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The Elder Scrolls Online: Item Sets – Sword Dancer

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Unique Set Pieces

Sword Dancer Set Information

Sword Dancer's Axe
Sword Dancer's Mace
Sword Dancer's Battle Axe
Sword Dancer's Greatsword
Sword Dancer's Ice Staff
Sword Dancer's Lightning Staff
Sword Dancer's Bracers
Sword Dancer's Ring
Sword Dancer's Helmet
Sword Dancer's Necklace
Sword Dancer's Jack
Sword Dancer's Belt
Sword Dancer's Guards
Sword Dancer's Boots
Sword Dancer's Arm Cops
Sword Dancer's Shield
Sword Dancer's Dagger
Sword Dancer's Bow
Sword Dancer's Maul
Sword Dancer's Inferno Staff
Sword Dancer's Restoration Staff
Sword Dancer

Style: Redguard

  • 2 Items: Adds 657 Critical Chance.
  • 3 Items: Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina.
  • 4 Items: Adds 129 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage.
  • 5 Items: Sword Dancer
    Adds 600 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage to your Dual Wield abilities.
Maximum Stamina (Armor)
Adds 868 Maximum Stamina.
Stamina Recovery (Necklace & Ring)
Adds 169 Stamina Recovery.
Maximum Stamina (Armor & Shield)
Adds 868 Maximum Stamina.
Absorb Stamina (Weapons)
Deals 950 Physical Damage and restores 177 Stamina.

Type Dungeon Sets, Medium Armor Sets, One Tamriel Sets & Unique Items
Levels Range 10 – Champion PointsUpgraded by Blacksmith, Clothier & Woodworker
Drop Locations
Blessed Crucible
Every dungeon drops pieces associated with its sets:
Minor bosses will drop one of: Hands, Waist, Feet, or Unique item.
Bosses will drop one of: Chest, Shoulder, Head, Legs, or Unique item.
Final bosses will drop one of: Jewelry, Weapon, Shield, or Unique item.
Miscellaneous enemies have a slight chance to drop set pieces.
Chests have a slight chance to drop armor, increased with lock difficulty and by the Treasure Hunter passive. (Increases the quality of items you find in Treasure Chests.)
Items dropped in Veteran Dungeons will always be of Epic quality, and items dropped in Normal Dungeons will always be of Superior quality.
Unique Set Pieces
Mark of the Morag Tong
Mark of the Morag Tong

  • Type: Ring
  • Dropped by: Teranya the Faceless
  • Location: Blessed Crucible
  • Enchantments: Stamina Recovery
    Adds 169 Stamina Recovery.
  • Traits: Robust
  • Style: Altmer
Captain's Medallion
Captain’s Medallion

  • Type: Necklace
  • Dropped by: Captain Thoran
  • Location: Blessed Crucible
  • Enchantments: Reduce Stamina Cost
    Reduce Stamina cost of abilities by 203.
  • Traits: Robust
  • Style: Nord

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