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The Elder Scrolls Online: Jewelry Crafting – Engraver

SkillsCraftingJewelry CraftingMaterials

Engraver I: Allows the use of Pewter Ounces.
Engraver II: Allows the use of Copper Ounces.
Engraver III: Allows the use of Silver Ounces.
Engraver IV: Allows the use of Electrum Ounces.
Engraver V: Allows the use of Platinum Ounces.

Engraver Engraver
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I 1
Rank II 14
Rank III 27
Rank IV 40
Rank V 50

Engraver determines the quality of Jewelry items you can make. This includes Rings and Necklaces. You start with one free point already in this skill, allowing the crafting of Pewter jewelry.

The materials used to craft Clothing items are as follows:

Raw Material Refined Into Used to Make… Level
Pewter Dust Pewter Dust Pewter Ounce Pewter Ounce Pewter Jewelry 1 – 24
Copper Dust Copper Dust Copper Ounce Copper Ounce Copper Jewelry 26 – 50
Silver Dust Silver Dust Silver Ounce Silver Ounce Silver Jewelry Champion Points10 – 70
Electrum Dust Electrum Dust Electrum Ounce Electrum Ounce Electrum Jewelry Champion Points10 – 70
Platinum Dust Platinum Dust Platinum Ounce Platinum Ounce Platinum Jewelry Champion Points10 – 70
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