The Elder Scrolls Online: Quests Achievements

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Quests Achievements
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Achievement Points Description Reward
Quester Quester 5 Complete 50 Quests. Quester Yellow
Explorer Explorer 10 Complete 100 Quests. Explorer Green
Adventurer Adventurer 15 Complete 250 Quests. Adventurer Brown
Master Adventurer Master Adventurer 15 Complete 500 Quests. Master Adventurer Purple
Indomitable Adventurer Indomitable Adventurer 15 Complete 1000 Quests. Indomitable Violet
Tamriel Expert Adventurer Tamriel Expert Adventurer 50 Complete all of the quest achievements across Tamriel. Title: Tamriel Hero
Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion 50 Complete all Aldmeri Dominion quest achievements. Dominion Yellow

Title: Dominion Hero
Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant 50 Complete all Daggerfall Covenant quest achievements. Covenant Blue

Title: Covenant Hero
Hero of the Ebonheart Pact Hero of the Ebonheart Pact 50 Complete all Ebonheart Pact quest achievements. Pact Blood Red

Title: Pact Hero
Cyrodiil Champion Cyrodiil Champion 50 Complete all quest achievements in Cyrodiil. Cyrodiilic Steel

Main Quest

Achievement Points Description Reward
Soul Shriven in Coldharbour Soul Shriven in Coldharbour 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 1. Soul Shriven Gray
The Harborage The Harborage 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 1.5.
Daughter of Giants Daughter of Giants 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 2.
Chasing Shadows Chasing Shadows 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 2.5. Soul Gem Purple
Castle of the Worm Castle of the Worm 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 3.
The Tharn Speaks The Tharn Speaks 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 3.5.
The Halls of Torment The Halls of Torment 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 4.
The Valley of Blades The Valley of Blades 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 4.5. Red Diamond Red
The Shadow of Sancre Tor The Shadow of Sancre Tor 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 5.
Council of the Five Companions Council of the Five Companions 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 5.5.
The God of Schemes The God of Schemes 10 Complete Main Quest Chapter 6. Coldharbour Ash Black

Aldmeri Dominion

Achievement Points Description Reward
Khenarthi’s Roost
Maormer's Bane Maormer’s Bane 10 Stop the Maormer from summoning a hurricane to destroy Khenarthi’s Roost.
Sunder the First Veil Sunder the First Veil 5 Execute the traitor at Tanzelwil in the name of Queen Ayrenn.
Sunder the Second Veil Sunder the Second Veil 5 Infiltrate the Veiled Heritance and discover its secret.
Sunder the Third Veil Sunder the Third Veil 5 Defeat the Daedric army and their leader at Firsthold.
Auridon Adventurer Auridon Adventurer 50 Complete 37 quests in Auridon.
A Rule Unquestioned A Rule Unquestioned 15 You defeated a hidden threat to the Dominion in Auridon. Varla White
Southpoint Savior Southpoint Savior 5 Free Southpoint from the influence of the Daedric Prince, Sheogorath.
Hero of Falinesti Hero of Falinesti 5 Free Nairume from her prison and retrieved Rajhin’s Mantle.
Reliquary Retriever Reliquary Retriever 5 Retrieve the Heart of Anumaril from the Reliquary of Stars.
Grahtwood Adventurer Grahtwood Adventurer 50 Complete 38 quests in Grahtwood.
Iconoclast Iconoclast 15 You thwarted perilous Daedric schemes in Grahtwood. Thalmor Black
Court Ranger Court Ranger 5 Protect the Court of the Wilderking.
Valenwood Protector Valenwood Protector 5 Cleanse the corruption from Valenwood.
Veil Lifter Veil Lifter 5 End the Veiled Heritance threat in Greenshade.
Greenshade Adventurer Greenshade Adventurer 50 Complete 40 quests in Greenshade.
Spirit of the Bosmer Spirit of the Bosmer 15 You drove corruption from the heart of Valenwood in Greenshade. Welkynd Blue
Malabal Tor
Hound Hinderer Hound Hinderer 5 Uncover the Hound’s Plan to lure the Green Lady to Silvenar.
Silvenar's Friend Silvenar’s Friend 5 Save the Silvenar from his captors.
Hero of Frond and Leaf Hero of Frond and Leaf 5 Unite the Silvenar with the Green Lady.
Malabal Tor Adventurer Malabal Tor Adventurer 50 Complete 40 quests in Malabal Tor.
Matchmaker Matchmaker 15 You restored the Silvenar and the Green Lady to their rightful place in Malabal Tor. Falinesti Green
Reaper’s March
Clanmother Inaugurator Clanmother Inaugurator 5 Restore the Clanmother to power in Arenthia.
Dark Mane Incarcerator Dark Mane Incarcerator 5 Shackle the Dark Mane to his prison beneath Moonmont.
Two Moons Pathwalker Two Moons Pathwalker 5 Walk the Two Moons Path with the next Mane.
Reaper's March Adventurer Reaper’s March Adventurer 50 Complete 45 quests in Reaper’s March.
Hallowed Moons Hallowed Moons 15 You walked the Two Moons Path in Reaper’s March. Senche-Tiger Orange

