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The Elder Scrolls Online: Solvents

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Solvents can be looted from water skins and with lower probability from random containers. They can be collected from spots of pure water found at various bodies of water too. Poison Solvents can be looted from defeated enemy creatures.

The solvent types you find in the world depend either on your level or the rank of your Solvent Proficiency. For example, a Champion Points160 character with Solvent Proficiency 2 will receive either Pristine Water or Lorkhan’s Tears in water sources and Slime or Alkahest in oil sources.

The following creatures are known to drop poison solvents:

  • Banekin
  • Clannfear
  • Daedric Titans
  • Daedroths
  • Flesh Atronachs
  • Gargoyles
  • Giants
  • Giant Snakes
  • Haj Mota
  • Harvesters
  • Mammoths
  • Netches
  • Ogres
  • Ogrim
  • Trolls
  • Watchers
  • Winged Twilights
  • Zombies

Solvent Potion Level Potion Prefix Solvent Proficiency Needed
Natural Water Natural Water 3 Sip of 1
Clear Water Clear Water 10 Tincture of 1
Pristine Water Pristine Water 20 Dram of 2
Cleansed Water Cleansed Water 30 Potion of 3
Filtered Water Filtered Water 40 Solution of 4
Purified Water Purified Water Champion PointsElixir of 5
Cloud Mist Cloud Mist Champion PointsPanacea of 6
Star Dew Star Dew Champion PointsDistillate of 7
Lorkhan's Tears Lorkhan’s Tears Champion PointsEssence of 8
Solvent Potion Level Poison Prefix Solvent Proficiency Needed
Grease Grease 3 Poison I 1
Ichor Ichor 10 Poison II 1
Slime Slime 20 Poison III 2
Gall Gall 30 Poison IV 3
Terebinthine Terebinthine 40 Poison V 4
Pitch-Bile Pitch-Bile Champion PointsPoison VI 5
Tarblack Tarblack Champion PointsPoison VII 6
Night-Oil Night-Oil Champion PointsPoison VIII 7
Alkahest Alkahest Champion PointsPoison IX 8

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