The Elder Scrolls Online: Racial Skills – Nord

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NordThe Nord are the children of the sky, a race of tall and fair-haired humans from Skyrim who are known for their incredible resistance to cold and magical frost. They are fierce, strong and enthusiastic warriors, and many become renowned warriors, soldiers and mercenaries all over Tamriel. Eager to augment their martial skills beyond the traditional methods of Skyrim, they excel in all manner of warfare, and are known as a militant people by their neighbors. Nords are also natural seamen, and have benefited from nautical trade since their first migrations from Atmora. They captain and crew many merchant fleets, and may be found all along the coasts of Tamriel.

The racial skills of the Nords reflect their strong and hardy natures, giving them bonuses to two-handed weapon use, duration of effects from drinks, resistance to incoming damage, base health, health regeneration, frost resistance, and stamina.

Nords have an associated skill line that complements their lore-based abilities, with a focus on their reputation as skilled warriors and their resistance to the cold. Abilities are listed below.

Passive Abilities
Passive abilities are active all the time.

Name Line Rank Skill Rank Description
1 I Increases your Experience Gain with the Two Handed skill line by 15%. Increases the duration of any Consumed Drink by 15 minutes.
5 I Increases your Maximum Stamina by 2% and Health Recovery by 6%.
15 II Increases your Maximum Stamina by 4% and Health Recovery by 13%.
30 III Increases your Maximum Stamina by 6% and Health Recovery by 20%.
Resist Frost
Resist Frost
10 I Increases your Maximum Health by 3% and Cold Resistance by 693.
20 II Increases your Maximum Health by 6% and Cold Resistance by 1386.
40 III Increases your Maximum Health by 9% and Cold Resistance by 2079.
25 I Reduces your Damage Taken by 2%.
35 II Reduces your Damage Taken by 4%.
50 III Reduces your Damage Taken by 6%.
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