Daggerfall Covenant

Achievement Points Description Reward
Stros M’Kai
Famed Recruiter Famed Recruiter 10 Recruit all three famous privateers on Stros M’Kai.
Wyrd Friend Wyrd Friend 5 Help the Wyresses remove Angof’s corruption from their sacred groves and the Wyrd Tree.
Faolchu's Bane Faolchu’s Bane 5 Defeat Faolchu the Changeling and set the city of Camlorn free.
Savior of Glenumbra Savior of Glenumbra 5 Stop Angof the Gravesinger’s necromantic plan to conquer Glenumbra.
Glenumbra Adventurer Glenumbra Adventurer 50 Complete 53 quests in Glenumbra.
Ritual Destruction Ritual Destruction 15 You stopped an insidious cultist plot in Glenumbra. Wyrd Tree Green
Dreamslayer Dreamslayer 5 Defeat the Omen of the Watchful Eye and lift the paranoia in Alcaire.
Spirit Warden Champion Spirit Warden Champion 5 Return the Dream Shard to Pariah Abbey and restore peace to Menevia.
Azura's Ally Azura’s Ally 5 Defeat the Omen of Counting Stars and end the obsessions plaguing Gavaudon.
Stormhaven Adventurer Stormhaven Adventurer 50 Complete 60 quests in Stormhaven.
Rude Awakening Rude Awakening 15 You ended the nightmares in Stormhaven. Wayrest Royal Purple
Hero of House Tamrith Hero of House Tamrith 5 Kill Reezal-Jul at Camp Tamrith and save the Crestshade refugees.
Hero of House Dorell Hero of House Dorell 5 Kill Lady Lleraya Montclair at Northpoint and set Baron Dorell’s city free.
Sword of Ravenwatch Sword of Ravenwatch 5 Kill Baron Wylon Montclair and destroy the Lightless Remnant at the Doomcrag to save Rivenspire.
Rivenspire Adventurer Rivenspire Adventurer 50 Complete 42 quests in Rivenspire.
Curse Breaker Curse Breaker 15 You ended the blood-curse and restored order in Rivenspire. Doomcrag Verdigris
Alik’r Desert
Uwafa's Ruination Uwafa’s Ruination 5 Defeat Uwafa and reclaim the Ansei Ward.
Alasan's Devastation Alasan’s Devastation 5 Defeat Alasan and restore the Ansei Ward.
Ash'abah Hero Ash’abah Hero 5 Defeat the Withered Hand and reclaim all the Ansei Wards.
Alik'r Desert Adventurer Alik’r Desert Adventurer 50 Complete 42 quests in Alik’r Desert.
Consecrated Ground Consecrated Ground 15 You put the dead to rest in Alik’r. Alik’r Lapis
Evermore Defender Evermore Defender 5 Stop the Reachmen from attacking Evermore.
Bangkorai Garrison Liberator Bangkorai Garrison Liberator 5 Liberate the Bangkorai Garrison from the invaders.
High King Emeric's Savior High King Emeric’s Savior 5 Rescue High King Emeric from the clutches of Septima Tharn.
Bangkorai Adventurer Bangkorai Adventurer 50 Complete 36 quests in Bangkorai.
End of Empire End of Empire 15 You drove Imperial forces out of Bangkorai. Evermore Gold

