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Blacksmithing Materials

Rubedite Ore is a dark red ore found in any zone. When mined, a node yields three to four samples of the raw material, Rubedite Ore. Once ten ore samples are collected, they can be refined into seven to ten Rubedite Ingots. Rubedite ingots are used for crafting pieces of heavy Rubedite Armor and weapons at any blacksmithing station. Due to the scaling of nodes in battle-leveled zones, characters will not see any Rubedite Ore nodes until their Metalworking ability is at least rank 10 or their level is at least Champion PointsNotes
Rubedite ingots can also be obtained by purchasing them from Imperial City merchants using Tel Var Stones.

Rubedite Ore

Raw Rubedite Ore Rubedite Ore
Refined Rubedite Ingot Rubedite Ingot
Armor Weapons Levels
Rubedite Rubedite Champion Points
Number of Rubedite Ingots Needed for Creating
Armor Level Rubedite Cuirass Rubedite Sabatons Rubedite Gauntlets Rubedite Helm Rubedite Greaves Rubedite Pauldron Rubedite Girdle Total
Champion Points
Weapon Level Rubedite Axe Rubedite Hammer Rubedite Sword Rubedite Battle Axe Rubedite Maul Rubedite Greatsword Rubedite Dagger Total
Champion PointsN/A
Champion Points
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