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The Elder Scrolls Online: Item Sets – Treasure Hunter

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Unique Set Pieces

Treasure Hunter Set Information

Treasure Hunter's Axe
Treasure Hunter's Mace
Treasure Hunter's Battle Axe
Treasure Hunter's Greatsword
Treasure Hunter's Ice Staff
Treasure Hunter's Lightning Staff
Treasure Hunter's Robe
Treasure Hunter's Gloves
Treasure Hunter's Ring
Treasure Hunter's Hat
Treasure Hunter's Necklace
Treasure Hunter's Jerkin
Treasure Hunter's Sash
Treasure Hunter's Breeches
Treasure Hunter's Shoes
Treasure Hunter's Epaulets
Treasure Hunter's Shield
Treasure Hunter's Dagger
Treasure Hunter's Sword
Treasure Hunter's Bow
Treasure Hunter's Maul
Treasure Hunter's Inferno Staff
Restoration Staff
Treasure Hunter

Style: Mercenary

  • 2 Items: Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka.
  • 3 Items: Adds 657 Critical Chance.
  • 4 Items: Adds 657 Critical Chance.
  • 5 Items: Adds 171 Weapon Damage and Spell Damage.
    Treasure Hunter
    Gain Major Savagery and Major Prophecy at all times, increasing your Weapon Critical and Spell Critical rating by 2629.
Maximum Magicka (Armor)
Adds 868 Maximum Magicka.
Magicka Recovery (Necklace & Ring)
Adds 169 Magicka Recovery.
Maximum Stamina (Shield)
Adds 868 Maximum Stamina.
Absorb Magicka (Weapons)
Deals 950 Magic Damage and restores 177 Magicka.

Type Dungeon Sets, Light Armor Sets, One Tamriel Sets & Unique Items
Levels Range 10 – Champion Points160
Upgraded by Blacksmith, Clothier & Woodworker
Drop Locations
Every dungeon drops pieces associated with its sets:
Minor bosses will drop one of: Hands, Waist, Feet, or Unique item.
Bosses will drop one of: Chest, Shoulder, Head, Legs, or Unique item.
Final bosses will drop one of: Jewelry, Weapon, Shield, or Unique item.
Miscellaneous enemies have a slight chance to drop set pieces.
Chests have a slight chance to drop armor, increased with lock difficulty and by the Treasure Hunter passive. (Increases the quality of items you find in Treasure Chests.)
Items dropped in Veteran Dungeons will always be of Epic quality, and items dropped in Normal Dungeons will always be of Superior quality.
Unique Set Pieces
Beetle Eye Ring
Beetle Eye Ring

  • Type: Ring
  • Dropped by: Boilbite
  • Location: Volenfell
  • Enchantments: Magicka Recovery
    Adds 169 Magicka Recovery.
  • Traits: Arcane
  • Style: Primitive
Ancient Imperial Staff
Ancient Imperial Staff

  • Type: Restoration Staff
  • Dropped by: The Guardian Trinity
  • Location: Volenfell
  • Enchantments: Absorb Magicka
    Deals 2470 Magic Damage and restores 461 Magicka.
  • Traits: Infused
  • Style: Imperial
Quintus' Exploding Staff
Quintus’ Exploding Staff

  • Type: Inferno Staff
  • Dropped by: Quintus Verres and the Monstrous Gargoyle
  • Location: Volenfell
  • Enchantments: Fiery Weapon
    Deals 2534 Flame Damage.
  • Traits: Charged
  • Style: Nord

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