Ebonheart Pact

Achievement Points Description Reward
Bleakrock Isle
Hero of Bleakrock Hero of Bleakrock 10 Find Bleakrock’s missing villagers and send them home.
Balreth's Bane Balreth’s Bane 5 Destroy Balreth and return the Brother of Strife to slumber.
General Serien's Demise General Serien’s Demise 5 Slay General Serien and stop the Covenant invasion of Stonefalls.
Sadal's Overthrower Sadal’s Overthrower 5 Destroy Sadal and save Stonefalls.
Stonefalls Adventurer Stonefalls Adventurer 50 Complete 59 quests in Stonefalls.
Hearts of Darkness Hearts of Darkness 15 You imprisoned the Brothers of Strife in Stonefalls. Ashland Gray
Plague Ender Plague Ender 5 Kill Merdyndril the Alchemist at Obsidian Gorge and put an end to the Llodos plague.
Temple Knight Temple Knight 15 Free the Tribunal Temple from invading Daedric forces.
Vox Slayer Vox Slayer 15 Kill Magistrix Vox at Eidolon’s Hollow and restore peace to Deshaan.
Deshaan Adventurer Deshaan Adventurer 50 Complete 55 quests in Deshaan.
Plague Eater Plague Eater 15 You averted the destruction of Deshaan. Hlaalu Gold
Mnemic Egg Guardian Mnemic Egg Guardian 5 Recover the Mnemic Egg from the Dominion.
Egg Protector Egg Protector 5 Protect the Argonian eggs so a new generation can be born.
Skin-Stealer Destroyer Skin-Stealer Destroyer 5 Destroy the Dominion’s ability to create Skin-Stealers.
Shadowfen Adventurer Shadowfen Adventurer 50 Complete 51 quests in Shadowfen.
Egg and Root Egg and Root 15 You defeated a great threat to the Hist in Shadowfen. Hist Green
Giant-Friend Giant-Friend 5 Kill Lob the Cleaver and befriend the Giants at the Cradlecrush Arena.
Skald-King's Arrow Skald-King’s Arrow 5 Defeat Fildgor Orcthane at Skuldafn and earn the title of Arrow of Jorunn the Skald-King.
Skald-King's Salvation Skald-King’s Salvation 5 Save Jorunn the Skald-King at Mistwatch Tower.
Eastmarch Adventurer Eastmarch Adventurer 50 Complete 43 quests in Eastmarch.
Blood Feud Blood Feud 15 You prevented a great threat to the Skald-King in Eastmarch. Windhelm Steel
The Rift
Wormsquasher Wormsquasher 5 Defeat Thallik Wormfather and scatter the Worm Cult.
Reach Crusher Reach Crusher 5 Crush the Reach’s presence in the Rift.
Ysgramor's Prodigy Ysgramor’s Prodigy 5 Return Sinmur to his grave.
The Rift Adventurer The Rift Adventurer 50 Complete 61 quests in The Rift.
Shattered Remnants Shattered Remnants 15 You defeated the Worm Cult in the Rift. Riften Copper


Achievement Points Description Reward
Guardian of the Great Mage Guardian of the Great Mage 5 Rescue the Great Mage, Vanus Galerion, and help him destroy Molag Bal’s Great Shackle.
Light of the Ayleid King Light of the Ayleid King 5 Rescue the last Ayleid King, Laloriaran Dynar, from the Lightless Oubliette.
Planemeld Sunderer Planemeld Sunderer 5 Stop the Planemeld and defeat Molag Bal’s plan of conquest at the Endless Stair.
Meridia's Lightbearer Meridia’s Lightbearer 15 Gather all of the Lights of Meridia within Coldharbour.
Coldharbour Adventurer Coldharbour Adventurer 50 Complete 29 quests in Coldharbour.
Radiant Champion Radiant Champion 15 You defied the will of Molag Bal in Coldharbour. Necromancer Blue


Achievement Points Description Reward
Celestial Investigator Celestial Investigator 50 Discover why the Celestials have appeared in Craglorn.
Craglorn Completist Craglorn Completist 50 Eliminate the threat of the Serpent and his Scaled Court throughout all of Craglorn.
Serpents and Secrets Serpents and Secrets 50 Dismantle the Serpent’s forces and vanquish the Exalted Viper.
Champion of Rahni'Za Champion of Rahni’Za 15 Unravel the mysteries of Rahni’Za, School of Warriors.
Exalted of Elinhir Exalted of Elinhir 15 Defeat Yamanu-ko and end the strife in Elinhir.
Shada's Tear Curse-Breaker Shada’s Tear Curse-Breaker 15 Defeat Shada and cleanse the waters of Shada’s Tear.
Spellscar Defender Spellscar Defender 15 Prevent a catastrophic explosion of magic from within the Spellscar.
Tenacious Seeker Tenacious Seeker 15 Uncover the secrets hidden within the Seeker’s Archive.
Craglorn Pilgrim Craglorn Pilgrim 15 Complete the Gray Passage pilgrimage within the alloted time limit.
Shatterer of Scales Shatterer of Scales 15 Defeat Exarch Arnoth and clear Skyreach Hold of the Scaled Court and its allies.
Vanquisher of Virmaril Vanquisher of Virmaril 15 Defeat Virmaril the Betrayer and his undead legions within Skyreach Catacombs.
Warden of the Pinnacle Warden of the Pinnacle 15 Defeat Aetherion and restore the Nedic wards within Skyreach Pinnacle.


Achievement Points Description Reward
Bruma Adventurer Bruma Adventurer 10 Complete all quests in Bruma.
Cheydinhal Adventurer Cheydinhal Adventurer 10 Complete all quests in Cheydinhal.
Chorrol Weynon Priory Adventurer Chorrol Weynon Priory Adventurer 10 Complete all quests in Chorrol and Weynon Priory.
Cropsford Adventurer Cropsford Adventurer 10 Complete all quests in Cropsford.
Vlastarus Adventurer Vlastarus Adventurer 10 Complete all quests in Vlastarus.

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