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The Elder Scrolls Online: Master Fisher – Fishing Guide

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Fishing is an activity in The Elder Scrolls Online which can be performed at fishing holes found all over Tamriel. Players are automatically given a starter fishing pole which does not show up in the player’s inventory. Players only have to find the fishing holes and bait. When next to a fishing hole, activating it will start the fishing animation, which will end when the player has caught something. While fishing, the player cannot participate in other activities (such as chat or inventory management) without cancelling the attempt.

Fishing Holes
Aldmeri DominionDaggerfall CovenantEbonheart PactNeutral

Completing this achievement will reward you with a character title: Master Angler

Water Types

There are currently 4 types of water in Tamriel: Foul, Lake, Ocean and River. Each type has its own type of fish, its own rare fish, and requires certain bait to be most effective.

Foul water is found in sewers, swamps, pools with bodies, sometimes covered in a veil of fog and other polluted or tainted water sources in Tamriel. Bait for foul water includes crawlers and fish roe. The regular fish available in foul water are Slaughterfish, Trodh and Chub.

Lakes can be found all over Tamriel and each has the chance to spawn fishing holes. Bait for lakes includes guts and minnows. The regular fish available in lakes are Spadetail, Silverside Perch and Shad.

Ocean fishing holes can be found all along the coast and usually there is one near major city docks. Bait for oceans includes worms or chub. The regular fish available in oceans are Dhufish, Longfin and Minnows.

Rivers are found all over Tamriel and are usually connect to a lake or the ocean. Bait for rivers includes insect parts and shad. The regular fish available in rivers are Salmon, River Betty and Fish Roe.

Water Types and Fishing Bait
Foul Lake Ocean River
Crawlers Crawlers Guts Guts Chub Chub Insect Parts Insect Parts
Fish Roe Fish Roe Minnow Minnow Worms Worms Shad Shad
Standard Fish
Slaughterfish Slaughterfish Silverside Perch Silverside Perch Dhufish Dhufish River Betty River Betty
Trodh Trodh Spadetail Spadetail Longfin Longfin Salmon Salmon
Chub Shad
Shad Minnow
Minnow Fish Roe
Fish Roe

Fishing Groups

Fishing can be done solo or any size group. To maximize your time spent searching for the rare fish, it is best to be in groups of three. The pools will not last as long if you were to fish a hole solo, but there is a higher chance of rare fish dropping while in a group of three. Groups of two and four also work, but three is the most efficient size. It is not recommended to fish in groups larger than four in the party.

Perfect Roe

There is an added bonus to fishing. When you fillet the regular fish you have a chance of getting Perfect Roe which can be used in Provisioning to create and XP Bonus potion, which gives you 50% bonus XP for 30 minutes and 50 minutes if you spent the 3/3 points in Gourmand in the Provisioning profession. This bonus stacks with the Enlightened and ESO Plus Member bonuses.


Bait can be gathered around Tamriel, drop off of certain mobs, or be bought from merchants (Simple Bait). For the most success in fishing, use the right bait for the right water source.

Crawlers are found by killing small passive spiders, centipedes, harvesting plants and killing undead mobs. They are used in Foul Water.
Fish Roe can only be found by fishing in Rivers. They are used in Foul Water.

Guts drop off small level 1 passive mobs such as Frogs, Rats, Chickens, Pony Guar and Bantam Guar. They are used in Lakes.
Minnows can only be found by fishing in the Ocean. They are used in Lakes.

Worms can be found when harvesting plants and drop off of undead mobs. They are used in the Ocean.
Chub can only be found by fishing in Foul Water. They are used in the Ocean.

Insect Parts can be harvested from butterflies, flesh flies or torchbugs. They are used in Rivers.
Shad can only be found by fishing in Lakes. They are used in Rivers.

Simple Bait can be bought from any merchant for 15g. Used Bait, which is often found when fishing, is completely useless, as it cannot be used as bait.

Simple Bait is regarded as a poor investment, because it costs 15g each and the fish you catch with it are only worth 2-5g each.

Places to Farm Bait

Stonefalls – Hrogar’s Hold – to the East are 3 little lakes, there is a Goblin cave, this place has around 30 fast spawning spiders, you can gather 300 crawlers in less than 1 hour easy.

Crawlers - Stonefalls

Grahtwood – Sacred Leap Grotto – there are a lot of fast respawning frogs in the area.

Guts - Grahtwood

Eastmarch – North of Fort Amol – kill rabbits in the area marked on the map. The small game that rabbits also drop can be used in Provisioning.

Guts - Eastmarch

Alik’r Desert – Myrkwasa Dolmen – run around the lake near Myrkwasa Dolmen and there are a lot of fast respawning goats.

Guts - Alik'r Desert

Coldharbour – The Vile Laboratory – run around The Vile Laboratory area killing undead mobs for worms and crawlers.

Crawlers/Worms - Coldharbour

Insect Parts:
Eastmarch – Giant’s Run Dolmen – Just walk along the river at Giant’s Run Dolmen.

Insect Parts - Eastmarch

Insect Parts:
Rivenspire – Entrance to Stormhaven – Just walk around Rivenspire near the entrance to Stormhaven, lot’s of butterflies in the area. Rivenspire also has a lot of insect parts all over the zone, check around the lakes and rivers.

Insect Parts - Rivenspire

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