The Elder Scrolls Online: Protection

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Protection Protection

Potion description: Grants you Minor Protection, reducing your Damage Taken by 8% for [X] seconds. (45 second cooldown)
Poison description: Inflicts Minor Vulnerability to your target and grants you Minor Protection, increasing Damage your victim takes by 8% and reducing your Damage Taken by 8% for [X] seconds. (10 second cooldown)

The Protection effect reduces your Damage Taken from all sources, or in a Poison increases the Damage Taken by your target, while also reducing your Damage Taken by a lesser degree. Its opposing effect is Vulnerability Vulnerability.



Solvent Level Potion Duration Triple Duration
Natural Water 3 Sip of ProtectionSip of Protection 10.5 14.5
Clear Water 10 Tincture of ProtectionTincture of Protection 13.1 17.1
Pristine Water 20 Dram of ProtectionDram of Protection 16.8 20.8
Cleansed Water 30 Potion of ProtectionPotion of Protection 20.6 24.6
Filtered Water 40 Solution of ProtectionSolution of Protection 24.3 28.3
Purified Water Champion Points10 Elixir of ProtectionElixir of Protection 28.8 32.8
Cloud Mist Champion Points50 Panacea of ProtectionPanacea of Protection 31.0 35.0
Star Dew Champion Points100 Distillate of ProtectionDistillate of Protection 34.0 38.0
Lorkhan’s Tears Champion Points150 Essence of ProtectionEssence of Protection 36.6 40.6
Solvent Level Poison Duration Triple Duration
Grease 3 Protection-Reversing Poison IProtection-Reversing Poison I 1.0 1.0
Ichor 10 Protection-Reversing Poison IIProtection-Reversing Poison II 1.1 1.1
Slime 20 Protection-Reversing Poison IIIProtection-Reversing Poison III 1.3 1.6
Gall 30 Protection-Reversing Poison IVProtection-Reversing Poison IV 1.6 2.0
Terebinthine 40 Protection-Reversing Poison VProtection-Reversing Poison V 1.9 2.4
Pitch-Bile Champion Points10 Protection-Reversing Poison VIProtection-Reversing Poison VI 2.1 2.7
Tarblack Champion Points50 Protection-Reversing Poison VIIProtection-Reversing Poison VII 2.3 2.9
Night-Oil Champion Points100 Protection-Reversing Poison VIIIProtection-Reversing Poison VIII 2.6 3.3
Alkahest Champion Points150 Protection-Reversing Poison IXProtection-Reversing Poison IX 2.5 3.5


Single Effect
Beetle Scuttle Nightshade
Triple Ingredient and Second Effect
Ingredients Second Effect
Beetle Scuttle Mudcrab Chitin Nightshade Increase Armor Increase Armor
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