The Elder Scrolls Online: Spider Egg

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Spider Egg is an alchemy reagent which was added in Update 10. It is occasionally found by killing Spiders, including the smaller passive Spiders, Giant Spiders, Spiderkith and even Spider Daedra.

Spider Egg Spider Egg
Alchemy Effects
1st HindranceHindrance
2nd InvisibleInvisible
3rd Lingering HealthLingering Health
4th DefileDefile


Three Reagents
This chart lists only combinations in which two or more of Spider Egg’s effects are present.
Desired Effects Combine with: Side Effect(s)
HindranceHindrance InvisibleInvisible Luminous Russula Blue Entoloma Restore HealthRestore Health
Luminous Russula Nirnroot
HindranceHindrance Lingering HealthLingering Health Luminous Russula Butterfly Wing Restore HealthRestore Health
Wormwood Butterfly Wing
HindranceHindrance DefileDefile Luminous Russula Mudcrab Chitin
Luminous Russula Nightshade
Wormwood Mudcrab Chitin
Wormwood Nightshade
InvisibleInvisible Lingering HealthLingering Health Blue Entoloma Butterfly Wing Restore HealthRestore Health
Blue Entoloma Scrib Jelly Ravage MagickaRavage Magicka
Namira’s Rot Butterfly Wing
Namira’s Rot Scrib Jelly
Nirnroot Butterfly Wing UncertaintyUncertainty
Nirnroot Scrib Jelly
InvisibleInvisible DefileDefile Blue Entoloma Mudcrab Chitin
Blue Entoloma Nightshade
Namira’s Rot Mudcrab Chitin
Namira’s Rot Nightshade
Nirnroot Mudcrab Chitin
Nirnroot Nightshade Ravage MagickaRavage Magicka
Lingering HealthLingering Health DefileDefile Scrib Jelly Mudcrab Chitin
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