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The Elder Scrolls Online: Special Recipes – Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch

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Special RecipesOrzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch

Wrothgar’s hearth-wives agree — the bear’s haunch is just as tasty as its stuffed head.

Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch is a craftable consumable that grants increased Max Health, and Health, Stamina, and Magicka Recovery for 2 hours. The amount of the increases scale to the user’s level. It is affected by the Connoisseur and Brewer passives from the Provisioning skill line. It can be crafted and used starting at level 1.

Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch is obtained through a quest line given by Orzorga near the Morkuldin Forge. There are 4 total quest lines, each granting a recipe as the reward.

Orzorga's Smoked Bear Haunch Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch
Type Delicacy Level 1
Quality 4 Improvement 1
Perfect Roe, Tomato, White Cap, Frost Mirriam, Red Meat
Increase Maximum Health by 3724, Health Recovery by 351, Stamina Recovery and Magicka Recovery by 319 for 2 hours.

To obtain the recipe for Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch, you need to first complete the following quests:

  • Kindred Spirits — Quest Reward: Orzorga’s Red Frothgar Recipe, that creates Orzorga’s Red Frothgar
  • A Healthy Choice — Quest Reward: Orzorga’s Tripe Trifle Pocket Recipe, that creates Orzorga’s Tripe Trifle Pocket
  • Thicker Than Water — Quest Reward: Orzorga’s Blood Price Pie Recipe, that creates Orzorga’s Blood Price Pie
  • A Feast to Remember — Quest Reward: Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch Recipe, that creates Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch
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