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The Maelstrom’s Axe Information

The Maelstrom’s Axe
The Maelstrom's Axe
Type Weapon Sets, Orsinium Sets & Maelstrom Master Weapons
Levels Range Champion Points10 – 160
Upgraded by Blacksmith
Style Dwemer
  • Infused
  • Sharpened
  • Precise
  • Decisive
  • Powered
  • Charged
  • Defending
  • Nirnhoned
Cruel Flurry
  • Your Flurry grants 2003 additional Weapon Damage and Spell Damage on the next single-target damage over time effect cast within 4 seconds. Has a 50% chance to trigger per equipped weapon with this enchantment.
    Adds 94 Weapon Damage.
Veteran Maelstrom Arena
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