorns
Heavy Seventh Legion Brute
Ebonheart Pact
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Bleakrock Isle Light Armor of the Trainee
Bal Foyen Light Armor of the Trainee
Stonefalls Light Silks of the Sun
Medium Shadow of the Red Mountain
Heavy Shalk Exoskeleton
Deshaan Light Mother’s Sorrow
Medium Night Mother’s Embrace
Heavy Plague Doctor
Shadowfen Light Robes of the Hist
Medium Swamp Raider
Heavy Hatchling’s Shell
Eastmarch Light Stendarr’s Embrace
Medium Fiord’s Legacy
Heavy Akaviri Dragonguard
The Rift Light Ysgramor’s Birthright
Medium Witchman Armor
Heavy Draugr’s Heritage
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Coldharbour Light Prisoner’s Rags
Medium Stygian
Heavy Meridia’s Blessed Armor
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Craglorn Light Way of Martial Knowledge
Medium Way of Air
Heavy Way of Fire
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Wrothgar Light Trinimac’s Valor
Medium Briarheart
Heavy Mark of the Pariah
Thieves Guild
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Hew’s Bane Light Bahraha’s Curse & Syvarra’s Scales
Medium Bahraha’s Curse & Syvarra’s Scales
Heavy Bahraha’s Curse & Syvarra’s Scales
Dark Brotherhood
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Gold Coast Light Sithis’ Touch
Medium Flanking Strategist
Heavy Hide of Morihaus
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Vvardenfell Light War Maiden
Medium Infector (Defiler)
Heavy Warrior-Poet
Clockwork City
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Clockwork City Light Mad Tinkerer
Medium Unfathomable Darkness
Heavy Livewire
Zone Armor Type Item Set
Murkmire Light Bright-Throat’s Boast
Medium Dead-Water’s Guile
Heavy Champion of the Hist
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