The Elder Scrolls Online: Item Sets – Timeless Blessing

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Timeless Blessing Set Information

Timeless Blessing
“The Asylum’s Restoration Staff”
The Asylum's Restoration Staff
Type Asylum Weapon Sets, Weapon Sets, Trials Sets & Clockwork City Sets
Levels Range 10 – Champion Points160
Upgraded by Woodworker
Style Apostle
Traits Weapons
  • Infused
  • Sharpened
  • Precise
  • Decisive
  • Powered
  • Charged
  • Defending
  • Training
  • Nirnhoned
Enchantments Absorb Magicka (Weapons)
Asylum Sanctorium
The Perfected version drops in Veteran difficulty, while the normal version drops in Normal difficulty. The two cannot be mixed together to complete a full set (for Dual Wield and One Hand and Shield). The only difference between the two are numerical values.
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