The Elder Scrolls Online: Racial Skills – Khajiit

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KhajiitKhajiit are cat-like people who come from Elsweyr, known for high intelligence and agility. These traits make them very good thieves and acrobats, but Khajiit are also fearsome warriors. However, they are rarely known to be mages. Khajiit mostly stay on land, but piracy and skooma trade does draw some to work as sailors.

Khajiit anatomy differs greatly from both men and elves, not only because of their fur, tail, and sometimes toe-walking stance, but also their digestive system and metabolism. Khajiit, Argonians, and Imga are the so-called “beast races” of Tamriel because of these large differences. Khajiit have a lifespan similar to that of humans. There are no well-documented cases of cross-breeding between Khajiit and other races, though there are rumors of such a thing. The foreign appearance and behavior of Khajiit make them common targets of racial discrimination.

The racial skills of the feline Khajiit reflect their natural agility, giving them bonuses to pickpocketing, stealth, stamina recovery, and weapon damage.

Khajiit have an associated skill line that complements their lore-based abilities with a focus on quicker healing powers, increased stealth abilities and their hand-to-hand combat abilities. Abilities are listed below.

Passive Abilities
Passive abilities are active all the time.

Name Line Rank Skill Rank Description
1 I Increases your Experience Gain with the Medium Armor skill line by 15%. Increases your chance to successfully Pickpocket by 5%.
5 I Increases your Health Recovery by 6% and Stamina Recovery by 3%.
15 II Increases your Health Recovery by 13% and Stamina Recovery by 6%.
30 III Increases your Health Recovery by 20% and Stamina Recovery by 10%.
10 I Reduces your Detection Radius in Stealth by 1 meter. Increases your Damage Done while in Stealth by 3%.
20 II Reduces your Detection Radius in Stealth by 2 meter. Increases your Damage Done while in Stealth by 6%.
40 III Reduces your Detection Radius in Stealth by 3 meter. Increases your Damage Done while in Stealth by 10%.
25 I Increases your Weapon Critical by 2%.
35 II Increases your Weapon Critical by 5%.
50 III Increases your Weapon Critical by 8%.
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