The Elder Scrolls Online: Jewelry

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Jewelry comprises two types of items: Necklaces and Rings. You may wear two rings and one necklace. Prior to Update 18 and the introduction of Jewelry Crafting, jewelry was the one major class of gear that could not be crafted or deconstructed/researched. It had to be be found or purchased from vendors. The only option for customization that existed was that you could enchant some jewelry with the right kind of Glyphs. Now, those with access to the Summerset chapter can craft, deconstruct, research, and transmute jewelry, though jewelry found prior to this update may not be deconstructed. All rings and necklaces are identical in appearance in your inventory (they do not appear on your character at all), but they may be of varying level, which affects their Traits as well as the level of Enchantment they may take.


Type Levels
Necklace Pewter Necklace 1 – 25
Copper Necklace 26 – 50
Silver Necklace Champion Points10 – 70
Electrum Necklace Champion Points80 – 140
Platinum Necklace Champion Points150 – 160
Type Levels
Ring Pewter Ring 1 – 25
Copper Ring 26 – 50
Silver Ring Champion Points10 – 70
Electrum Ring Champion Points80 – 140
Platinum Ring Champion Points150 – 160

Prior to Update 18, Jewelry could not be researched in order to learn its traits. However, each piece of Jewelry typically came with one trait already on it. This remains true for the most part. The standard traits are:

  • Robust — Increase Maximum Stamina by X.
  • Arcane — Increase Maximum Magicka by X.
  • Healthy — Increase Maximum Health by X.
  • Ornate — Increase Sell Price by X%.
  • Intricate — Increase Crafting Inspiration by X%.

The Summerset chapter provided the new Jewelry Crafting skill line, which added six new traits in addition to making the Robust, Arcane, and Healthy traits researchable and craftable. These traits cannot be found in most places, but are only available via specific activities. The new traits are:

  • Bloodthirsty — Increase Execute Damage by 20% when enemy is below 25%.
    • Rare reward from Weekly Trials quests.
  • Harmony — Increase the effectiveness of any Synergies by 35%.
    • Rare find in Undaunted chests.
  • Infused — Increase the effect of the enchantment by 60%.
    • Rare find in Psijic Portals.
  • Triune — Increase Maximum Health, Maximum Magicka and Maximum Stamina by 435.
    • Rare reward from daily board quests in Cyrodiil.
  • Protective — Increase Physical Resistance by 1844.
    • Reward for completing major quest lines in Summerset.
  • Swift — Increase Movement Speed by 10%.
    • Rare reward for Jewelry Crafting Writs.

Additionally, the Intricate trait may now be found on jewelry as well as armor and weapons, which provides additional Inspiration when deconstructing items.

The following Additive Enchantments can be added to jewelry:

The following Subtractive Enchantments can be added to jewelry:

The following runes are used only for enchanting jewelry, so (since jewelry enchantment is a much rarer requirement than weapons and armor), they are ideal for crafting training runes for subsequent deconstruction: Denima, Kaderi, Makderi, Makkoma, Oru.

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