The Elder Scrolls Online: Runes

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Runes by Type
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This is a list of the various Runestones that can be found in the game. There are three kinds of Runestones: Potency Runes, Essence Runes, and Aspect Runes. The type of runestone can be readily determined by its shape and color. Potency Runes are blue and square, Essence Runes are yellow/green and six-sided, and Aspect Runes are red and circular.

Runestones are used to craft Glyphs, which can in turn be used to enchant armor, weapons, or jewelry. Each Glyph must contain one of each type.

You can get runestones from runestone nodes, by extracting them from Glyphs, or by receiving them from your hireling. Potency runes are determined by the area in which the node is found, for example Coldharbour will drop Jaera, Rekude, Pora and Hade runes. Essence runes and Aspect runes are random, and the highest quality Aspect runes may be found even on the starter islands.

Finding Runes
In order to create an enchantment, you need three different types of runestone. These are Potency, Essence, and Aspect. Runestones can be harvested from nodes as you travel through the world, extracted from glyphs, or received in mail if you have the Hireling perks. Enchanters also sell Potency runes for gold.

Type of Runestone Icon color Icon shape Example
Potency Blue Square Jora
Essence Yellow/Green Six-sided Dekeipa
Aspect Red Circular Ta

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