The Elder Scrolls Online: Quests by Location – Eastmarch

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Quests by Location
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Eastmarch is the easternmost hold in Skyrim. Its capital is Windhelm, the home of Jorunn the Skald-King, High King of Skyrim, and leader of the Ebonheart Pact. Eastmarch stretches from the frozen wastes in northeastern Skyrim, to the volcanic tundras east of the Throat of the World.

Despite its size and importance, Eastmarch has only one sizable city, Windhelm. Windhelm sits at the mouth of the White River, which drains into the Sea of Ghosts. The port at Windhelm provides a vital link to other cities for trade, and there is also a small fishing fleet in operation. The Velothi Mountains to the east and southeast provide a physical border with Morrowind. The mountains are virtually impassable, and so the Dunmeth Pass at their northern tip provides a valuable land-link between the provinces.

Visitors to the region should take precaution when venturing towards the hot springs or into the wilderness. Many wild creatures can be encountered, notably among them frost trolls, the hardier cousin of the troll, and mammoths. Though mammoths appear docile, take care when approaching them as they are usually accompanied by giants, who may perceive you as a threat and attempt to scare you off.

Ebonheart Pact Quests
Giant’s Run
Frostwater Tundra
Icewind Peaks
Giant’s Run Side Quests
  • A Brother’s Revenge
  • Collector of Pelts
  • A Cure For Droi
  • Dear Cousins
  • For Kyne’s Honor
  • A Friend in Mead
  • Giant Problems
  • Lost Crown
  • Nature’s Accord
  • On a Dare
  • Party Planning
  • Shrine of Corruption
  • Cadwell's Almanac Strange Allies
  • Cadwell's Almanac The Siege of Cradlecrush
Frostwater Tundra Side Quests
  • Alchemical Analysis
  • Bath Time
  • Best of the Best
  • Dark Deeds
  • Do Kill the Messenger
  • Labor Dispute
  • Mystery Metal
  • Pilfered Urn
Icewind Peaks Side Quests
  • A Dying Wish
  • In Search of Kireth Vanos
  • Kireth’s Amazing Plan
  • Land Dispute
  • Merriment and Mystery
  • Relative Matters
  • Security Details
  • Torn Asunder
Eastmarch Dungeon Quests
  • Nobles’ Rest
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