The Elder Scrolls Online: Special Recipes – Psijic Ambrosia

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Psijic Ambrosia is a craftable consumable that grants a 50% experience boost for 30 minutes. It is affected by the Connoisseur and Brewer passives from the Provisioning skill line. Despite being categorized as a beverage when crafting, Psijic Ambrosia can be consumed at the same time as other foods and drinks. The 30 minute duration pauses if you log out. It can be used (and technically crafted) at level 1. Aetherial Ambrosia and Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia are more powerful versions which grant 100% and 150% experience boosts, respectively.

Crafting Psijic Ambrosia requires Recipe Quality Rank 4 and Recipe Improvement Rank 6. The three ingredients needed are Frost Mirriam, Bervez Juice and Perfect Roe. Frost Mirriam and Bervez Juice are valuable improvement ingredients used in many other recipes, and can only be obtained from hireling mail or Provisioner Writs. Perfect Roe is rarely found by filleting common fish found while fishing.

Psijic Ambrosia Psijic Ambrosia
Type Delicacy Level 1
Quality 4 Improvement 6
Perfect Roe, Frost Mirriam, Bervez Juice
You gain a 50% Experience Point bonus from all sources for 30 minutes. The timer pauses when you are offline, and resumes when you return. This bonus is compatible with other foods or drinks.

To obtain the recipe for Psijic Ambrosia, you need to first assemble all seven fragments:

  • Recipe: Psijic Ambrosia Recipe, Fragment I
  • Recipe: Psijic Ambrosia Recipe, Fragment II
  • Recipe: Psijic Ambrosia Recipe, Fragment III
  • Recipe: Psijic Ambrosia Recipe, Fragment IV
  • Recipe: Psijic Ambrosia Recipe, Fragment V
  • Recipe: Psijic Ambrosia Recipe, Fragment VI
  • Recipe: Psijic Ambrosia Recipe, Fragment VII

These fragments can only be obtained randomly as a reward for completing daily Provisioner Writs, although they can also be traded with other players. Once all seven are in your inventory, activating one will give you the Psijic Ambrosia Recipe to learn or trade.

  • Psijic Ambrosia is very difficult to craft or obtain. Crown Experience Scrolls are available in the Crown Store as a 2-hour alternative. Grand Crown Crate Experience Scrolls provide an alternative to Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia but can only be obtained from Crown Crates. Crown Crates can also contain Major Crown Crate Experience Scrolls which provide a 100% XP boost, or Crown Crate Experience Scrolls which provide a 50% boost equivalent to Psijic Ambrosia. Crate scrolls can alternatively be bought using Crown Gems.
  • Several weeks before the introduction of Psijic Ambrosia, ZOS handed out Brain Broth potions to a few guildmasters and people they speak with to test it out. Drinking one provides a 100% XP bonus for 10 minutes. These potions are no longer obtainable but aren’t bound and can therefore be traded with other players.
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